Welcome to the Kernel Triage Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), part of the overall Kernel/FAQ! The aim of this page is to provide an list of common questions that we get. We encourage you to update this document when something is missing so it becomes a core source of information for the project. Each question has its own page which are listed on the Kernel/FAQEdit page, which also contains guidance on editing the FAQ.

What is Bug Triage?

Bug Triage is the process of vetting incoming bugs to ensure they have all the information they need to be worked on. See Kernel/BugTriage/Process for details on the process itself, see Kernel/BugTriage for pointers on triaging.

What is meant by Triage Levels?

We refer to the increasingly detailed and technical reviews of incoming bugs as Triage Levels, currently there are three triage levels. More details can be found at Kernel/TriageLevels.

Where can I find Triager resources and documentation?

We maintain a wiki of triager resources to share across the team and the community in the kernel team wiki in the Triage section, Kernel/BugTriage.

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