October 04, 2015 Meeting


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 * #Ubuntu-US-AZ: AZLoco meeting, 05 Oct at 04:00 — 04:39 UTC
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''LINK:'' http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-az 
''LINK:'' http://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/category-definition-for-ubuntu-arizona/1209 
''LINK:'' http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam 
''LINK:'' https://www.facebook.com/UbuntuAZTeam 
''LINK:'' http://www.itworld.com/article/2987250/linux/microsoft-launches-its-big-data-service-running-on-linux.html 
''LINK:'' http://www.howtogeek.com/229699/how-to-uninstall-software-using-the-command-line-in-linux/ 
''LINK:'' http://www.developer.com/design/containers-101.html 
''LINK:'' http://www.techradar.com/us/how-to/computing/how-to-master-the-linux-terminal-with-core-commands-1305479 
''LINK:'' https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-the-command-line 
''LINK:'' http://www.eweek.com/security/stagefright-2-exposes-another-billion-android-phones-to-risk.html 
''LINK:'' https://www.edx.org/school/linuxfoundationx 
''LINK:'' https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Education 
''LINK:'' http://www.tecmint.com/monitor-copy-backup-tar-progress-in-linux-using-pv-command/ 
''LINK:'' http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/make-ubuntu-look-like-mac-gela-theme/ 
''LINK:'' http://www.noobslab.com/2015/09/lightworks-professional-video-editor.html 
''LINK:'' https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Changelog 
''LINK:'' https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/ReleaseNotes 
''LINK:'' http://mhall119.com/2015/09/the-next-ubucon-is-in-orlando-florida/ 
''LINK:'' http://rpadovani.com/how-many-ubuntu-phone/ 
''LINK:'' http://insights.ubuntu.com/2015/09/23/infographic-lxd-machine-containers-from-ubuntu/ 
''LINK:'' http://www.engadget.com/2015/09/29/linux-botnet-hits-with-150-gbps-ddos/ 
''LINK:'' http://blogs.s-osg.org/wayland-atomics-ahead/ 
''LINK:'' https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/TeamProjects 
''LINK:'' https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams/MeetupProposal 
''LINK:'' https://jobs.insight.com/ 
''LINK:'' http://www.canonical.com/careers/all-vacancies 
''LINK:'' https://cybersponse.com/careers 
''LINK:'' http://www.limelight.com/careers/ 
''LINK:'' https://www.viasat.com/careers/openings 
''LINK:'' http://integrate.com/company/careers/current-openings 
''LINK:'' https://www.fireapps.com/job-detail/?id=592 
''LINK:'' http://stretchinternet.com/careers/ 
''LINK:'' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FlV6pgwlrk 
''LINK:'' http://www.gpick.org/ 
''LINK:'' https://www.kde.org/applications/graphics/kcolorchooser/ 
''LINK:'' https://jangernert.github.io/feedreader/ 
''LINK:'' http://xtremebeancoffee.com this a 1-2 hour social hour to meet new/old users and chat about linux
''LINK:'' http://ubuntuonair.com/ 
''LINK:'' http://ubuntuonair.com/calendar/ 
''LINK:'' https://plus.google.com/events/cggncnlhpqt25nvoq0duj3ldh5c 
''LINK:'' https://plus.google.com/events/crl9db2ht30rua234tj45n8dg7g 

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 * xHans (15)
 * wipmonkey (9)
 * hobbet1 (4)
 * paul_be (3)
 * Wil_ (3)
 * meetingology (3)
 * bird_dog (3)
 * pavlos (1)
 * markthomas (1)
 * stephenm (1)

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 04:00 <toddc> #startmeeting AZLoco meeting

 04:00 <meetingology> Meeting started Mon Oct  5 04:00:03 2015 UTC.  The chair is toddc. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.

