Do you have an interesting LoCo Story to tell? If you have organized an event, performed some work/advocacy in your local community, have built some resources, performed meetings or installfests, please tell us about it by adding it to the proposed stories section and we'll write a LoCo Story about it. Alternatively, you can email David (david(dot)planella(at)ubuntu(dot)com). Do remember to send a picture to accompany the story!


The purpose of this page is for planning and writing bi-weekly LoCo stories to be published on the Fridge. LoCo stories should highlight the good work our LoCos are doing. The story can be any one of a number of things, but we should really focus on achievements, such as:

  • Events, parties and suchlike.
  • Good work going on with packaging, translations and more.
  • Local successes such as roll-outs, installations, charity work etc.

Gathering stories

The LoCo community will need to be reached out to get content for the stories.

Plan of action:

  • Set up a recurring calendar appointment to solicit and gather content:
    • Ask around
    • Post to loco-contacts
    • Ask in #ubuntu-locoteams
    • Put a link at the bottom of each story so people can send their own stories
    • Look for events in each team's wiki

Incoming Stories

Ubuntu Tunisia in the Software Freedom Day 2009

Ubuntu Catalan Team's Jaunty Jackalope Release Party

Proposed Stories

Your LoCo Story

  • Contact:

  • Comments:

  • Sources and picture:

    • ...
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Previous Stories

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