Oakland has been chosen once again for May 6-9, 2013! I would like to write and mail Letters to our state legislature (Assembly and Senate), CA Congressional representatives (House and Senate) and local media regarding UDS-S May 6-9, 2013.

The "press release" will announce, what it is and what it might mean to them. We should do a follow up reminder with some new information. We should include how they might be able to learn more and/or participate. We will need to be prepared to field phone calls and questions ourselves, some volunteers to receive attendees to the Keynote, and be ready to direct responses to the appropriate parties such as official Ubuntu and Canonical contacts.

Writing the initial contact and follow up letters should be a collaborative effort of our team, working together via IRC, email and maybe a sprint.


  1. Grantbow

  2. George Mulak

  3. PhilipBallew

  4. NathanHaines

  5. Peter Sullivan

  6. Jason Brooks

  7. Michael Paoli

  8. lyz

  9. I hope you can help us

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