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  • Outstanding actions from last meeting
    • Chris to upload openoffice.org3 to the ~openoffice-pkgs PPA without Sun branding (pending an agreement)
    • Alexander to write mobile broadband MIRs
  • Any business from activity reports
    • PulseAudio version for Intrepid

    • dmraid feedback
    • system-cleaner feedback
  • Milestoned bugs

  • Targeted bugs

  • Good news
  • AOB

Outstanding actions from last meeting

  • Chris to upload openoffice.org3 to the ~openoffice-pkgs PPA without Sun branding (pending an agreement)
    • Delayed by Hurricane Ike. Chris is clearing enough space on his laptop for both 2.4.1 and 3.0 builds, but reports that it should be done by the next meeting.
  • Alexander to write mobile broadband MIRs
    • In progress, in parallel with Firefox security update work.

Actions from this meeting

  • Chris to upload openoffice.org3 to the ~openoffice-pkgs PPA (carried over)
  • Alexander to write mobile broadband MIRs (carried over)

PulseAudio version for Intrepid

Luke mentioned that we may end up sticking with PulseAudio 0.9.10 for Intrepid; Colin had previously understood that we needed at least 0.9.11 to match current ALSA. Luke clarified that 0.9.11 is only necessary if we were to use libcanberra's pulseaudio output support for event sounds in GNOME, but we can simply use its ALSA backend which will be directed through pulseaudio when running.

The main remaining issues are the following, which Luke expects to have ready in a few days:

  • settling on a good set of values to make sure pulseaudio performs OK with different applications, other than gstreamer/native pulse applications, as there is a push to send all ALSA applications through pulseaudio when running pulseaudio and GNOME
  • modifying ubuntu-sounds to contain ogg files and metadata for libcanberra
  • a few outstanding GNOME library changes to make sure libcanberra is working properly

Assuming we ship PulseAudio 0.9.12 or greater in Jaunty, libcanberra can then use it directly, which will give us positioned sounds (i.e. the sound event can be positioned between left and right speakers according to the position on screen of the widget triggering them).

dmraid feedback

Colin asked about test feedback on dmraid. Luke's dmraid changes have been committed to d-i upstream, with a few improvements which he will be merging back into our packages. There has not been much test feedback yet.

system-cleaner feedback

There have been a couple of bug reports, but light feedback so far.

Milestoned bugs

  • Bug 267682: Hotkeys no longer working in Intrepid on Thinkpads

    • Still in progress, believed to be an acpi-support issue, although there was some scepticism since acpid should still be sending the events to its socket. Bryce is going to dig into acpi-support anyway since fixing the acpi-support/pm-utils duplication needs to be on the next UDS agenda.

Good news

Bryce has been doing a lot of hardware testing recently, and has noted that many issues have been fixed with the 2.6.27 kernel and latest X.

None of Lars' hardware has physically broken this week. Smile :-)

Luke and Jordi Mallach from Debian have been working on merging the Ubuntu ALSA delta, and may be able to sync at least some ALSA bits for Jaunty.

Chris' home area is down to only 33% power outage following the hurricane.

Colin mentioned the new Totem BBC plugin (though it's mostly audio-only so far).


Arne asked about FOSSCamp attendance: this is on Colin's to-do list.

Evan asked for the policy on packages coming from Debian where the maintainer decided not to use a patch system: the policy is to follow the same maintenance practices and just apply the patch directly.

Activity reports

Alexander Sack


  • dealing with noise surrounding the mozilla EULA.
  • mozilla security discussion; coordinating backports for late coming patches with distros, doing test build; next: upload beta bits to QA channels.
  • NM uploads: 0.7~~svn20080908t183521+eni0-0ubuntu1 (new upstream) and 0.7~~svn20080908t183521+eni0-0ubuntu2
  • mozillateam meeting on sunday (minutes still pending).


  • network-manager bug triaging: i went through all "confirmed" bugs and tried to triage as many new and incomplete bugs as possible
  • discussing final bits for v.250 PROBE code and apply patch to NM package; get those out to PPA for testing
  • getting broadband wizard out to the PPA too; unfortunately MIRs missing. That's next!
  • fix "network-manager always crashes on resume" (#269755); this was a regression introduced by the tiny patch we previously had for "network-manager crashes when unplugging devices" (#259503) - the new patch is more complex, but does the right thing. Next: submit upstream.
  • more discussion about NM patches with upstream; forwarding and getting more patches applied upstream.

