November 03, 2013 Meeting


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[21:00] toddcnb Team wiki site
[21:00] toddcnb Team Website is
[21:00] toddcnb Team membership
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[21:01] toddcnb Feel free to make comments and add input to our meeting at anytime.
[21:01] toddcnb some of us are in if you want to see us or talk to us
[21:01] toddcnb UBUNTU NEWS
[21:01] toddcnb How Exactly Is One Linux OS “Based On” Another Linux OS?
[21:01] toddcnb
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[21:01] toddcnb Open Source Software Will Make the World More Secure
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[21:02] toddcnb Tonights news is from Tubidtux ZzzTuxMann and dewayne_
[21:02] toddcnb hi wmack and Rich__
[21:02] Rich__  good evening
[21:02] wmack   hello
[21:02] toddcnb GNU's novel proposal: A cloud that puts privacy first
[21:02] toddcnb
[21:03] toddcnb Create And Manage Encrypted Folders in Linux With encfs
[21:03] toddcnb
[21:03] toddcnb Protecting Your Online Privacy
[21:03] toddcnb
[21:03] toddcnb Kingsoft Office Suite
[21:03] toddcnb
[21:03] toddcnb How to set up web-based network traffic monitoring system on Linux
[21:03] toddcnb
[21:03] toddcnb First Stop for newbies
[21:03] toddcnb
[21:04] toddcnb HP Sues Seven Optical Drive Makers Over Price-Fixing
[21:04] toddcnb
[21:04] toddcnb GIMP review: This free image editor is no longer a crippled alternative to Photoshop
[21:04] toddcnb
[21:04] toddcnb 10 tools to help open source cities maintain transparency
[21:04] toddcnb
[21:04] toddcnb Cryptography in the Browser
[21:04] toddcnb
[21:04] toddcnb Linux rsync command with practical examples
[21:04] toddcnb
[21:05] toddcnb How to customize the LXDE desktop using lubuntu
[21:05] toddcnb
[21:05] toddcnb How to set up web-based network traffic monitoring system on Linux
[21:05] toddcnb
[21:05] toddcnb
[21:05] toddcnb X.Org Server 1.15 RC Brings Multiple New Features
[21:05] toddcnb
[21:05] toddcnb Linux rsync command with practical examples
[21:05] toddcnb
[21:06] toddcnb How to Control Your Linux PC with an Android Device
[21:06] toddcnb
[21:06] toddcnb Frindo robotics platform review – A Raspberry Pi Robot
[21:06] toddcnb
[21:06] toddcnb Patent war goes nuclear: Microsoft, Apple-owned “Rockstar” sues Google
[21:06] toddcnb
[21:06] toddcnb
[21:06] toddcnb Ubuntu’s Amazon Shopping Feature Wins Anti-Privacy Award
[21:06] toddcnb
[21:07] toddcnb How to run program or process on specific CPU cores on Linux
[21:07] toddcnb
[21:07] toddcnb Debian To Replace SysVinit, Switch To Systemd Or Upstart
[21:07] toddcnb
[21:07] toddcnb User guide for open source project bug submissions
[21:07] toddcnb
[21:07] toddcnb Cyber Dialogue 2013
[21:07] toddcnb
[21:07] toddcnb Five free apps for encrypting email
[21:07] toddcnb
[21:08] toddcnb
[21:08] toddcnb What's coming in Ubuntu 14.04: Trusty Tahr
[21:08] toddcnb
[21:08] toddcnb CISCO Announce New Open Source H.264 Codec cool oly due to the fact that I am testing H.264
[21:08] toddcnb
[21:08] toddcnb CAPTCHA Busted? AI Company Claims to Have Broken the Internet's Favorite Protection System
[21:08] toddcnb
[21:09] toddcnb How to Install Ubuntu OS Version 13.10 on Your LG Nexus 4 Smartphone
[21:09] toddcnb
[21:09] toddcnb thanks to all those that helped with the news this week
[21:09] toddcnb We have canceled the following meetings due to holidays
[21:09] toddcnb Meetings
[21:10] toddcnb Ubuntu Hour changes are
[21:10] toddcnb November 28 Ubuntu hour due to Thanksgiving
[21:10] toddcnb December Ubuntu hour falls on December 26 the day after Christmas
[21:10] toddcnb ZzzTuxMann: update on the PVCC
[21:10] toddcnb on the spot
[21:11] TuxMann toddcnb, We're just waiting for the PVCC VP to sign the papers allowing us to do the installfest for Nov 9th
[21:11] TuxMann I went to see the room Wednesday & they have a great room for us & it's well connected.
