October 16, 2011 Meeting


[21:00] toddc   Welcome to AZLOCO IRC Meeting Please sign in with a +1
[21:00] toddc   +1
[21:01] dennisk +1
[21:01] Eric-A  +1
[21:01] toddc   Feel free to make comments and add input to our meeting at anytime.
[21:01] spinrage        +1
[21:01] toddc   Anyone here new tonight please introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself?
[21:01] toddc   I will also be in http://azlocobbb.banditti.com tonight if you want to talk or see me.
[21:02] toddc   but my flash is messed up so I can only type in there ATM
[21:02] toddc   News
[21:03] toddc   http://zareason.com is planning on selling a open source 10 in tablet will dual core ARM
[21:03] toddc   playterm.org is a great place to see terminal recordings and learn the correct commands
[21:03] toddc   The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 11.10 [ISPConfig 3]
[21:03] toddc   http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu-11.10-ispconfig-3
[21:03] toddc   system load Indicator
[21:03] toddc   http://askubuntu.com/questions/30334/list-of-application-indicators/37914#37914
[21:03] toddc   Ubuntu 11.10 Review : I take it back. Unity is cool.
[21:03] toddc   http://lunduke.com/?p=1985
[21:04] toddc   great reveiw from The Linux Action Show Host
[21:04] toddc   Now there's a list of Ubuntu-Certified Computers
[21:04] toddc   liliputing.com/2011/10/now-theres-a-list-of-ubuntu-certified-computers.htm
[21:04] toddc   Ubuntu One Sync App Released for Windows
[21:04] toddc   http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/?p=21165
[21:05] toddc   Add a ‘Force Quit’ Applet to Ubuntu’s Unity Launcher
[21:05] toddc   http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/10/force-quit-applet-unity-launcher/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+d0od+%28OMG%21+Ubuntu%21%29
[21:05] toddc   it works and I do use the force quit more that I would like to!
[21:06] toddc   Oneiric 11.10 is now released and ready
[21:06] toddc   I now have access to set up azloco.com email address so if you would like one please contact me!
[21:06] toddc   At toddc@azloco.com
[21:06] toddc   TEAM NEWS
[21:06] toddc   We would like to start several Ubuntu hour events at coffee shop or bars for quick get togethers
[21:06] |<--    SlickMcRunFast has left freenode (Quit: Leaving.)
[21:06] toddc   if anyone would like to find a spot on the west or north please let us know? Dennisk is arranging one at
[21:06] toddc   the xtream bean in Tempe dates and time to follow
[21:07] toddc   we should have cd's in 2-3 weeks for 11.10
[21:07] toddc   JOB LIST
[21:07] toddc   In-house IT Specialist (N. Phoenix) Linux based
[21:07] toddc   job-b6mza-2644977618@craigslist.org
[21:07] toddc   Systems Administrator (All Phoenix)
[21:07] toddc   job-emy6w-2641369639@craigslist.org
[21:08] toddc   UBUNTU TRAINING
[21:08] toddc   A whole lotta classes the week at Ubuntu classroom from biginner to expert
[21:08] toddc   all this week see http://people.ubuntu.com/~nhandler/classroom.html for more info
[21:08] toddc   and use IRC freenode #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat or install lernid
[21:08] toddc   program to participate.
[21:08] toddc   get with me if you need help but these classes are real good and free free free
[21:09] toddc   FUTURE EVENTS
[21:09] toddc   We are planning a 11.10 Release party for the October 29 installfest
[21:09] cakeaz  Sorry I am back late
[21:09] toddc   xHans if you are here do you have any news for us?
[21:09] cakeaz  I am new
[21:09] xHans   got a couple things
[21:10] xHans   ABLEconf in person meeting Tuesday at 18:00, Iguana Macks in Mesa
[21:10] toddc   welcome cakeaz please tell us a bit about your self
[21:10] xHans   ABLEconf CFP going out today or tomorrow
[21:10] xHans   Free Software Stammtisch Tuesday at 19:00, also Iguana Macks in Mesa
[21:10] cakeaz  Well first of all i live in surprise
[21:10] xHans   http://www.LuftHans.com/Free_Software_Stammtisch#East_Valley
[21:10] cakeaz  i am in LPIC training for school level 1 & 2 and DBA training for MySQL
[21:10] xHans   classes starting this week at the community colleges
[21:11] xHans   cakeaz: welcome
[21:11] cakeaz  thank you
[21:11] xHans   where are you taking classes?
