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Candy icon theme is created by Jonian Guveli and Olibia Tsati. It is a modern icon theme for the GNOME desktop environment with the goals listed below in mind:

Consistency: All the icons are designed following the same guidelines.

Easy Customization: The color that defines the icon theme is used only in folders and arrows. So, creating an new icon theme is fast and easy.

Quick Development: The use of the one-canvas-workflow makes the development of the icons fast because all icons sizes are in one .svg file. Then the organization of the files is handled by a script and so the creation of symbolic links. This also helps in not having missing icon sizes.



Visit our Launchpad page to download the latest version or follow the project progress and report bugs.

Candy Icons Launchpad Page


I really like this, it seems good enough to be adopted as the default theme. The only comment I have is that brown is still used quite extensively in this theme, when purple and orange are now Ubuntu's colors. (How are you supposed to sign this?)

  • - We are going to create a fork with colors matching the new ubuntu color pallete.


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