Once Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper) is out, there will be plenty to celebrate, whether you were directly involved the release process or just rejoice because the next iteration of the best Distribution is finally out.

June 1 is the date for Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. Many parties will be on this date, or you can pick your own date! Go ahead and put down your favorite pub, park or cafe and celebrate getting Dapper out of the door!

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Confirmed Parties

If you plan to get a party going in your area, you should advertise the place and time here.


If you're still in the process of organizing something and want a call for discussion, put that there. If you see something here in your area, you probably already have enough people for a meet-up so finalize it!

  • North America
    • Columbus, Ohio
      • I would like to propose a fiesta in Columbus, Ohio, at Cup 'O Joe in Clintonville. It has free WiFi. Email me if you're interested at paul@smoothweb.net

  • Europe
    • Finland: June 4th @ 13h00 Café Soihtu, Helsinki? FinnishTeam

    • Poland
    • UK
      • London: Dapper's release must be marked in the greatest city in the world!
      • Hull: We have to make this day unforgettable. I propose the Sun Cafe on Cottingham Road. Do not hesitate to mail me (Kaleo) Smile :)

  • Asia
    • India/Delhi: I would like to propose a release party in Delhi. Please mail me if you are interested. - JmoyMatecon

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