Sponsoring Bugs:

Arne Goetje

  • working on new fontforge package
  • discussions with jtv and pitti about translation import queue handling
  • bug fix for langpack-o-matic to enable locale compilation for Esperanto (eo) when building the lang packs (LP: #156913)
  • research for flight options for UDS
  • reading lots of documentation in order to find solutions for multiple open font handling issues
  • answering several bug reports

Bryce Harrington

Testing / Bug Work:

  • Radeon HD3670 gradient banding issue - Based on upstream hints, worked on a patch to fix dithering for this hardware. Hope to have it finished this week.
  • 267682 - Hotkeys not working on thinkpads. Spent a couple days analyzing it; maybe a kernel issue? Isolated other issues in report as 269619 and 269951; believe them to be unrelated issues.
  • Weekly sponsor queue work: 86473, 269965, 271042


  • 9/12 Mini-sprint downtown. Worked with Slangasek on troubleshooting hotkey bug 267682.

Chris Cheney


  • Hurricane Ike evacuation
  • OpenOffice.org Release Status meeting

  • Resolved issue over branding for OOo 3.0
  • Preparing openoffice.org 1:2.4.1-9ubuntu1
  • Preparing openoffice.org 1:3.0.0~rc1-1ubuntu1

To do:

  • openoffice.org 1:3.0.0~rc2 is scheduled for Sep 22
  • openoffice.org 1:3.0.0 is scheduled for Sep 30

Evan Dandrea

  • More work on usb-installer. 0.1.3 is in universe.
  • Still waiting to hear back on the MIR for it.
  • Heard back from mpt on the UI review and rewrote much of the UI to accommodate his suggestions. The UI also automatically updates to reflect the latest information (space available, etc) and warns the user if the disk can never be used (if it's smaller than the source media) or requires more free space or needs to be formatted.
  • Filed an UI Freeze Exception request for the above. Approved and uploaded.
  • Fixed most of the outstanding usb-installer bugs.
  • Had a discussion with the author of liveusb (probono) over the weekend regarding the possibility of cherry picking code and ideas from his project. I sent a post to ubuntu-devel regarding the one point of contention from this discussion but have not received any responses.
  • Started looking into an old bug that re-emerged when Colin tried the latest version of usb-installer. I cannot reproduce it yet, but I've fixed some other issues along the way (the finished dialog disappears behind other windows, the backend didn't stop listening for events).
  • Took care of an eject sponsorship, but I haven't uploaded it yet as I'm not sure what the policy is regarding packages without patch systems (coming from Debian). Do we continue to not use them?

James Westby

Distributed Development:

  • Produced a screencast giving an overview of how some tasks work when using bzr.
  • One more known bug targeted for Intrepid. I'll tackle that tonight and apply for the FFe when it is done.
  • Spoke briefly with Nicolas about how bzr could benefit the OEM Services team. They have lots of "branches" of the same code, and so it could be a big win. I agreed to investigate further and provide Nicolas with an overview of how things could work for them to consider.


  • Applied to be a MOTU, thanks to all those that helped me get this far.
  • Brought in several fixes from the RC bugs list.
  • Pulled in a fix for a long-standing bug in consolekit 0.2 that had caused a large number of duplicates to pile up.
  • Looked for objections to removing apt-listbugs from the archive until it can do something more useful for Ubuntu users.

Lars Wirzenius

  • system-cleaner and python-fstab into NEW (still there)
  • studied Heapy

Luke Yelavich


  • Tested the live CD accessibility profiles, and found that profiles that loaded orca, and altered orca settings for the user were broken. Uploaded a new casper revision to address the issue.
  • General GNOME desktop accessibility testing discovered that the logout/shutdown dialogs are not accessible. Since the dialogs in Ubuntu are not yet final, further testing for the final Ubuntu decision cannot be made, however upstream has been notified of these dialogs being inaccessible.
  • Requested for a feature freeze exception for a new minor update release of espeak, to fix some phoneme issues.


