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  • Feature approval deadline
  • Welcome Gary Lasker to the Foundations team for this cycle, rotating from Canonical OEM Services
  • AOB

Actions from this meeting

  • Colin to see if -Wa,-mimplicit-it=thumb fixes qt4-x11 problems on armel, and if not punt to mobile team / #ubuntu-arm

Feature approval deadline

  • Outstanding drafts / work items (all present promised to get these done):
    • foundations-lucid-daily-builds (James)
    • foundations-lucid-distributed-development (James)
    • foundations-lucid-fix-iscsi-root (Colin)
    • foundations-lucid-multiarch-support (Steve)
    • foundations-lucid-puppet-installer (Mathiaz, server team)
    • foundations-lucid-ratings-and-reviews-in-software-center (Michael)
    • foundations-lucid-robust-python-packaging (Michael)
    • foundations-lucid-upstart-policy (Scott)
    • foundations-lucid-upstart-server-review (Scott)
    • foundations-lucid-user-contributed-metadata-for-software-center (Michael)
  • Michael says that MPT wants to have a software-center-ui-changes specification; this needs to be ready by tomorrow (and we will need help from other teams to get it done)


  • qt4-x11 fails to build on armel and blocks the rest of KDE (ScottK); -Wa,-mimplicit-it=thumb may help, Colin will test

Activity reports

Colin Watson

Short week (post-UDS holiday).

  • Wrote up performance review.
  • Drafted specs: foundations-lucid-uec-installer-enhancement,
    • foundations-lucid-ubiquity-partitioner-optimisation, foundations-lucid-btrfs-support, foundations-lucid-oem-dvd-iso, foundations-lucid-gfxboot-update, foundations-lucid-reliable-device-id-in-grub
  • Initial work on foundations-lucid-gfxboot-update.
  • Initial work on foundations-lucid-uec-installer-enhancement.
  • Merged lp:~cjwatson/eucalyptus/question-ordering.
  • Fixed eucalyptus #458904 (when installing a node, euca_find_cluster
    • fails to locate the cluster controller if instances are running) the new and preferred way.
  • Dealt with most of the emacs22 -> emacs23 transition.

Evan Dandrea

  • On Holiday

James Westby

  • On Holiday

Loïc Minier


  • Not much done this week; was a bit sick and jetlagged after UDS and
    • was on leave for 2 days (Thursday and Friday)

Matthias Klose

  • On Holiday

Michael Vogt


  • trying to reproduce irritating battery dialog in auto-launch mode
    • (no success)
  • add inline restart required dialog


  • spec update
  • sub-categories discussion with mpt
  • phonecall with mpt
  • Software-center: review and471 branch
  • Software-center: spec importance ordering


  • Foundations-lucid-restart-required-dialog:
    • initial work
    • plus mail design team for input
  • Foundations-lucid-supported-timeframe-information:
    • - work on script suitable for cron.germinate - push lp:~mvo/ubuntu-maintenance-check/python-port
  • Adding work items to specs
  • Spec writing (lots)


  • write spec
  • added action items
  • start on implementation at lp:~mvo/+junk/lp-changelogs-crawler
  • add workaround for the getPublishedSources() limitations (#487522)
  • work with gary/leonadrdr on debugging #487522


  • discussion with julianK on moving to cmake
  • work with donkult on some apt pinning semantics


  • Merge pbuilder, libpciaccess (sync), tuxtype (sync),
    • notification-daemon


  • Merge/review/upload compiz-nowrapper branch
  • Review/sponsor app-install-data-parner for karmic (brian)


  • Update-notifier: upload new version, remove auto-open of reboot
    • required dialog
  • Review update-notifier patch from pitti
  • Compiz: review no_wrapper branch and send comment to amaranth
  • admin stuff (expenses, holiday etc)
  • App-install-data-partner: merge from brian, fix some issues, branch
    • karmic, update lucid branch
  • Work on computer-janitor, fix some bugs, upload new version
  • Mail IS ticket about changelogs.ubuntu.com
  • Write gconf python tool that can diff user settings vs schema
    • defaults (for compiz)
  • Compiz: look at session registration problem (with amaranth)

Scott James Remnant

  • Caught up on expenses
  • Boot Performance:
    • Set up the two Dell Mini 10v netbooks at home to do daily
      • bootcharts and installer testing
    • Updated BIOS of both and got Wake-On-LAN working to make the
      • process completely automated
    • Wrote server-side bits to download CD images, update TFTP and NFS
      • roots, and wake up the computers in turn to do test installs
    • Wrote server-side bits to collect bootcharts and installer logs,
      • make some HTML out of them and boot time progress graphs, and publish on rookery
  • libnih:
    • Since this is now in use by multiple pieces of software, finally
      • took the step of declaring the current API as a stable one and turned it into a separate package of its own that things dynamically link to rather than including in their own source trees
    • Allocator alignment fix for SPARC
    • Updated the suppressions files to work with the latest valgrind,
      • and fixed a few test case leaks in the process
    • Uploaded to lucid and cowboyed through NEW and into main Wink ;-)

      • (the code already entirely exists in main three times <g>)

  • ureadahead:
    • Ported to external libnih
    • Updated packaging to dh 7 now I've learned that
    • Fixed apport hook installation
    • Uploaded to lucid and cowboyed through NEW and into main Wink ;-)

      • (it's already in karmic-updates after all <g>)

    • Committed change to the platform seed
      • (requires meta update and upload, didn't do one as there hasn't
        • been one for lucid yet)
    • Removed old sreadahead source from the archive Once the new meta package has been uploaded, I can drop the transitional binary package for sreadahead
  • mountall:
    • Ported to external libnih
    • Updated packaging to dh 7 now I've learned that
    • Uploaded to lucid (this includes rcS fix that I should prepare a
      • karmic-proposed upload for)
  • gdm:
    • Been tracking a failure to start gdm, especially on HDD machines,
      • which I think is caused by races with udev device creation - a more precise "start on" line seems to fix it for me. Will analyse gdm and Xorg to make sure I've got it right and upload (may be worthy of karmic-proposed upload too)
  • bootchart:
    • Removed bootchart-java from the archive. It doesn't work in lucid
      • anyway, and the whole world is moving to prefer the Python one
    • Updated the python bootchart (pybootchartgui) to SVN trunk, fixes a
      • lot of bugs
    • Updated bootchart packaging to only recommend pybootchartgui, and
      • to Breaks bootchart-java
    • Implemented cropping and annotation in pybootchartgui
      • (this gets used by the daily bootcharts stuff)
    • Updated bootchart package to automatically crop Ubuntu bootcharts
      • to avoid the "extra 45s" complaint
    • Uploaded updated packages to lucid There's an effort upstream to merge an improved version of our C-based collector with the Python chart generation into a single

      "bootchart" package: http://github.com/mmeeks/bootchart We'll likely adopt this at some point, once I've had a chance to play with the taskstats-based collector and see if it works.

Steve Langasek

one week UDS; one week vacation

Release management

  • continue with lucid archive opening: merges/updates of bsdmainutils,

lintian, emacs-goodies-el, devscripts, cdrom-detect, choose-mirror, iso-scan, debian-installer-utils, netcfg

  • SRU processing


  • merges/syncs for lucid: jquery, bsd-mailx, cln, db4.6, egenix-mx-base
  • fix hdparm to not call hdparm -f for every drive at boot time, slowing

down boot for no reason

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