 04:00 <meetingology> 

 04:00 <meetingology> Available commands: action commands idea info link nick

 04:00 <toddc> hi [R]

 04:00 <toddc> Welcome to AZLoCo IRC Meeting Please sign in with a +1

 04:00 <toddc> +1

 04:00 <bird_dog> +1

 04:00 <MajB> +1

 04:00 <wipmonkey> +1

 04:00 <hobbet1> +1

 04:00 <stephenm> +1

 04:00 <pavlos> +1

 04:00 <paul_be> +1

 04:00 <toddc> Star Date 93342.17

 04:00 <toddc> Some of us are in http://bbb.azloco.net if you want to see us or talk to us

 04:01 <toddc> Team Website is http://azloco.org/

 04:01 <toddc> IRC stats http://www.azloco.com/~ircstats/

 04:01 <toddc> Team membership http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=445980

 04:01 <toddc> http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-az

 04:01 <markthomas> +1

 04:01 <toddc> Team events portal http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-arizona/

 04:01 <toddc> http://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/category-definition-for-ubuntu-arizona/1209

 04:01 <toddc> http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam

 04:01 <toddc> https://www.facebook.com/UbuntuAZTeam

 04:01 <toddc> Feel free to make comments and add input to our meeting at anytime.

 04:02 <toddc> LINUX  NEWS

 04:02 <toddc> The news is for beginner to expert users pick and choose what to read test and try!

 04:02 <toddc> Thanks to turbidtux and programmer317 for the news.

 04:02 <toddc> 3

 04:02 <toddc> 2

 04:02 <toddc> 1

 04:02 <toddc> Microsoft launches its big data service running on Linux

 04:02 <toddc> http://www.itworld.com/article/2987250/linux/microsoft-launches-its-big-data-service-running-on-linux.html

 04:03 <toddc> hello Wil_

 04:03 <MajB> Hi Wil_

 04:03 <toddc> How to Uninstall Software Using the Command Line in Linux

 04:03 <MajB> Welcome to AZLOCO

 04:03 <toddc> http://www.howtogeek.com/229699/how-to-uninstall-software-using-the-command-line-in-linux/

 04:03 <Wil_> Hi all!  Did I miss anything?

 04:03 <toddc> just a few minutes

 04:03 <MajB> Just started.  Sign on with a +1

 04:03 <Wil_> Thanks, for some reason, my Adium wasn't working

 04:04 <toddc> we just started the news so you missed only the sign-on

 04:04 <toddc> Containers 101

 04:04 <toddc> http://www.developer.com/design/containers-101.html

 04:04 <toddc> How to master the Linux terminal with core commands

 04:04 <toddc> http://www.techradar.com/us/how-to/computing/how-to-master-the-linux-terminal-with-core-commands-1305479

 04:05 <wipmonkey> https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-the-command-line

 04:05 <toddc> Stagefright 2 Exposes Another Billion Android Phones to Risk

 04:05 <toddc> http://www.eweek.com/security/stagefright-2-exposes-another-billion-android-phones-to-risk.html

 04:05 <toddc> good add wipmonkey

 04:05 <toddc> thank you

 04:06 <wipmonkey> It seemed related.

 04:06 <toddc> yes is there a link in the ed page?

 04:06 <toddc> or should there be?

 04:07 <wipmonkey> there is

 04:07 <toddc> cool thank you!

 04:07 <wipmonkey> Free intro to Linux class:

 04:07 <wipmonkey> https://www.edx.org/school/linuxfoundationx

 04:07 <wipmonkey> That is there too.

 04:07 <toddc> perfect!

 04:08 <bird_dog> what ed page?

 04:08 <MajB> Back.  Thank you Cox

 04:08 <toddc> internet up and down in SV tonight?

 04:08 <MajB> Just mine.

 04:08 <wipmonkey> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Education

 04:08 <toddc> just you?------------ok then

 04:08 <toddc> How to Monitor Progress of (Copy/Backup/Compress) Data using pv Command

 04:09 <toddc> http://www.tecmint.com/monitor-copy-backup-tar-progress-in-linux-using-pv-command/

 04:09 <toddc> Make Ubuntu Look Like Mac With the Gela Theme

 04:09 <toddc> http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/make-ubuntu-look-like-mac-gela-theme/

 04:09 <toddc> Lightworks: A Professional Video Editor Available for Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Fedora

 04:09 <toddc> http://www.noobslab.com/2015/09/lightworks-professional-video-editor.html

 04:09 <wipmonkey> bird_dog the ed page is the Education Team page in the wiki (link above.)

