This team is now deprecated. Official announcement about the team's closure can be found here.

Info (!) Ubuntu Help and Support IRC Channel: #ubuntu-beginners on Info (!)

Info (!) Community and Team IRC Channel: #ubuntu-beginners-team on Info (!) Path: Support

About Us

The Support Path of the Ubuntu Beginners Team exists to help new users make the transition to Ubuntu. This transition could be from OS X, Windows, BSD or another flavor of Linux. Beginners Team Members answer questions on the Ubuntu forums, irc, or in-person events.

Getting Started

  • Register for an acount on the Ubuntu Forums

  • Register for an account on

  • Give real time support on IRC channel #ubuntu-beginners-team

  • Give real time support on IRC channel #ubuntu

  • Give local help to you LoCo Team. You can find your local team by using the Loco Team Directory

  • Provide for a reporting process so that news, ideas and work done in the project by IRC users will be communicated to the broader community and appropriately recognized. = Things to consider when giving user support. =
  • Help new users in a way that leaves them with a good feeling about the community.
  • Always provide accurate answers. If you are not sure do not guess.
  • Promote the community resources where users are most likely to find help.

If you are interested in giving support to other users you should familiarize yourself with the following resources:



Joining the Team

To join the Beginners Team and begin your journey on working on Ubuntu Documentation see the Join Us page.


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