[21:11] toddcnb with luck we may have a first installfest on the 9th at PVCC
[21:12] toddcnb if the paper work is done
[21:12] TuxMann We're all set for a Nov 9th launch. If not the first one should be Dec. 7th.
[21:12] toddcnb COOL
[21:12] toddcnb JOB LIST
[21:12] TuxMann I'm incredibly thankful for help from xHans and his contact at PVCC.
[21:12] toddcnb LimeLight in Tempe is looking for a MySQL DBA remote is OK
[21:12] toddcnb Contact xHans for more info
[21:13] toddcnb IT Network Field Technician
[21:13] toddcnb
[21:13] toddcnb Systems Administrator-Senior NAU for cluster management
[21:13] toddcnb
[21:13] toddcnb Runs LINUX
[21:13] toddcnb Cloud-based speech tech humanizes humanoid robot
[21:13] toddcnb
[21:13] toddcnb I want one
[21:13] toddcnb Linux App of the week
[21:13] toddcnb Rapid Photo Downloader for Linux
[21:13] toddcnb
[21:14] toddcnb TEMPE INSTALLFEST
[21:14] toddcnb The next Azloco/plug installfest is Saturday October 19 and Saturday November 16 at UAT 2625 W Baseline Rd 85283 Tempe across from Fry's Electronics 10AM to 4PM Room 245 48st and Baseline
[21:14] xHans   PetSmart is hiring GNU/Linux sysadmins as well
[21:14] xHans   mostly a 9 to 5 type of shop
[21:14] toddcnb ok added to list
[21:14] toddcnb Rd enter from the rear of the front building.
[21:14] toddcnb For more information see calender at
[21:15] xHans   contact me until I get approval to post my contact's info
[21:15] toddcnb ok
[21:15] toddcnb TEMPE UBUNTU HOUR
[21:15] toddcnb canceled due to it being on Thanksgiving and my family would------
[21:15] toddcnb and December due to Xmas
[21:16] toddcnb I may have a test ubuntu hour at a new location on November 26 I will try to confirm it this week.
[21:16] toddcnb we have not had many new people at the last few so a new place may be in order closer to ASU
[21:17] toddcnb WEST SIDE UBUNTU HOUR
[21:17] toddcnb Wednesday November 6 7pm – 9pm
[21:17] toddcnb Starbucks Coffee 13472 West Bell Road, Surprise, AZ 85374, USA , Arizona
[21:17] toddcnb If you are interested in Linux Ubuntu or open source Stop by and say hi to some other users and find out who what and where and how. to install use and promote Linux and open source.
[21:17] toddcnb please note that that is a new location
[21:17] toddcnb TEAM SERVER NEWS
[21:18] toddcnb I am planning a trip to attend the Prescott Lugy meeting on Nov 12 at 7PM if anyone wants to ride along let me know. I will be picking up the two new servers From slofgren while I am there.
[21:18] toddcnb UBUNTU TRAINING
[21:18] toddcnb ubuntu on-air
[21:18] toddcnb
[21:18] toddcnb
[21:18] toddcnb Weekly Ubuntu Webcast Tuesday with Jono Bacon 10 AM
[21:18] toddcnb App Design Clinic every Wednesday 1-2PM
[21:18] toddcnb Jono Bacon Q&A every Wednesday 7-8pm
[21:18] toddcnb Juju Charm School: Chef/Puppet Integration every other Friday 5-6 pm
[21:19] toddcnb Any thoughts on other events or projects???
[21:19] toddcnb xHans would you like to tell us about PLUG events and classes?
[21:19] TuxMann toddcnb, not from me currently.
[21:20] xHans   soitanly
[21:20] xHans   PLUG east side meeting is a week from Thursday.
[21:20] xHans   The presentation will be on SaltStack by Michael March
[21:20] xHans   He is one of the original 7 PLUG members and hosted PLUG's first Installfest
[21:20] xHans
[21:20] xHans   Maker summit is the same day during the day.
[21:20] xHans
[21:21] xHans   a reminder that SCaLE 12x call for proposals is open
[21:21] xHans
[21:21] xHans   and that's it
[21:21] toddcnb Thank you for the keeping us up to date on the plug events
[21:21] xHans   bitte
[21:21] toddcnb that is all I have any questions or comments or other news or ideas?
[21:22] toddcnb FYI scott_ev was in a car accident and shattered his right leg but is home and recovering
[21:23] toddcnb Thanks for coming tonight. I will be here a while if anyone needs help or has a question
[21:23] xHans   oi!
[21:23] TuxMann I hope he recovers quickly.
[21:23] xHans   if the Installfest at PVCC doesn't happen, hop over to the Local First Festival
[21:23] xHans

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