 04:09 <toddc> VirtualBox 5.0.6 released!

 04:09 <toddc> https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Changelog

 04:10 <toddc> Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf release is October 22 2015

 04:10 <toddc> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/ReleaseNotes

 04:10 <toddc> The next UbuCon is in Orlando, Florida!

 04:11 <toddc> Michael Hall announces that another UbuCon will take place from November 19th to 21st at the Hilton

 04:11 <toddc> Orlando Lake Buena Vista thanks to the generosity of FOSSETCON. He says that the event will be

 04:11 <toddc> attended by Richard Stallman, and invites anyone who wants to propose a talk about any aspect of Ubuntu to email him.

 04:12 <toddc> http://mhall119.com/2015/09/the-next-ubucon-is-in-orlando-florida/

 04:12 <toddc> How many Ubuntu Phones there are?

 04:12 <toddc> http://rpadovani.com/how-many-ubuntu-phone/

 04:12 <toddc> Infographic: LXD Machine containers from Ubuntu

 04:12 <toddc> http://insights.ubuntu.com/2015/09/23/infographic-lxd-machine-containers-from-ubuntu/

 04:12 <toddc> Security firm discovers Linux botnet that hits with 150 Gbps DDoS attacks

 04:12 <toddc> http://www.engadget.com/2015/09/29/linux-botnet-hits-with-150-gbps-ddos/

 04:13 <toddc> Wayland: Atomics Ahead!

 04:13 <toddc> http://blogs.s-osg.org/wayland-atomics-ahead/

 04:13 <toddc> TEAM NEWS

 04:13 <toddc> Moved ubuntu hour dates due to holidays

 04:14 <toddc> We moved the Sierra Vista Ubuntu hour on November 26th to November 19

 04:14 <toddc> We moved the Tempe Ubuntu hour on November 26th to November 19th

 04:14 <toddc> We moved the Sierra Vista Ubuntu hour on December 25th to Deecember 17th

 04:14 <toddc> We moved the Tempe Ubuntu hour on Deecember 25th to December 17th

 04:14 <toddc> due to holidays and did not want to cancel any events

 04:15 <toddc> installfest

 04:15 <toddc> stellar installfest we meet some really nice new people and had some cool projects

 04:15 <toddc> that were worked on. Thank you to all those that helped make it anothor success!

 04:15 <toddc> hobbet1 do you have any media updates or news or questions?

 04:15 <hobbet1> 32 post reached 2 people engaged

 04:15 <hobbet1> that is what we have for facebook

 04:15 <Wil_> It was very nice meeting you guys at the installfest

 04:16 <toddc> are we current on G+ of do we need to look at that?

 04:17 <toddc> Wil_: was a big help and joined our group at the installfest

 04:17 <hobbet1> i dont do g+ you may have to talk to piratep for that

 04:17 <MajB> I don't know but I got an invitation to join someone's circle on G+

 04:17 <toddc> ok I can check with him he lost internet a while ago

 04:18 <toddc> Team Projects Page

 04:18 <toddc> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/TeamProjects

 04:18 <toddc> Ubuntu community is looking into meetup.com I have added our interest

 04:18 <toddc> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams/MeetupProposal

 04:18 <toddc> California Loco has asked if we can assist with Scale 14 on the Ubuntu booth. We currently have three

 04:18 <toddc> that are planning to assist them at scale.

 04:18 <toddc> more on scale in a bit

 04:19 <toddc> We are still getting lots of hits on azloco.org since we started posting articles and would like to continue to add articles.

 04:19 <toddc> See any team member for access to the blogs and any that should be moved to the front page let us know about it.

 04:19 <toddc> LINUX QUOTES

 04:19 <toddc> If Microsoft ever does applications for Linux it means I've won.

 04:19 <toddc> Linus Torvalds

 04:20 <toddc> LINUX HAS WON!!!!

