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Impression / Night Impression GTK Themes

Enhanced User Experience

The primary goal of these themes is to enhance the user computing experience by applying balance and harmony to the Gnome Desktop framing applications in such a manner as to permit the eye to focus without distraction on the content displayed. The desire is an optimal result from an optimal process built from a palette of warm and cool gray.

Leverage Kyūdō Approach

Kyūdō is the Japanese art of archery. From it we derive the thought that an optimal result follows from an optimal process.

The current goal of Project Kyūdō is to create an optimal theme for the Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution. In the long run, the theme should be the central piece in an effort to achieve an optimal presentation.

Due to this being a community effort, we don't have the decision power to put things into place. We will offer an alternative and intend to convince by delivering high quality work resulting from a traceable process.

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Consistent Ubuntu Look & Feel

The color palette is consistent with Ubuntu branding. Impression embraces vibrant warm orange and Night Impression a cooler aubergine.

Info (!) Ubuntu brand guidelines

Metacity has been re-coded to be clean and fast. The desired presentation is to frame the content in black. The window controls are on the left leaving room for new features planned for Maverick such as "windicators". The default circular button transforms into an algebraic ( x - + ) action symbol on mouse over. All graphics are high quality "svg" images.

Night Impression Palette

Night Impression leans toward a cool gray palette with aubergine accents. The progress bar is themed dark and the other accents light.


Dark Palette

Impression Palette

Impression favors traditional Ubuntu orange supporting a warm gray palette. Again the progress bar is themed dark and the other accents light.


Light Palette

* Screen shots are from Lucid.

Impression Appearance Dialog

Introduced by the Ambiance and Radiance themes the scroll bars are rounded and travel a gradient trough. Muted not bold; the desire is the scroll bar is available but doesn't get in the way.

Night Impression Brasero Progress bar

The progress bar adds a splash of color to the theme and becomes the foundation color for accents such as the Scale and the TreeView controls. Unlike scroll bars, progress bars travel a less defined gradient trough.

Night Impression Inkscape

Inkscape is a showcase application as it uses many of the GTK widgets in its presentation. As in previous releases of the Impression series the tool bar is tinted to provide a hint of depth. The scale control as presented in the Inkscape Opacity slider is a combination of a round button traveling a narrow trough. The button is dimmed until activated by a mouse prelight event or dragging.

Impression PiTiVi

PiTiVi is Ubuntu's video editor and another example of well designed Gnome application.

Night-Impression Totem

The Totem video player does a good job of presenting content without getting in the way.

Impression Bluefish

Notebook tabs are themed to provide an illusion of activity when pressed. The selected notebook tab is bright and appears to be "standing up" as unselected tabs are muted and sunken.

All Screen Shots

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  • Impression & Night-Impression

  • Updated: 07.25.2010


  • The GtkScale control button does not display as desired on the panel sound applet. This issue applies to all dark themes.
    Info <!> Resolved

GTK Engine

These themes depend on the current release of the Murrine engine.

Info <!> Lucid only!


Info <!> Now available from "community-themes" in Software Center!

Unity version available!


Mini How-to

  1. Logout and Login ( or reset GTK )

    Do not skip this as the themes will not install as desired.

  2. Download desired "tar" file.
  3. Open System > Preferences > Appearance Dialog and click Install button.

  4. Select "tar" file from the download folder
  5. Select theme
  6. Enjoy!



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