  • Continued to receive bug reports from users relating to the testing of pulseaudio 0.9.11/0.9.12, many of which are regressions in behavior, but are issues that need to be solved in Alsa, however even latest alsa git doesn't yet solve the issue.
  • Through my own testing, discovered that PulseAudio won't work with my USB sound card, due to some odd behavior in alsa, again not fixed in git. I'll take this upstream to the alsa developers, however this issue, as well as another person having issues moving streams between cards has almost convinced me to stick with 0.9.10 for intrepid, plus a few patches to fix a few known issues, which other distros seem to have addressed.

  • Dug around to discover why event sounds are not functional in intrepid. Turns out that a freedesktop sound theme needs to be available for event sounds, and the event sounds page in gnome-sound-properties is disabled, unless this theme is present. Debian doesn't appear to have this packaged, so in order to solve this for intrepid, I'll package the freedesktop theme along with ubuntu-sounds, then split it out for jaunty.
  • Through the use of libcanberra for event sounds, we can now use ogg files. I hope to make a batch of uploads as soon as possible to fix up the packaging of libcanberra and a few pieces of gnome infrastructure to make everything work. I'll then adjust ubuntu-sounds to build ogg files of the original wav files, thereby reducing the package's size considerably.
  • Since users want pulseaudio enabled by default for all applications when running under GNOME, I'm looking into what I think is a couple of different ways to allow alsa applications to use pulseaudio when pulseaudio is running, thereby ensuring users of XFCE/KDE don't use pulseaudio if they don't want to.


  • Worked with the debian dmraid maintainer, as well as a couple of people involved with debian-installer to get my dmraid work merged into Debian. Seems they would like to get this in place for Lenny, which is nice. They've improved on a few of my changes, so I intend to merge these with the changes in Ubuntu, and upload.
  • Helped the Debian dmraid maintainer resolve some bugs that have been filed against the debian package, particularly since my changes from Ubuntu were merged. One particular bug involved a patch I originally took from mandriva. At this point, we may have to revert it, as it breaks some intel software raid code, and prevents users from bringing up sed arrays.


  • Involved with some big discussions relating to Ubuntu Studio and what we hope to achieve for this release.
  • Got closer to working out why ardour FTBFS, in terms of whether it FTBFS consistently in one place. Scons seems to die whenever the build gets to the file copy stage. At this point, I'm willing to get scons to build the binaries only, and get the debian packaging to copy the files. Anything to get a working package at this point.
  • No general sponsoring, since audio and dmraid are taking up a lot of my time. I hope I can find time this week, however due to the amount of work needed to get audio and dmraid working to the point where I'll be satisfied, I can't guarantee anything.

Matthias Klose

  • updated the IcedTea6 "upstream" repository to the b12 code drop, built b12 openjdk-6 and cacao-oj6 packages, fastjar fixes.

  • prepared updates for hardy-proposed: gnat-4.2, gdj-4.2, glibc, fastjar.
  • toolchain updates for intrepid
  • python2.5 update (not yet clear when 2.5.3 will be released).
  • uploaded python3.0 and python3-defaults to intrepid.
  • more toolchain related bug triage.
  • updated and initially packaged build dependencies for gcc-snapshot first gcc-snapshot uploads using the graphite features. http://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/Graphite

To do:

  • currently openjdk emits java byte code for version 1.6, which cannot be used on older vms. Needs to be fixed for the release. Not yet sure how:
    • let openjdk emit byte code by default for 1.4 (might be difficult) or 1.5. upstream doesn't like the idea.
    • modify the packages to explicitely pass a -target 1.4 when calling the java compiler. this might work better. many packages are built using the cdbs ant task, so this could be implemented centrally. Having to walk over the other packages. Input is welcome.

Steve Langasek

Release management:

  • release meeting
  • preparations for alpha-6
    • NBS, uninstallable list processing
    • kubuntu-meta reupload to drop landscape-client, still uninstallable due to pending update-motd MIR
    • ISO iteration


  • identify fix for an NM crasher bug when using system-level connection secrets (LP: #269010)
  • update pam to support a simpler, clearer format for config profiles, and pull in other high-priority bugfixes from Debian.
  • work with Koon on fix for #262264 for alpha-6; now if likewise-open didn't restart dbus on every join (#222224), testing might've been a lot less painful and gone faster


  • get pam-config-framework cleaned up and submit for review


  • expense reporting for London Sprint & DebConf

  • Monday archive duties


  • Didn't manage to get this in this week prior to the milestone freeze; will do a double-round after alpha-6

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