 04:20 <toddc> JOB list

 04:20 <toddc> Linux/Unix Engineer

 04:20 <toddc> https://jobs.insight.com/

 04:20 <MajB> Nice

 04:20 <toddc> 42 current canonical Jobs today

 04:20 <toddc> http://www.canonical.com/careers/all-vacancies

 04:20 <toddc> CyberSponse  Sr. Systems Engineer

 04:20 <toddc> https://cybersponse.com/careers

 04:20 <toddc> Multiple jobs at Limelight  Software Engineer (Big Data)

 04:20 <toddc> http://www.limelight.com/careers/

 04:21 <toddc> several linux admin jobs at ViaSat

 04:21 <toddc> https://www.viasat.com/careers/openings

 04:21 <toddc> Systems Engineer

 04:21 <toddc> http://integrate.com/company/careers/current-openings

 04:21 <toddc> Systems Administrator Scottsdale

 04:21 <toddc> https://www.fireapps.com/job-detail/?id=592

 04:21 <toddc> Systems Administrator

 04:21 <toddc> http://stretchinternet.com/careers/

 04:21 <toddc> Runs LINUX

 04:22 <toddc> smarter everyday meets a cool linux project

 04:22 <toddc> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FlV6pgwlrk

 04:22 <toddc> Weekly Desktop app Pick

 04:22 <toddc> Gpick is an advanced color picker and palette editing tool.

 04:22 <toddc> http://www.gpick.org/

 04:22 <toddc> KColorChooser - Color Chooser

 04:22 <toddc> https://www.kde.org/applications/graphics/kcolorchooser/

 04:23 <toddc> for the kde users

 04:23 <toddc> Spot Light

 04:23 <toddc> FeedReader

 04:23 <toddc> https://jangernert.github.io/feedreader/

 04:23 <toddc> TEAM SERVER NEWS

 04:24 <toddc> work on the new Team server continues but it is testing very well

 04:24 <toddc> If you would like a Owncloud account on the team server contact any team admin

 04:24 <toddc> UP COMMING EVENTS

 04:24 <toddc> West side Ubuntu hour

 04:25 <toddc> West side Ubuntu Hour will be October 07, 7pm – 9pm at Starbucks Coffee 13472 West Bell Road, Surprise, AZ 85374, USA   http://www.azloco.org/?q=node/28, Arizona

 04:25 <toddc> If you are interested in Linux Ubuntu or open source Stop by and say hi to some other users and find

 04:25 <toddc> out who what and where and how. to install use and promote Linux and open source

 04:25 <toddc> Linux Installfest

 04:25 <toddc> Sat, October 17, 10am – 4pm University of Advancing Technology: 2625 W Baseline,Tempe, AZ 85283 room 208

 04:25 <toddc> Anyone interested in learning more about open source or Linux is invited to a open workshop!

 04:26 <toddc> We can just chat or we can install almost any version of Linux on your computer router or all most any device that can run on linux

 04:26 <toddc> (you must bring everything needed to use your computer e.g. monitor, keyboard, cords, router, server, etc).

 04:26 <toddc> Sierra Vista Ubuntu Hour

 04:26 <toddc> Sierra Vista Ubuntu Hour  is Thursday October 22nd. 2014 7 MST , 6PM to 7 PM

 04:26 <toddc> Schlotzsky's Cafe 3900 East Fry Blvd. Sierra Vista AZ 85635

 04:26 <toddc> Purpose: Come and learn about Ubuntu (a Linux Operating System) for your computer

 04:26 <toddc> see http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-arizona/ for more information

 04:27 <toddc> Tempe Ubuntu Hour

 04:27 <toddc> Thursday Octoner 22nd at 7PM is the 2nd Ubuntu Hour at Extreme Bean in Tempe at Southern and McClintock

 04:27 <toddc> http://xtremebeancoffee.com this a 1-2 hour social hour to meet new/old users and chat about linux

 04:27 <toddc> and open source. Stop by and say hi!! email toddc@azloco.com for more information or http://www.azloco.org/node/28

 04:27 <toddc> New Members this week

 04:28 <toddc> wil_ https://launchpad.net/~taeki404

 04:28 <toddc> raja https://launchpad.net/~raja please welcome them

 04:28 <MajB> Welcome.

