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Mesh Network Install

On February 7th 2009 we started the final stage of the install of the Open Mesh network for the EPC campus. The install took a little longer than we thought and some serious attic crawling had to be done. A huge thanks goes to Ubuntu LoCo memeber Fred for getting really covered in fiberglass insulation and his wonderful talent as a contortionist. We also would like to thank Ubuntu LoCo Member Eric for purchasing the open mesh routers, we still all owe you one. Another thank you to David from the EPC organization, and an Ubuntu LoCo member for picking up lunch, it was a wonderful surprise and we thank you.

The project still has some follow up to do, such as getting more 9dbi antennas to boost the signals, however all in all it was a very successful project. EPC has been a fantastic project for the New Mexico Ubuntu LoCo. The project really does feel to be in the spirit of Ubuntu, we're helping others and finding a lot of joy in doing it. The EPC Wireless Open-Mesh network status can be viewed here.

We've done some amazing things at EPC from creating a computer Lab all running Ubuntu to Computer classes being taught ("Thanks to David of EPC again") in the lab. Now we have a mesh router running throughout the EPC campus. So what's next network storage, a server, what other organizations could use our talents?

Below are some pictures of the install. Mike and Adam get ready to get started. EPC staff members Amy and Gigi say bring on the wireless network. Eric starts the job of configuration. The open-mesh devices are downloading some firmware. Eric points out to David the net based setup. How cool, the setup uses google maps to show you the location of your devices. David pulling Cat5. A developer is born, note the coffee and donuts. Sam, Gigi, and David running Cat5 from one building to the next. Mike, Gigi, Fred, and Eric getting stuff ready for a device in the main hall at EPC. Eric, Gigi, and Mike in the main hall. Eric putting the end on a Cat5

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