[21:11] cakeaz  i am 9 weeks into training at Phoenix Computer Academy
[21:11] cakeaz  its a 9 month course
[21:12] cakeaz  i do 10 hours of class time each week and 10-15 hours of lab work
[21:12] cakeaz  so much to take in... its a bit overwhealming
[21:12] cakeaz  but I am catching on
[21:13] cakeaz  i thought I might join you all in here to give me some additional resources and perhaps make some new friends
[21:13] xHans   ok, good luck with it
[21:13] toddc   welcome to the group and please ask if you have any questions
[21:13] xHans   user groups are also a good place to ask questions
[21:13] cakeaz  ty
[21:13] xHans   toddc: that was all the news from me tonight
[21:14] cakeaz  most of you all are east valley?
[21:14] toddc   we have a lot of helpful people here and a lot of training so let us know
[21:14] spinrage        hey cake, i'm ather attendee of the meeting.
[21:14] toddc   most are in the east side ATM but it shifts from side to side
[21:15] cakeaz  hello
[21:15] cakeaz  ahh good to know
[21:15] xHans   strongest participation seems to be east valley, but Phoenix groups have people all over the metro area and the LoCo has people all over the state
[21:15] Eric-A  East Valley rawks,,,,,,,,
[21:15] toddc   cakeaz: check out out calender of events http://azloco.com/node/28
[21:16] cakeaz  well i have 5 years exp working helpdesk internal support at ST Micro before being laid off
[21:16] cakeaz  got my feet wet in HP-UX
[21:16] cakeaz  and thats what got me interested in pursuing more for a career as a systems admin
[21:17] toddc   you have the basics then
[21:17] cakeaz  yes
[21:17] cakeaz  class is teaching primarly for Centos
[21:17] cakeaz  but i have 4 other builds i am working on my home pc via virtual box
[21:18] dennisk Not surprising
[21:18] cakeaz  fedora ubuntu and opensuse
[21:18] toddc   check out the online classes and the server installfests and and after the new year we be doing more security classes again
[21:18] cakeaz  excellent
[21:18] cakeaz  i look forward to i
[21:18] cakeaz  it
[21:19] toddc   for quick help there is usually someone here to help
[21:19] xHans   cakeaz: check 2wire and PetSmart for west valleyish tech jobs
[21:19] cakeaz  i am not looking for work currently
[21:19] toddc   due being out of town that is about all I have dennisk did you have anything?
[21:19] xHans   ok
[21:20] cakeaz  the school i am in is paid for by the DES through the TAA program
[21:20] xHans   TAA?
[21:20] dennisk Hans said it. Classes start at MCC tomorrow.
[21:20] cakeaz  if i start working i will have to pay for it myself and its quite expensive
[21:20] spinrage        cake, i live up near deer valley airport.
[21:20] cakeaz  Federal Trade Assistance Act
[21:20] cakeaz  my job was moved overseas
[21:20] xHans   ah
[21:21] cakeaz  extended unemployment benifits basicly which includes up to $20k of re-employment training.
[21:21] toddc   note we have been wanting to get a ubuntu hour started up there! hint hint
[21:21] Eric-A  that sucks
[21:21] xHans   could that training be done at a community college?
[21:21] cakeaz  its paying for this class and unemployment during
[21:21] cakeaz  its a very comprehensive class lots of hands on
[21:22] cakeaz  very small class of only 5 people
[21:22] xHans   not trying to convince you to mover, rather trying to find out if we should contact DES about our classes
[21:22] cakeaz  so lots of face time with our professor
[21:23] cakeaz  its a Linux/Mysql admin class
[21:23] cakeaz  9 weeks in so far
[21:23] toddc   I need to unload car so I will be back later see every one later
[21:23] xHans   that's a lot to teach in 9 weeks
[21:24] cakeaz  its a 9 month course hans
[21:24] cakeaz  i am only 9 weeks in
[21:24] Eric-A  later todd
[21:24] xHans   oops, internal unit mismatch
[21:24] cakeaz  finishing up in april-may of 12
[21:24] xHans   9 months is more reasonable
[21:24] cakeaz  yes
[21:25] xHans   especially if you're experimenting on your own
[21:25] cakeaz  9 weeks would be ridic
[21:26] dennisk Good luck, cakeaz. Gotta run.
