This team is now deprecated. Official announcement about the team's closure can be found here. Path: Development


The development path is here to help new users learn about the development process for Ubuntu and to provide a roadmap to becoming part of the global team of community members known as Masters of the Universe. The Ubuntu beginners team can provide support in regards to the following topics.

  • Programming languages
  • Programming tools
  • Ubuntu packaging
  • Version control systems
  • Patches
  • Minor bug reporting/triaging

Ubuntu development is not all about programming, in fact a large portion of the community contributions require no programming knowledge at all. Packaging, documentation and bug triaging are all part of the overall development process, and are just as important.

Anyone can get involved, regardless of skill level. The Ubuntu beginners team hopes to provide you with all you need to start your development journey.

MOTU Roadmap


Development resources

  • Programming 1 Development Environments

    a VIM


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