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Default "About Me" Face Icon for Ubuntu

Currently, if a user has not setup a "face" icon (~/.face.png - /usr/share/pixmaps/faces/) then, where appropriate, the icon theme's "stock_person" icon is shown, an alternative is to create an Ubuntu themed Face icon, and place it as /etc/skel./face.svg and (ofcourse) /usr/share/pixmaps/face/ubuntu.svg.


Create an Ubuntu Face and place it as /etc/skel./face.png and (ofcourse) /usr/share/pixmaps/face/ubuntu.png.

The face icon should be related both to Ubuntu and an anonymous "face". It should follow the Canonical/Ubuntu Brand Guidelines. Note: this face will be seen on the login screen for all users that cant be bothered with customizing their face icon (so... pretty much all users then;)).

Some basics ideas are: Background: Dark Aubergine #2C001E (Radial Gradient) Mid-ground: Ubuntu Logo (w/ orange bg) Foreground: (offset, translucent) "anonymous face" (based on Humanity's stock_person?) Text-Foreground?: Ubuntu word-mark? (offset, bottom)??

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