[21:26] dennisk bye all
[21:26] <--|    dennisk has left #Ubuntu-US-AZ
[21:26] Eric-A  gotta run also, see ya'll later
[21:26] cakeaz  i look forward to the 28th
[21:27] cakeaz  i will have to bring my laptop up
[21:27] |<--    Eric-A has left freenode (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:27] cakeaz  perhaps bring a classmate or 2
[21:27] xHans   cakeaz: if you have time and want to cross town, come to Stammtisch Tuesday night
[21:27] cakeaz  I am not sure i can make tues night
[21:28] cakeaz  heavy class load during the week
[21:28] cakeaz  can deff do sat
[21:28] cakeaz  thats an awfuly long drive for a short meeting in the worst traffic
[21:29] xHans   yeah, didn't think it was likely
[21:29] xHans   having made that drive, it's 50 miles one way
[21:29] cakeaz  and funds are tight on my current budget
[21:29] cakeaz  sorry
[21:29] xHans   no prob
[21:29] cakeaz  i would love to but its just not feasable for me atm
[21:30] xHans   I let people know there are things out there, they decide if they can participate
[21:30] cakeaz  nice, thank you.
[21:31] cakeaz  i have a long history of personal pc usage dating back 25 years
[21:31] cakeaz  just only recently been doing it for a living
[21:32] xHans   now's a good time to start, lots of jobs in the industry
[21:32] cakeaz  i have taken quite a liking to linux
[21:32] cakeaz  love the granularity of it compared to windows
[21:33] cakeaz  its a bit more high maint to start off and the amount of control is truly dizzying
[21:33] xHans   link for ABLEconf meeting Tuesday night: http://www.ABLEconf.com/node/102
[21:33] cakeaz  but so far i am enjoying the challenge
[21:34] xHans   I think it's lower maintenance to start since I don't have to spend lots of time updating to eliminate zero day holes and updating anti-virus, etc
[21:34] cakeaz  i tried contacting folks at the PLUG website but never got any responses
[21:35] cakeaz  i am glad i stubled upon you all.
[21:35] cakeaz  i found someone talking about you all in the craigslist linux forums
[21:35] cakeaz  checked out your website and saw you had an IRC meeting for tonight.
[21:36] cakeaz  been many years since i had IRC installed. had to dust it off
[21:37] cakeaz  takes me back to the days i was in the GCC high tech centers on the old WYSE terminals in the pods
[21:39] cakeaz  what do you do for work Hans do you mind if i ask?
[21:39] xHans   cakeaz: did you join the PLUG mailing list?
[21:40] cakeaz  I emailed them but never got a response
[21:40] xHans   is the PLUG chairman
[21:40] xHans   emailed where?
[21:40] cakeaz  on the plug website
[21:40] cakeaz  i tried contacting 2 months ago back in august
[21:40] cakeaz  i guess almost 3 months ago
[21:41] xHans   do you know which email address?
[21:41] cakeaz  i think i finaly got accepted to the linked in page last month but there has not been much activity on there
[21:41] xHans   the only contact info that should be on the web site is for the mailing lists and those are self-subscribing
[21:41] xHans   well, there should also be info about our IRC channel
[21:42] cakeaz  i am not sure
[21:43] xHans   actually, I see a contact@, not sure where that goes
[21:43] cakeaz  i used the contact us link
[21:43] cakeaz  and entered my name and email address
[21:43] cakeaz  never recieved any corespondance
[21:43] cakeaz  the Inquires about PLUG
[21:45] xHans   hmmm, no idea where that goes
[21:45] xHans   will take some wet noodles to ABLEconf/Stammtisch Tuesday night for interrogating our web guy
[21:45] cakeaz  well that is what i did
[21:45] cakeaz  haha
[21:45] xHans   ok, thanks for letting me know
[21:46] cakeaz  i was refered to PLUG by a gentleman from the Apollo group
[21:46] cakeaz  i did a phone interview with him one time and he seemed very nice and knowledgeable
[21:46] xHans   cool
[21:46] xHans   who was it?
