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Apr 03 21:05:34 toddc http://www.ubuntu-how-to.com/2011/02/windows-ext3-ext4-partition.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+UbuntuHowTo+%28Ubuntu+How+To+-+Ubuntu+and+Kubuntu+Tutorials%2C+News+and+Live+support%29
Apr 03 21:05:47 toddc hi [R]
Apr 03 21:06:03 toddc NOTICE ubuntu 9.10 end of life  april 30
Apr 03 21:06:16 toddc     JOB LIST
Apr 03 21:06:28 toddc Linux Developer: Linux open source development using C with Security expertise. Location-Chandler,AZ...contact me mdutta@volt.com
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Apr 03 21:07:14 toddc TEAM SERVER NEWS
Apr 03 21:07:18 toddc hi bjo
Apr 03 21:07:37 toddc his week we tried to set up a video feed to ABLEconf simple right? Well we are now proud to show
Apr 03 21:07:39 toddc off Big Blue Button try it and let us know what you think of it  http://azlocobbb.banditti.com
Apr 03 21:07:59 toddc I need help updating Drupal for azloco.com if some one has time or willing to figure it out then we should add some content etc afterwards. We have had several uses fail to sign up due to failed captcha.
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Apr 03 21:08:17 toddc hi paul928
Apr 03 21:08:36 toddc I also would like some help copying meeting logs to out team wiki and azloco this would be weekly and should only take a few minutes
Apr 03 21:08:49 paul928_ hello...other netsplit?
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Apr 03 21:09:10 toddc yes they are working on it so it may happen again
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Apr 03 21:10:21 toddc Future BBB server thoughts are a log in screen and copy chat to IRC and back and syn-ack is writing
Apr 03 21:10:22 toddc a blog for azloco.com on thoughts after he installed and configured it.
Apr 03 21:10:40 toddc TUCSON INSTALLFEST NEWS
Apr 03 21:10:53 toddc The good: We got there and got setup. We had a lot of great help doing this with a  total of around twelve people helping out and setting up.
Apr 03 21:11:08 toddc The great: I had a wonderful time meeting all the /southern az members and putting faces to names and nicks. I think next time I may take photos and notes since I am bad at that area. And after the event we went to Oregano's and had a great meal.
Apr 03 21:11:23 toddc The bad: due to several large outdoor events that weekend we had poor attendance 1 install on my spare box (thanks to all those that actually did it) and one repair-install
Apr 03 21:11:45 toddc the Result is we need to plan better we had great location and support.
Apr 03 21:11:47 toddc Thanks to Lost Penguin for all the help on getting the ball rolling and contacts
Apr 03 21:11:48 toddc thanks also goes out to azmike for posting the flyer's for the event
Apr 03 21:12:03 toddc TEMPE INSTALLFEST NEWS
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Apr 03 21:12:53 toddc Azloco/plug installfest is Saturday 4/23 at UAT 48st and Baseline road Tempe across from Fry's Electronics 10AM to 4M 2625 W Baseline Rd 85283 Room 208
Apr 03 21:13:08 toddc The last several installfests have been very busy so if you have time or want to meet any of us or have problems feel free to show up.
Apr 03 21:13:19 toddc UBUNTU TRAINING
Apr 03 21:13:34 toddc Last week I had the chance to use the lernid irc program and take all the ubuntu cloud training classes
Apr 03 21:13:36 toddc and found it a great way to learn more about cloud computing  for free let me know if you heed help
Apr 03 21:13:37 toddc but is was very easy and I learned a lot.
Apr 03 21:13:50 toddc April 1-15 will have several classes  appdevel check it out
Apr 03 21:14:02 toddc FUTURE EVENTS
Apr 03 21:14:12 toddc Are there any interests in doing any other group projects--installfests or server projects?
Apr 03 21:14:23 toddc Any thoughts for a 11.04 release Party?
