Each question in the FAQ is its own wiki page. This allows us to use the wiki page aggregation operations to automatically generate the various section FAQs and the top level FAQ from the exact same question source. Each question should be categorised into one of these main sections:

  • Help -- prominant questions on how to get help from somewhere
  • General -- general questions which do not have a specific section
  • Tweek -- questions on how to tweak and configure your kernel
  • Testing -- questions about how to test or other testing subjects
  • Debugging -- questions pertinant to debugging kernel issues
  • Triage -- questions about triaging kernel bugs
  • Dev -- all developer related questions

If you think a new section is needed, remember it needs to be added to the main FAQ page as well.

Page Naming

When you make a new question create a new page in Kernel/FAQ/<section><shortname>. So for example a question about the mainline builds and how they could be used for debugging might be named Kernel/FAQ/DebuggingMainlineBuilds. You should use <section>000<shortname> for questions which belong at the top of a section.

Page Format

Each question should contain a level two == ...? == heading which is formed as a simply worded question. The overall contents should be limited to a paragraph, perhaps two, if the contents is more complex it probabally warrents its own page which should have a simple pointer in the FAQ.


Some questions are also directly linked to and those linkages should be recorded below.

Needed Questions

Existing Questions

  1. Kernel/FAQ/Debugging000Resources
  2. Kernel/FAQ/DebuggingMainlineBuild
  3. Kernel/FAQ/DebuggingMainlineBuildsSeries
  4. Kernel/FAQ/DebuggingMainlineBuildsSupport
  5. Kernel/FAQ/DebuggingMainlineBuildsUbuntuDrivers
  6. Kernel/FAQ/DevBuildMrProper
  7. Kernel/FAQ/DevDeveloperResources
  8. Kernel/FAQ/DevFlavours000WhatIs
  9. Kernel/FAQ/DevFlavoursHow
  10. Kernel/FAQ/DevFlavoursTransitions
  11. Kernel/FAQ/DevFlavoursWhere
  12. Kernel/FAQ/DevHowToPatch
  13. Kernel/FAQ/DevHugePackages
  14. Kernel/FAQ/DevKernelBugs
  15. Kernel/FAQ/DevKernelSource
  16. Kernel/FAQ/DevMetaPkgs
  17. Kernel/FAQ/DevTopicBranches
  18. Kernel/FAQ/DevUsingGit
  19. Kernel/FAQ/DevWhyNoFeatureX
  20. Kernel/FAQ/DevWhyNoPatchX
  21. Kernel/FAQ/GeneralFindingDocumentation
  22. Kernel/FAQ/GeneralFindingTeam
  23. Kernel/FAQ/GeneralGettingInvolved
  24. Kernel/FAQ/GeneralHandbooks
  25. Kernel/FAQ/GeneralHelpWith
  26. Kernel/FAQ/GeneralHowIsABugsSeriesDetermined
  27. Kernel/FAQ/GeneralHowToFileABug
  28. Kernel/FAQ/GeneralLTSEnablementStack
  29. Kernel/FAQ/GeneralMailingList
  30. Kernel/FAQ/GeneralPatchFixCommitted
  31. Kernel/FAQ/GeneralPatchHandling
  32. Kernel/FAQ/GeneralSupportedReleases
  33. Kernel/FAQ/GeneralUbuntuDelta
  34. Kernel/FAQ/GeneralVersionMeaning
  35. Kernel/FAQ/GeneralVersionRunning
  36. Kernel/FAQ/GeneralVersionToMainline
  37. Kernel/FAQ/GeneralVersionToRelease
  38. Kernel/FAQ/GeneralWeeklyMeetings
  39. Kernel/FAQ/GeneralWhyBugMarkedWontFix
  40. Kernel/FAQ/HelpDebuggingScenarios
  41. Kernel/FAQ/HelpKernel
  42. Kernel/FAQ/HelpUbuntu
  43. Kernel/FAQ/KernelFlavourDifferences
  44. Kernel/FAQ/MaintainerUploadAnnouncements
  45. Kernel/FAQ/TestingCallsForTesting
  46. Kernel/FAQ/Triage000WhatIsTriage
  47. Kernel/FAQ/TriageTriageLevels
  48. Kernel/FAQ/TriageTriageResources
  49. Kernel/FAQ/TweekKernelBootParameters
  50. Kernel/FAQ/UbuntuDelta

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