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J AustinBardo

  • Ubuntu is the best linux distro that I have found. This community appears to be very open and vibrant. I can see that this distro is going in directions that I want Linux to head. Hopeful bug #1 can be solved with the help of Ubuntu in the near future.
    [end shameless plug]

(./) In my community...

  • Computers have been apart of my life for decades. I had a TI-94a growing up that I programmed with my uncle. Life on a PC as always started with Microsoft, but about 5 years ago I discovered Linux. I first tried Mandrake, and grew frustrated as they made certain packages difficult to get. Then I discovered Ubuntu around the Breezy release.

  • I loved the simplicity and ease of use. More importantly, it had the packages I were looking for easily available. I started reading the Planet and the Fridge trying to keep up on the community. I then found the MeetingLogs on the wiki and started following them.

    When the MeetingLogs stopped being updated around July 2006, I kept checking them and after about a month, I decided to revive the dead MeetingLogs. I wrote a MeetingSummarySpec about what the logs needed for improvement based on what I learned in maintaining them.

    In early 2007, ChrisOattes came to me with part of the solution outlined in the MeetingSummarySpec. I decided with his help to form the ScribesTeam. The team is slowly developing a good team to help augment and enhance the archiving of community meetings and events. Our outreach is paying off as other Teams come to us for help with their IRC meetings.

    My goal with MeetingLogs and now ScribesTeam has been to maintain and hopefully improve the transparency in the decision process at work in the community. I feel that a community that is not open and easily understood can be difficult to get involved with. Being open with the decision process is as important as being open with welcoming new individuals.

    I am looking forward to helping my State Loco Team that is just starting. My goal with NewYorkTeam is to support them by sharing my knowledge of the community and talents as a creative problem solver and artiste. It is at the local community level that awareness needs to begin to build the understanding of the possibilities that Linux and Ubuntu can bring.

(./) In my home...

What I run:
On the Desktop:
Gimp, Inkscape, Scribus, AbiWord, Gnumeric, Evolution, and Epiphany
On the Server:
PmWiki, PHPMyAdmin, PHPWebGallery , modified version of DaDaBIK, with a few personal front ends.

  • I have several computers networked all with Ubuntu, although the Family computer has Windows. Sad :( I also have one computer running distro+1 which I give my feedback and discover the direction Ubuntu and Linux is going.

    I am pretty much self-taught with computers. I dable with PHP and MySQL to help maintain a web-based interface to a database containing details on my large photograph collection. I edited and refactored a php web-based database interface I found to work with my interface needs. My knowledge of PHP has also helped me add functionality to PmWiki through its simple plugin module capability.

    I have recently begun working with Python. I am creating a simple modular meta-detail viewer using YAML and WxPython called FDV. The code allows for creating relationships amongst files as well. I am designing this to be used in conjuction with a file manager like Nautilus.

    I have a curiosity about programming, but find some of the concepts difficult to grasp. I have even read about few programming languages. I am willing to expand my knowledge provided I can find the right resources. Despite my difficulties, I have amassed a nice collection of code I have found the Linux environment powerful and easy to maintain. I am at home with the shell as well as with the Gnome Environment. I am able to keep my graphic arts workflow all on Ubuntu Linux. I am also managing a small intranet site on a dedicated box in my home. I have put many PHP web apps I found from the internet on the site.

Scribes Team


  • I am one of the admins for ScribesTeam and founder. MeetingSummarySpec implementation is a major focus of mine. I am looking forward to the ScribesTeam improving the quality and number of MeetingLogs that are easily available.

    I developed a PHP script to help me scrape logs to get just the meeting. I often use it when I miss an IRC meeting. Anyone interested in this can let me know.

New York Team


  • I am a leader of the NewYork LoCo Team. I am helping with maintaining the wiki and website. I am sharing my knowledge of the many resources that I have discovered in the community. I am also helping coordinate our membership with regards to local community events in our state.

Logos Designed

The approved logo for ScribesTeam

A proposed logo for NewYorkTeam

My Ideas for Ubuntu:

  • Info (!) PackageNamingStandards -- Lets do our best to keep capitalization, spelling, and overall naming of packages and their parts easy to see the relations between them.

    Info (!) GraphicalConfigurationSpec -- A modprobe gui similar to KDE's but for gnome would be nice to further tweak with a HAL based wizard to aid in chosing required drivers. [NB I have noticed work is progressing on something similar to this.]

    Info (!) MeetingSummarySpec -- Lets develop an easy process to enhance and augment community meetings and events improving openness and accessibility.

    Info (!) MeetingTracSpec -- LP should enable its teams to trac meetings keeping summaries for past meetings and agendas for future meetings.

Endorsements from the Community

  • Feel free to leave words of Endorsement and Encouragement here. Even though I am now an Ubuntu Member, it nice for me to see and for the community to see, as well.
  • Ausimage would make a valued addition to the Ubuntu membership, His passion for furthering the ScribesTeam proves this alone. -- AndrewDavidWilliams 2007-02-25 23:37:45

  • I've only known Ausimage since fairly recently, and even in that time I can see that he is committed to improving Ubuntu. He does this making the decision making more accessible to those users who don't wish to trawl through IRC logs (i.e. most of them Smile :) ). I see this as being a very important task, and he is doing it very well. -- MattMedland 2023-09-29 17:30:19

  • Ausimage has been very helpful and friendly. He's been doing a great setting up, running and participating in the ScribesTeam. From my perspective, he's a valuable community member. -- MartinAlbisetti 2023-09-29 17:30:19

  • I am cheering for Ausimage for membership. The Scribes team is incredible and you can tell his passion for it is unsurpassed. With MootBot, meeting minutes will be easier, and standardized thanks to his work. -- AaronToponce 2023-09-29 17:30:19

