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Can the Software Center become a "Killer App"?

The Software Center is a very useful application that's unique to Ubuntu. This gives it the potential to become a "killer" application: an application that will make people want to use Ubuntu.

However, the Software Center is still more difficult to use than it could be. It should ensure that users don't get lost in a sea of applications, and that they can find the best applications available for Ubuntu.

Installing applications from a central "app store" seems to be the future; have a look at these examples:

Andorid Market

iPhone AppStore

Bodega for Mac OS X

Microsoft apparently plans to add an "app store" to Windows 8, and Apple is thought to carry your IOS system to Mac platform for the same reason, but Ubuntu is in a place to do it first!

Some actual current problems

-It's difficult to find good applications(1)

-It's easy to find applications by name, but hard to find applications that do a particular thing.(1)

-Application icons aren't displayed very well.(2)



Design Proposal

User experience improvements:

- It's easier to find good applications through punctuation(1y2)

- Large icons cause rapid brand recognition(1y2)

- It looks good!(1y2)

- It allows you to organize applications by punctuation or by name(4)

Developer improvements:

- Can receive donations(3y5)

- You can see which applications are better and improve his(1y2)

- You can see how many people download your application(3y5)

- Uncommitted to get better and win reputation =)








artist coments

i built with ayatana team mockups, I also have inspired on bodega. perhaps the icon size is too large, the ideal would be 128x128.

download GIMP file to modify

comunity coments

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