What I do for Ubuntu and GNU/Linux

I'm Ubuntu-it Member, member of the Ubuntu Italian Translators team, of the Ubuntu Italian Testing Team, and member of the Ubuntu Italian Marketing Team as administrator of the Ubuntu Italian Newsletter.

I'm also a translator for upstream GNOME and the Translation Project too. Here you can find a list of my maintained translations:

  • gnome-subtitles

  • emerillon

    • emerillon-plugins

  • xchat

  • nautilus-actions

  • klavaro

Plans and ideas for Ubuntu

  • Improving my contribution to have Ubuntu completely translated into italian...
  • Trying to have Package Descriptions for Ubuntu fully translated

  • Help people who want to collaborate with us


AndreaColangelo: Claudio is a great person, a passionate Ubuntu contributor, and a good friend. We work togheter in many different activites within the Italian LocoTeam since years, and I can attest that his contribution has always been top-notch and highly appreciated. His work within the Testing and Translators Teams is admirable, and it's a pleasure to co-work daily with Claudio within the Italian Newsletter Staff. I strongly recommend Claudio for Ubuntu membership, he really deserves it.

-- warp10 2011-03-24 14:55:14

SergioZanchetta: Claudio is a very kind person who is always trying to help people in any way he can. I've had the extreme pleasure of working with him for some time now in both Italian Translation and Testing Team. He is extremely active as a translator doing a great work also with many upstream packages. He does an outstanding work in the Testing Team too, being a very knowledgeable, efficient and hard-working person. I met Claudio during the last Italian meeting and i can say he's a cool person to be with. I wholeheartedly support his application for Ubuntu membership.

-- primes2h 2011-03-24 17:47:15

MiloCasagrande: I have the pleasure to work with Claudio within the Ubuntu Italian Translation team, the GNOME Translation team and also the very upstream Translation Project. Claudio works are precise and always top quality. He is a very calm person and he always put all his strengths in everything he does. It is a pleasure having him in our community. I strongly support his application to become an Ubuntu Member.

-- milo 2011-03-24 20:35:55

GiuseppeTerrasi: Claudio working hard on some Translation Team (e.g. Ubuntu, Gnome, Translation Project) and is most active in Italian Marketing Team (e.g. Ubuntu Italian Newsletter and some other project). I recommend Claudio for Ubuntu membership. -- giuseppeterrasi 2011-03-28 09:50:16

PaoloSammicheli: Claudio is a great guy. Since the beginning he has been a great contributor and his work has always been valuable. Higly recommended for the membership! -- xdatap1 2011-04-04 20:28:47

LucaFerretti: Claudio effectively helps Ubuntu and other open source projects (such as GNOME) with his continuous work. Moreover it's a real pleasure collaborate with Claudio: friendly, respectful, indefatigable, and able to understand the best way to solve an issue. Strongly recommended to become an Ubuntu Member. -- elle.uca 2011-04-04 21:58:23


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