Approval Feb 26, 2007

(07:01:40 PM) sabdfl: ausimage: you're up!
(07:01:41 PM) ausimage: I am Jeremy Austin-Bardo and an advocate of Ubuntu and Linux. I am the admin for ubuntu-scribes and a supportive member of the NewYorkTeam loco. I also give feedback on bugs and features in Ubuntu and Ubuntu distro+1.
(07:01:47 PM) ausimage: Read my wiki page,  for details.
(07:01:56 PM) sabdfl: tell us about ubuntu-scribes?
(07:02:01 PM) atoponce: i'm here to cheer for ausimage. the scribes team is a great idea, and his involvement helps centralize irc meeting minutes through MootBot, which is already in this channel.  cool stuff!  cool guy!
(07:02:24 PM) ***PriceChild would love a small demo of mootboot
(07:02:31 PM) ausimage: Ahh the Scribes.. We are here to help enhance and augment the meeting process mostly in IRC
(07:02:32 PM) gnomefreak: we (ubuntu-mozillateam) are using the bot for meetins :)
(07:02:42 PM) mako: ausimage: did we meet last week at ubucon?
(07:02:49 PM) ausimage: no
(07:03:08 PM) mako: ah, too bad
(07:03:11 PM) ausimage: could not get there unfortunately
(07:03:23 PM) gnomefreak: PriceChild: join here on monday march 6th at 18:00UTC and it will be in use
(07:03:23 PM) ausimage: You will have to come Upstate mako
(07:03:42 PM) mako: ausimage: i live in boston, it might even be closer :)
(07:03:44 PM) sabdfl: what's MootBot?
(07:04:07 PM) Seeker`_: sabdfl: The bot that I have written to try to make recording of meetings easier
(07:04:08 PM) ausimage: Ah Mootbot is Seeker`_ contribution to ScribesTeam
(07:04:14 PM) mako: i have to say, the scribes project is coolest projects in ubuntu i've run across in a while :)
(07:04:17 PM) Seeker`_:
(07:04:22 PM) gnomefreak: sabdfl:
(07:04:26 PM) ausimage: he AndrewWilliams have really made it great
(07:04:26 PM) gnomefreak: oops late
(07:04:32 PM) mako: as someone who had scribe duties as part of my job for a while, i can appreciate the time and energy that goes into it :)
(07:04:39 PM) dinda: scribes is awesome
(07:04:44 PM) ausimage: I know ...
(07:04:48 PM) ***Vorian cheers for ausimage. He has done a ton of work that no one will ever know about, but all will appreciate.  He is an unsung hero.
(07:04:56 PM) Seeker`_: ausimage is very hard working, and he has put a lot of time and effort into starting this team
(07:05:02 PM) Seeker`_: and he is always coming up with new ideas
(07:05:22 PM) ausimage: Yeah I am now involving myself in NewYorkTeam as well
(07:05:28 PM) dinda: since Seveas isn't here - Is anyone doing the LP account updates?
(07:05:43 PM) elmo: I can do that
(07:05:53 PM) mako: elmo: thanks :)
(07:06:12 PM) sabdfl: oh, that bot rocks!
(07:06:22 PM) gnomefreak: it is pretty cool
(07:06:29 PM) atoponce: yeah. the features are really really cool
(07:06:41 PM) Moniker42: voting :)
(07:06:55 PM) sabdfl: 1 from me for ausimage. this sort of work is phenomenal "glue" to help communities stay together even as they grow
(07:07:15 PM) ausimage: say sabdfl how is blog post for the ScribesTeam coming
(07:07:16 PM) sabdfl: sorry, that was a +1 not just a plain 1 :-)
(07:07:44 PM) ausimage: sure not more than that ??? ;)
(07:07:45 PM) sabdfl: ah, i promised to blog about your work, didn't i? can you mail me some url's to examples of the work?
(07:08:04 PM) ausimage: ah sure your addie??
(07:08:32 PM) Moniker42: you can get +2s? ;)
(07:08:55 PM) ***ausimage thought is was worth a shot ;)
(07:09:30 PM) ***ausimage thinks there should be a 'pimp my profile' contest :)
(07:09:55 PM) ***Moniker42 looks for sabdfl's blog, wonders why the first link for "sabdfl" on google is to the wikipedia page on Guido van Rossum...
(07:10:19 PM) sabdfl: mark AT ubuntu DOT com will reach me
(07:10:31 PM) ausimage: I will put on the to do list :)
(07:10:34 PM) Monk-e: Moniker42: because Guido is my first name! ^^ ;)
(07:10:44 PM) ***Seeker`_ wonders if he should apply for membership next time round
(07:10:56 PM) ***ausimage thinks so
(07:11:06 PM) elmo: +1
(07:11:08 PM) ***Vorian cheers for Seeker`_ 
(07:11:15 PM) ausimage: thanks elmo
(07:12:16 PM) mako: yes, this all looks fantastic
(07:12:29 PM) mako: i learned a lot about a couple teams i'd only heard about too
(07:12:33 PM) mako: ausimage: thanks for all your work
(07:12:34 PM) mako: +1 from me
(07:12:40 PM) Vorian: congrats ausimage! :)
(07:12:46 PM) ausimage: YEAH YEAH YEAH :D
(07:12:48 PM) sabdfl: welcome aboard!
(07:12:51 PM) Seeker`_: well done ausimage
(07:12:57 PM) ausimage: thank you all
(07:12:57 PM) mako: yes welcome!
(07:12:58 PM) irvin: \o/
(07:13:12 PM) MikeB-: ausimage: congrats
(07:13:12 PM) ***pochu hugs ausimage :-)
(07:13:16 PM) ***beuno cheers for ausimage!  congrats!
(07:13:16 PM) ausimage: Anyone interested in Scribes drop by


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