• Outstanding actions (carried over):
    • Arne to email ubuntu-devel@ or distro-team@ if still stuck with language-selector PyGTK needs, by end of week.
    • Colin or Evan to review to see if the /etc/fstab change is an adequate solution for long term.
  • Outstanding feature freeze exceptions from last week
  • Milestoned/targeted bugs
  • Sponsorship queue
  • Any business from activity reports
  • AOB

Action Items

Carried over:

  • Colin or Evan to review to see if the /etc/fstab change is an adequate solution for long term.


  • Lars to find sponsor for system-cleaner
  • Evan to continue with usb-creator testing and write up MIR when ready
  • Colin to pass around idea of distro-activity

Outstanding actions (carried over)

Arne's language-selector problems are solved.

/etc/fstab change not yet reviewed; carried over.

Outstanding feature freeze exceptions

  • new pulseaudio to match new alsa and new kernel

Luke knows about this, but is on holiday; revisit next week. Colin believes this is essentially an upstream update that's been needed for quite a few reasons but was blocked on new ALSA until recently. (See bug 252335 and Luke's PPA.)

  • experimental python 3 packages (not by default, maybe not really FFe)

This has been controversial for main inclusion, particularly while Python 2.4 is still needed for Zope 2; will attempt consensus on distro-team.

  • system-cleaner

Waiting in REVU; Lars to find a sponsor.

  • usb-installer-images

Just accepted into universe (as usb-creator); needs testing and MIR review.

  • dvd-performance-hacks

Basic work in Ubiquity now, though without triggers as yet.

  • timezone map changes for ubiquity

Out of time; deferred to next cycle.

  • openoffice.org 3 (again, not by default, parallel-installable)

Upstream seem determined to ship rc1 this week, upon which Chris will upload parallel-installable packages to Intrepid.

  • xorg-options-editor needs promotion to main

MIRs filed, waiting for review.

  • mobile broadband wizard and database

In NEW; Colin will process and Alex will draft an MIR after that.

  • Wubi

Evan reported that Agostino Russo is likely to apply for an exception for a Wubi rewrite in Python rather than NSIS (NSIS has been the source of several problems in the past). The rewrite is not yet complete, so there is nothing to decide here yet.

Milestoned/targeted bugs

No milestoned bugs belonging to the foundations team (though we discussed bug 262539 briefly).

Targeted bugs:

  • bug 247376 (fglrx update, blocked on upstream)

  • bug 261847 (openjdk; Matthias was working on gcc first but has local builds running)

  • bug 206191 (firefox background image; intending to let this bubble down from upstream)

  • bug 185311 (still some xcb locking concerns; Bryce will look again, but believes that the Java update took care of most of these; upstream xcb rearchitecting work not likely to happen in the near term)

  • bug 224469 (apparently fixed in intrepid but the bug was carried over by mistake; Chris will update status)

Sponsorship queue

Alexander: has done some, list currently zero except for swfdec (feature freeze exception needed) Colin: usbutils, ichthux-default-settings, cobex, showfsck, anacron, mplayer Evan: no time this week with feature freeze Steve: not yet this week due to holiday; intending to work on (or postpone to intrepid+1) linux-wlan-ng


Alexander expressed a concern that the new approach to activity reports is not an improvement; he would prefer to read what people did last week before the meeting. While he appreciates the summaries, he thinks that getting colleagues' reports before the meeting allows the team to discuss things while they are still fresh.

Lars noted that more mandatory mail to be read is unlikely to be successful in communicating things, so any list for this needs to be opt-in. Colin suggested distro-activity and agreed to take this up with other teams.

Activity reports

Alexander Sack

  • implement two prototypes for firefox branding-split and led community discussions on this topic.
  • Also, a new firefox security release round began:
  • prepare and upload firefox 3.0.2 and xulrunner (build 3) to intrepid (firefox in bin-NEW due to branding package issues)
  • implement and test fixes for nspluginwrapper 1.1.0 issues
  • due to the above points i didnt make enough progress on the UI polish for the multi-plugin manager in ubufox; this means that ubufox will go up after alpha-5
  • some network-manager bug triaging
  • finishing and uploaded packaging for mobile broadband wizard and broadband provider database.
  • getting google-chrome code and finding a windows machine to test.