[21:46] cakeaz  said he refers all his admins to plug
[21:47] cakeaz  i am trying to remember
[21:47] xHans   most excellent
[21:47] xHans   Ryan?
[21:47] cakeaz  it was back in july
[21:47] cakeaz  i remember he works in a dept where they do buildout from start to finish for sales i believe
[21:48] cakeaz  they maintain all their own stuff
[21:48] cakeaz  sepperate from the NOC/SOC
[21:48] xHans   interesting, will have to ask around
[21:49] cakeaz  it might have been ryan
[21:50] xHans   I need to call him anyway, just need to remember to ask him about that group
[21:51] cakeaz  do you work in IT?
[21:51] xHans   yup
[21:52] xHans   I also teach the GNU/Linux classes over at Mesa Community College, which is why I wanted to know if we can get DES to send some people our way
[21:52] cakeaz  It has to be approved through Arizona Heat
[21:52] xHans   Arizona Heat?
[21:53] cakeaz  which http://www.ade.az.gov/arizonaheat/default1.asp
[21:54] cakeaz  this is what you are looking for
[21:54] cakeaz  http://azppse.state.az.us/
[21:54] cakeaz  i believe all the Community colleges are in there
[21:55] cakeaz  how in depth is your gnu linux class at MCC?
[21:55] xHans   we have 4 main classes and several electives
[21:56] xHans   the main classes give you 16 weeks of sysadm, then also 8 weeks of scripting and 8 weeks of security
[21:57] xHans   for you, you'd look at Randy Larson's program at Estrella Mountain Community College as that's only pretty far away rather than really far away
[21:57] scott_ev        damn, I forgot again. someone needs to call me
[21:57] scott_ev        ...
[21:58] cakeaz  what shall we call you?
[21:58] cakeaz  late for dinner?
[21:58] cakeaz  
[21:58] scott_ev        inconsistent
[21:58] cakeaz  xHans
[21:58] cakeaz  http://www.ade.az.gov/arizonaheat/Courses/Program_list_filtered.asp?returnP=2&County=Maricopa&category=&city=Phoenix&Ptype=Training%20Program
[21:58] cakeaz  thats a list of all the current programs on the TAA list
[22:01] xHans   hmm, we don't seem to be listed, will have to follow up on this
[22:01] xHans   thanks for the info!
[22:02] xHans   hmm, I think that's Phoenix only
[22:02] cakeaz  its maricopa county
[22:02] cakeaz  wait you are right
[22:02] cakeaz  i did do a phx filter
[22:03] cakeaz  http://www.ade.az.gov/arizonaheat/Courses/Program_list_filtered.asp?returnP=2&category=&county=Maricopa&Ptype=Training%20Program
[22:04] cakeaz  thats for all of maricopa county
[22:04] xHans   searching Mesa institutions from your 2nd link didn't show us
[22:04] xHans   still waiting for that last link to work
[22:04] cakeaz  its a bit slow
[22:06] cakeaz  here is MCC
[22:06] cakeaz  http://www.ade.az.gov/arizonaheat/Providers/provider_information.asp?returnP=2&County=Maricopa&category=&city=&ID=549&Ptype=Training%20Program
[22:07] xHans   ok, lots of MCC stuff including the Cisco certs, but not the GNU/Linux stuff, will have to follow up on that
[22:07] cakeaz  thats all the courses they list
[22:07] cakeaz  yeah they do not list it
[22:07] xHans   gonna have to get that fixed
[22:07] cakeaz  http://www.ade.az.gov/arizonaheat/feedback.asp?sEmailAddr=lpalmer@mesacc.edu
[22:08] cakeaz  thats your contact person
[22:08] cakeaz  this is the resource we are given at the unemployment office
[22:08] cakeaz  for school and resources
[22:08] xHans   ok, good to know
[22:09] cakeaz  so if you are not listed then you are missing out
[22:09] xHans   thanks for all that
[22:09] xHans   yeah
[22:09] xHans   ok, gotta do some chores and then prep for $dayjob
[22:09] cakeaz  it was nice chatting with you
[22:10] cakeaz  look forward to seeing you on the 28th

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