Apr 03 21:14:33 Dazed_75 Actually, the IF is 4/30, not 4/23 (thought that might be the server installfest)
Apr 03 21:14:56 toddc  I need to change my notes thanks
Apr 03 21:15:02 toddc ASUlugs have asked for help and want to do some events with us they have a hackfest on 4/9
Apr 03 21:15:04 toddc from 12-3 I will post it on azloco calender also they have a installfest 4\16 9am-5pm that I will post  to azloc calender. both events are at ASU
Apr 03 21:15:27 toddc PLUG EVENTS
Apr 03 21:15:37 toddc Thursday 19.30 developer  meeting UAT
Apr 03 21:15:47 toddc Linux Security Hackfest   12-3 Sat AT Gangplank
Apr 03 21:15:50 Dazed_75 Which are they looking for help on? and what kind of help?
Apr 03 21:16:12 toddc install and project support
Apr 03 21:16:59 toddc they also want to do some our events so we will let them know what where and when
Apr 03 21:17:43 toddc that is it for current news any comments or questions?
Apr 03 21:18:16 LostPenguin Wish I could have been there on saturday, the job I had was a nightmare
Apr 03 21:18:45 toddc we missed you but understand
Apr 03 21:18:57 toddc job 1
Apr 03 21:19:06 Dazed_75 Ubuntu User Magazine #7 has a good article on High Dynamic Range photo processing in Linux (just FYI)
Apr 03 21:19:26 toddc cool
Apr 03 21:20:28 toddc my 11.04 failed to boot tonight  so the ride must have shook it up so reinstall tonight and see maybe drive going bad
Apr 03 21:20:42 toddc FernHans if you are here do you have any news for us?
Apr 03 21:21:46 toddc thanks for coming tonight but I will be here a while
Apr 03 21:22:51 Dazed_75 your 11.04 on which box?  And had it done an update from daily build?
Apr 03 21:23:08 toddc Dazed75 current schedule looks like I may not be able to help at ASUevents
Apr 03 21:23:44 Dazed_75 ok, I will try to contact him for more info
Apr 03 21:24:00 toddc the 11.04 that was done in Tucson from your disk no grub found I never got it to boot
Apr 03 21:24:28 LostPenguin I gotta crash guys, good night
Apr 03 21:24:31 toddc I have the info right here and can mail you in a few
Apr 03 21:24:35 * LostPenguin has quit ()
Apr 03 21:24:56 toddc and will be putting on azloco tonight
Apr 03 21:25:05 Dazed_75 wierd - I saw it tell us it was installing grub.  Plus which it was booted a couple of times at least
Apr 03 21:26:13 toddc port issue at BBB was due to closed ports at Uof A
Apr 03 21:26:22 Dazed_75 if you mean the email the ASUlug president sent to PLUGmain, I have it.  Just did not see a request for help
Apr 03 21:26:44 toddc I have the emails we exchanged
Apr 03 21:27:11 Dazed_75 Right!  I forgot that.  Was surprised to see it keep working tonight
Apr 03 21:27:24 Dazed_75 OK
Apr 03 21:27:57 toddc so in windows it keepd working on port 80 but linx needs all three ports
Apr 03 21:28:42 toddc not sure why but we are looking into it for future events
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Apr 03 22:26:12 bj0_ yo
Apr 03 22:41:02 * scar (scar@lion.anthrochat.net) has joined #Ubuntu-US-AZ
Apr 03 22:41:10 toddc hi
Apr 03 22:41:55 toddc bj0 i was playing on bbb
Apr 03 22:42:06 ack-fin I'm home again, did I miss much?
Apr 03 22:42:26 toddc send you log can you post
Apr 03 22:42:38 ack-fin bj0_: did I ask you if you want to go camping, shooting and drinking with a group of us in 3 weeks?
Apr 03 22:42:39 * Dazed_75 has quit (Quit: Leaving)
Apr 03 22:43:08 ack-fin I won't be drinking because I don't but everyone else does I think
Apr 03 22:51:33 bj0_ ack-fin: depends on when it happens, i'm gonna be pretty busy most of this month
Apr 03 22:51:52 ack-fin third weekend

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