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Ubuntu-AU Archive

Over time, many pages in a wiki become defunct. Usually they were created to serve a certain purpose, but that purpose has expired and the page remains. This page links to the old pages in the AustralianTeam wiki. These pages have been moved here to keep the rest of the wiki clean and uncluttered, and to allow work on the rest of the wiki to continue.


  • Projects

    • This page was a very static generic version of the projects page. It has since been changed to be more dynamic.
  • TimezoneFix

    • This page was a fix for extended daylight saving during the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.
  • Logo

    • A collection of proposed AustralianTeam logos for voting on was created on this page.

  • Old

  • Courtesy

    • A courtesy letter to businesses listed in the Oceania Marketplace
  • Talks

    • A page of talks given by Ubuntu-Au members
  • LocalCDDistribution

    • Local CD Distribution through Australian magazines
  • LCAOpenDay2007

    • Information about the Ubuntu-AU efforts for LCA2007
  • ITDiscoveryDayMawsonLakes2007

    • Information about the attendance of the IT Discovery Day at Mawson Lakes in 2007
  • LinuxConfAu2008

    • Information about the Ubuntu-AU efforts for LCA2008
  • Newsletter

    • Information about a startup idea for a team newsletter that hasn't had any updates since mid 2008.
  • Photography Competition

    • An idea to hold a photography competition dating back to 2006.
  • Not For Profit Documentation

  • Not For Profit Report

    • These two pages are about a report into Not for Profit organisations conducted a few years ago but has not seen much activity since.
  • Meeting

    • This page used to exist to redirect users to the already existing Meetings page so has been archived to reduce clutter and confusion.

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