 04:29 <toddc> both where at the last installfest

 04:29 <toddc> Linux Training

 04:29 <toddc> http://ubuntuonair.com/calendar/ but often not updated till the event starts

 04:29 <toddc> http://ubuntuonair.com/

 04:29 <toddc> http://ubuntuonair.com/calendar/

 04:30 <toddc> Community Team Q&A

 04:30 <toddc> WhenTue, Octoner 06, 8am -9am local time

 04:30 <toddc> Where#ubuntu-on-air on irc.freenode.net

 04:30 <toddc> xHans  would you like to do the Plug news and events?

 04:30 <xHans> ja, danke

 04:30 <xHans> Space Night @ PLUG this Thursday

 04:31 <xHans> we will have a panel including people who have worked on projects for NASA and JPL

 04:31 <xHans> this weekend was the premier of "The Martain" aka "MacGyvering your way off Mars", we will attend a weekend matinee in the east valley

 04:31 <xHans> https://plus.google.com/events/cggncnlhpqt25nvoq0duj3ldh5c

 04:31 <xHans> The Free Software Stammtisch is two weeks from Tuesday

 04:31 <xHans> this month there will be a jobs networking starting at 18:00

 04:31 <xHans> if your team is hiring or you are looking for a job, please attend the jobs netw

 04:31 <xHans> orking event

 04:31 <xHans> https://plus.google.com/events/crl9db2ht30rua234tj45n8dg7g

 04:32 <xHans> Stammtisch still starts at 19:00

 04:32 <xHans> that's it for this week, thanks again for all your cross-group coordination

 04:32 <toddc> sounds like fun going to the Movie in a group

 04:32 <toddc> Thank you xHans for all the assistance and plug events

 04:32 <xHans> yeah, we haven't done that for a while

 04:32 <toddc> OTHER LUG EVENTS

 04:32 <xHans> I already have word that a couple of people will gladly go see it a second time with us

 04:33 <xHans> and I'm shooting for a movie theater that has daycare

 04:33 <toddc> I would but lack on EXTRA time

 04:34 <toddc> Not the daycare part

 04:34 <toddc> Lugy (Prescott users group)   Tue, October 13, 6:30pm – 9:30pm

 04:34 <toddc> The Barley Hound 234 S Cortez Street Prescott, AZ 86303 928-237-4506

 04:34 <toddc> Tucson Computer Society Linux SIG meets on the fourth Sunday from 3-5pm at the

 04:34 <toddc> Pima county Medical Society  5199 East Farness Drive Tucson AZ

 04:34 <toddc> Sunland Linux User Group meeting(slug)

 04:35 <toddc> Sunland Village East

 04:35 <toddc> October 14 6-8 pm

 04:35 <toddc> Cochise Linux User Group meeting(CLUG)

 04:35 <toddc> October 21  5-6 pm

 04:35 <toddc> MajB: any addl info from your events?

 04:35 <toddc> University of Arizona South, Room C165 North

 04:35 <toddc> 1140 Colombo Ave., Sierra Vista AZ

 04:36 <toddc> Estrella Mountain Linux User Group meeting

 04:36 <toddc> October 28 6-7 pm

 04:36 <toddc> Clubhouse Grill

 04:36 <toddc> 14175 W. Indian School Rd., Goodyear AZ

 04:36 <toddc> FUTURE EVENTS

 04:36 <MajB> There will be a presentation on the Terminal for Beginners in SV.

 04:37 <MajB> It is recommended that I take notes

 04:37 <bird_dog> ha

 04:37 <MajB> At the CLUG meeting

 04:37 <MajB> 21 Oct

 04:37 <toddc> cool

 04:38 <toddc> yes you are ready for the terminal life!

 04:38 <MajB> Roger that.

 04:38 <paul_be> i will force him into it :)

 04:38 <MajB> Yep

 04:38 <paul_be> civic duty

 04:38 <toddc> opps not what I ment!

 04:38 <MajB> kicking and screaming

 04:39 <toddc> that is all I have anyone have anything else?

 04:39 <toddc> Thanks for coming here tonight I will be here for a while if you have any questions

 04:39 <toddc> #endmeeting

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