Ubuntu Learning Materials Project

Project Leader: Martin Owens,

Project Outline

The Ubuntu Learning Materials project is attempting to make professional and free as in speech education course materials surrounding Ubuntu.

As such, the project's goal is to make it easier for organizations and users to adopt Ubuntu and reduce the current attrition rate for new users through better awareness and community education. We intend to do this by working with existing teams to supply them with the materials they need to teach courses effectively and concisely.

We have recognized a need in the community for consolidated training that is easy to find, and can be marketed collectively by the community and teams conducting training to any users seeking training.

All materials are released under a Creative Commons license, CC:BY-SA

Joining the Team

This team is for people who are interested in actively contributing to the project and have signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

If you are interested, simply introduce yourself on our IRC channel (#ubuntu-learning on or Mailing List.

Course Sectors

We are currently writing in five distinct sections:






NOTE: A launchpad account is required to register for the wiki to be able to add your suggestions

We are planning on two kinds of materials for a given course. The first is a set of materials which closely follow the lesson topics, including challanges, further information and so on, this is the standard course materials that will be conducted by a trainer. The second part is background materials, information about topics which people will need to understand in order to grasp what they are going to be doing in a lesson.

A quick description of how we layout courses can be found here: CourseLayout

For an example course, see: Ubuntu System Admin Class: Command Line Basics

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