We meet on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 9:00PM EST in #bglug on (use port 8001 when connecting).

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Previous Meetings


  • /2007Nov8 - We are going to start discussing the next Install Fest.

  • /2007Oct4 - Nothing but LUG baby

  • /2007Sep27 - Release Party / BBQ, Next Install Fest, LUG meeting reminder, LoCo Team news

  • /2007Aug30 - O'Reilly UG, LUG Style meeting date, Ohio Linux Fest

  • /2007Aug23 - Case Badges, Cup of Ubuntu, More IRL

  • /2007Aug16 - Weekly meetings, Stickers, Charity Machines

  • /2007Aug02 - Getting things going again, Cup of Ubuntu, CDs for all.

  • /2007July19 - Oops. Forgot about the meeting :/

  • /2007July05 - Blogging, Online Party, Install Fest planning

  • /2007June21 -

  • /2007June07 - IRL Meetings, Install Fest, Helping fellow LoCo Teams, Ohio Ubucon.

  • /2007May31 - Meeting Canceled this week.

  • /2007May17 - Web site woes, Ubuntu US Team meeting coming up.

  • /2007May17 - Sub-Teams, Advocacy ideas

  • /2007May10 - Web site additions, Charity Project machines, We have Feisty CDs

  • /2007May03 - Website Development, Charity Project update

  • /2007April26 - Projects to work on, Website ideas, Where do we stand on the Charity Project, When do we want to do another Install Fest

  • /2007April19 - We are an Official Team now \o/., Install Fest (Final plans)

  • /2007April12 - All about the Install Fest, What still needs to be done and who is going to do it?

  • /2007April05 - Install Fest discussion, Dry Run report, Date and time of Live Event, Custom Artwork.

  • /2007Mar29 - Team projects (User Support, Welcome Packets, Custom CD), Install Fest cont.

  • /2007Mar22 - IRL Meetings, Wiki updates, Install Fest cont., News from sabdfl Smile :)

  • /2007Mar15 - Firm up install fest and release party plans.

  • /2007Mar08 - Are we ready to go for approval?, We have a web site now!!! How do we want to use it???, Goals for sub-teams.

  • /2007Mar01 - Domain name registration update, Charity project update, UKLUG contact, Meet and greet, release & key signing party, upcoming events, Discuss suggestion of moving meetings to bi-weekly.

  • /2007Feb22 - Resource names, Customized CDs, Web site update

  • /2007Feb15 - Web site news, Planning an install fest / Feisty release party, CD distribution, Update on Charity project.

  • /2007Feb08 - Charity Project, Distributing CDs, Finding new members

  • /2007Feb01 - Becoming an Approved LoCo, Team Projects, Creation of Sub-Teams


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