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Warning /!\ Getting your Team's IRC meeting summarized


  • The aim of this team is to help augment and enhance the archiving of Ubuntu community meetings and events, and provide summaries of meetings in a consistent and concise format.


  1. Summarize: Work to make easy summaries from available irc logs or monitoring in a consistent manner.

  2. Centralize: Work to create a central repository of all logs and summaries. see spec.

    see also: Meeting Summary Spec submitted by Ausimage.


  • Open to the Ubuntu Community, but must be approved by the team leaders.

Past Meetings



ChrisOattes is working on a irc bot called Mootbot to record summaries of irc meetings through the use of simple tags included within the traffic. AndrewDavidWilliams is aiding Chris in developing the bot.


JeremyAustinBardo and few other members are helping to maintain the MeetingLogs on the wiki. New meeting summaries and logs are being posted. Old meeting logs are being summarized. For meetings not using Mootbot, logs are being recorded or taken from fabione's logging bot .

Meeting Log/Summary Locations

Scribes Team is seeking to gather together all existing logs and summaries and needs your help to record where they are at the moment. Please add them to our Meeting Log/Summary Locations Page.


How to get your meeting summarized

How to summarize a meeting

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