The Solano Stroll event is a ~ mile long street fair held once a year in Berkeley California on Solano Ave. There are over 500 vendor and non-profit booths. Attendees are ordinary folks from the Berkeley/SF-Bay area who may or may not have a technical background. It is, thus, a good opportunity to advertise Ubuntu to a general audience.


Vivek and Jack at Solano Stroll

  • Sunday September 13th 10am - 6pm - 1174 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA
  • Berkeley LUG's event info

  • Solano Ave Association event info

Booth Activities

Chris, Jack and Courtney at Solano Stroll

  • Conversed with Many Berkeley/Bay-Area citizens about what Linux/Ubuntu is and why it rocks.
  • Handed Out Over 170 Ubuntu CDs
  • Handed Out Over 300 Linux Flyers and Cards
  • Displayed New Linux Banner


Aaron, Grant, Courtney and Mark

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