The Ubuntu-ie LoCo is a group of active and diverse individuals who strive to promote Ubuntu here in Ireland. We like to meet up and share our knowledge and promote Ubuntu wherever possible by attending events and organising our own.

Key Details


This group is for anyone in the Republic of Ireland who uses or is interested in all flavours of Ubuntu, whether it's Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu or any other variation. This group caters for people of all technical abilities from the person who has never heard of linux or Ubuntu to a kernel developer.

  • LUG Awareness - Ensuring that Ubuntu complements and enhances local Linux User Groups.
  • Continuing Face to face meets up, i.e PotD
  • Continuing IRC Meetings
  • Using other forms of communication i.e mailing list to gain access to an audience who may not use IRC
  • Community Integration - Helping new users to understand what they can achieve and offer within
  • More events to educate and demonstrate Ubuntu and Oss to new audiences and also getting existing technical people contributing.
  • Increase activity in Irish Translations, face to face translation jam
  • Continuing presence at Irish events, such as Ossbarcamp, Software Freedom Day and other open source events in Ireland


  • Ubuntu-ie members have ownership of certain tasks and responsibilities within the team. (Chairing meetings, website administration, event reports etc.) We're aiming at some task/responsibilities rotation within the team, so everyone can have a go and try something new (chairing a meeting, put together and send out meeting minutes and actions etc.).
  • Regular Ubuntu-IE IRC Meetings IrishTeam/IRCMeetings, good communication via the mailing list and use of the IRC channel and the Ubuntu-ie Site

  • Ran the Drop in Centre, where folks could pop in and ask questions, also a place to hang out. We did have to close up shop as interest dwindled. Also our space got reorganised. Photos

  • Monthly face to face meet ups, called POTD (Pints of the Day) which happens on the 1st Thursday of the month in Dublin, in the Longstone pub. Ompaul runs a geeky quiz each month and gives a prize. This is done in conjunction with the ILUG (Irish Linux User Group).

  • Software Freedom Day September 2008 was a great success. We ran a day with some talks and demonstrations of installs of Ubuntu, and also had members from ILUG and the Open Street Mapping showing off their areas and gaining interest.

  • We've had a number of release parties, Hardy, Intrepid, and Jaunty. People who were not at the event came up asking us about Ubuntu. We were showing them the system on our machines and giving them CDs and information on how to contact us. Our numbers grew from just a few people to around 30 people coming along. Our Release parties ranged from going just to the pub to going for a sit down dinner with new people and burning CDs afterwards in the pub for anyone who was looking for the latest release.

  • Global BugJam Ireland like so many teams around the world, the Irish Team held its first one this year. We were fortunate to use DIT and a good turn, we had different levels of participation from normal bug triaging to learning how bug tracking works to writing patches to fix bugs. The day ran successfully partially due to us running a trial day two weeks prior to the main event.

  • OSSBarcamp A member of the Ubuntu-ie LoCo organised this event(March 2009), however we had a number of participants taking part in the day, giving talks,helping run the day. There were specific talks on Community by Luis de Bethencourt and also a talk by Maciej Danielski on the Ubuntu-ie LoCo.

  • Geeknic Irish Geeks left the server room and laptops behind and took to the green pastures of the park. Members came along and relaxed over cakes and sandwiches. It was a great day with about 26 people turning up.


They fly the Ubuntu flag rather well! They are active, and would most likely be able to achieve more with if their position were that of official loco status. Regards, Paul O'Malley (ompaul)

Ubuntu Members

The following Ubuntu Members are active in the Irish LoCo team:

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