A Documentation Team meeting is planned for the first Tuesday of every month @ 17:00 UTC.

Freezes for Bionic – String Freeze March 29 – Non-language packs April 12

Classroom Sessions

The Ubuntu Documentation Team is hosting a series of IRC-based Classroom sessions to help new contributors get involved with Documentation.


Ubuntu Documentation Day will take place on Sunday, March 2nd

All times in UTC (click time for table of times in other time zones).

* All instructors currently tentative, please add your name here if you wish to volunteer

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Sessions all take place on Internet Relay Chat (IRC). If you want to participate, you just need to join #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat on in your IRC client, or just click here for browser-based webchat.

The instructor will give the class in #ubuntu-classroom and attendees can chat about the class and ask questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat.

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