This team is now deprecated. Official announcement about the team's closure can be found here.

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About Us

The Bugs Path exists to help users become familiar with bug triage and eventiually join the bug squad and bug control teams, as well as the quality assurance (qa team), and testing (testing team). Bug triage is an excellent way to start helping out. You get to learn a lot about Ubuntu, its available packages, its infrastructure, and you get a feel for the development pulse.
The goal of this path is to educate users on the tools and processes used to triage bugs. The Ubuntu Team helps show people how to find bugs to triage and get memberd on their way to joining Bug Control

Getting Started

  • Read the Triage Guide.

  • Look over this Flow Chart outlining the process

  • Read the different pages linked on Bug Squad's Knowledge Base it contains a collection of very informative links on Bug Triage.

  • Join the Bug Squad. Though not required we encourage you too, it helps keep up to date on current issues with triaging.

  • Triage bugs

Joining the Team

To join the Beginners Team and begin your journey on working on Ubuntu Documentation see the Join Us page.


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