Arne Goetje

  • testing and fixing language-selector
  • uploaded language-selector into the archive
  • merged and uploaded ttf-indic-fonts
  • fake sync for ttf-sil-scheherazade
  • day off on Friday (ICOS conference)
  • cleaning up my bug mail folders
  • chat with jtv about how to implement translation statistic submission to LP
  • tested fontforge in intrepid and found that it's completely broken... Sad :(

  • responding to bug reports

Bryce Harrington


  • xorg-input-hotplug: DONE. Finished up docs + testing. Yay!
  • mouse-extra-buttons: DONE.
  • xorg-options-editor: DEPLOYMENT. All code is complete, tested, integrated, and uploaded. Just waiting on MIRs for x-kit and screen-resolution-extra to go through, then this will be DONE. (Verbage of dialogs might receive some polish.) http://bryceharrington.org/ubuntu/ScreenRes/screens-3.png

  • xorg-ctrl-alt-backspace: POSTPONED to intrepid+1. Still too many disagreements about how this should be handled.
  • x-testing-infrastructure: Not FF critical, but some progress. 3 of 7 tasks done.
  • Xorg apport hooks: DONE. Now to see how well it works in the wild...
  • Redo bulletproof-x to not depend on displayconfig-gtk: IN PROGRESS. Simple, but needs FFe. Code is tested/reviewed and committed to git, and can be uploaded today.

Other development:

  • AMD/ATI is late on delivering a -fglrx that works with xserver 1.5, so we currently DO NOT have a working fglrx for Intrepid. Investigated issue, but no clear solution exists, except possibly SRUing the working one post-release. (LP: #247376)
  • Reviewed all -ati bugs. Upstreamed all reports that are good enough for upstreaming (not many unfortunately).
  • Implemented a quirk system for -ati to address AGPMode incompatibilities. This is a pretty large class of bugs for -ati which result in severe hangs on 3D activity, suspend/resume, or even just boot. The issues are very HW specific and believed due to incompatibilities between the gfx card and motherboard's host bridge. With airlied's direction I coded up a quirk system that allows us to override AGPMode settings for specific HW combos. Should let us close as fixed a dozen or more -ati bugs.
  • Usual sync requests, sponsorings, bug work/triage, meetings, etc.

Chris Cheney

  • US National Holiday - Sept 1
  • Working on repackaging OpenOffice.org 3.0 with split build.

  • OpenOffice.org bug triage.

To do:

  • RC1 date for OOo 3.0 is pushed back, maybe to later this week(?)

It is looking very unlikely that OOo 3.0 final will be ready in time to sufficiently test for Intrepid release. It is almost certain that it won't be ready in time for Beta Freeze now. There is still no new OOo 3.0 RC1 release date set at the the moment, but they are hoping to release later this week. However, even that isn't finalized yet. And there are still a lot of new stopper bugs being found.

The split build still has a lot of bugs in it that I am finding and fixing as I go along so for a parallel install it might be best to use a monolithic 3.0 release. I have checked in my work so far for the debs for the split build into bzr and have made quite a few commits fixing things up in ooo-build directly.

Evan Dandrea

  • Spent most of my time fixing outstanding issues in the USB image creator. Uploaded and filed a FFe.
  • Committed core code for dvd-performance-hacks.
  • Uploaded a new version of Ubiquity.
  • Brief discussion with Agostino over the status of Wubi. He's going to finish up his work on the new version and then request a FFe. Failing that, we'll apply bug fixes to the old version and save his work on the new version for the next cycle.

James Westby

Distributed Development:

  • Upload of bzr-builddeb 2.0 to Intrepid, thanks Colin.
  • Testing, bug fixing and coding for bzr-builddeb to prepare a release before beta freeze that fixes some important bugs. You can see the list of targeted bugs at https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr-builddeb/+milestone/2.0.1. Most won't take much work to fix.

  • Discussions with various people and on the mailing list about plans.


  • lvm2 and devmapper sponsored, thanks to Luke.
  • bzr 1.6 and associated packages synced or in the queue, thanks to Jelmer and Jordan.
  • Catching up on bug triage after Feature Freeze.

Lars Wirzenius

  • python-fstab and system-cleaner updates and development, upload to REVU.

Matthias Klose

Off last week; catching up on e-mail and gcc now.

Steve Langasek

short week; national holiday on Monday, vacation day on Tuesday

Release management:

  • New queue processing for FF
  • sync request processing for FF
  • preparations for alpha-5
  • release meeting


  • upload libpam-ck-connector with integration for pam-config-framework, to help get intrepid-device-permissions in place before FeatureFreeze

  • pam-config-framework: upload libpam-ldap with support for pam-auth-update, and upload ldap-auth-config to match


  • sponsor merge of linux-wlan-ng (bug #192772)
  • merge Debian fix for a freetype crasher bug

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