Personal details

  • Name: Devid Antonio Filoni
  • Country: Italy
  • Born in: 1991


Ubuntu activities

I joined Ubuntu on December 2006 with Ubuntu 6.10 "The Edgy Eft".
After some months I created an account on Launchpad to help on translations. I also created an account in ubuntu-it wiki, then I joined Ubuntu Italian Newsletter team and Full Circle Magazine Italian Translators team. After a long time of works, I decided to leave FCM team.
Later I started to work on patches, create new packages, etc... On February 2008 I joined Ubuntu Italian Developers team.
Now I continue to translate on Rosetta or translate other pages for the Ubuntu Italian Community, to write for the Ubuntu Italian Newsletter (if I have time) and my packaging activities.
I will continue to help Ubuntu 'cause it offers me a great OS, friends, knowledge, etc.. I'm thankful to Ubuntu for all this.

Ubuntu Italian Community

Cheers for Ubuntu Membership

  • I would like to sponsor Devid for his membership, he is a very hard worker and a good MOTU contributor. I'm on charge of Ubuntu Italian Promoters and Italian Newsletter is a project of the team. Devid does a great job as writer for the Newsletter. His work on the Italian Community is invaluable. -- PalmaSalvatore 2008-05-25 19:18:46

  • Recently, Devid started his journey in MOTU Land, he pushed excellent contributions into the archives (including some high-difficult packages such as wxwidgets2.8, which required three MOTUs to be sure everything was OK, and it was!). He is very active in early Intrepid development cycle, and his patches have been top-notch. He really deserves to be Ubuntu Member -- LucaFalavigna

  • I would like to sponsor Devid for his membership, he is a very hard worker and a good MOTU contributor. He's involved in Ubuntu Italian Translator Team too and he's doing a good job. His work on the Italian community is very very good! -- NaldiniPaolo 2008-05-27 19:57:14

  • I would like to sponsor Devid for all the works he's been doing and he does for the community, Italian and international. He's active in the Italian newsletter, the Italian version of the UWN, and is a good translator too. -- Milo 2008-05-27 21:14:18

  • I want to sponsor Devid for all the works he has done for the Italian Wiki, he's contributing to the Italian LoCoTeam growth everyday. -- AlessioTreglia 2008-05-31 16:39:24

  • I would like to sponsor Devid for all the work he does for the Italian Newsletter. His work in the Italian Community is simply great! -- DanielSchwitzgebel 2023-02-05 21:43:35

Debian activities

Packaging activity

  • Maintainer of msn-pecan package

  • Maintainer of ircp-tray package

  • I'm also the Debian maintainer of many other packages...

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