Ubuntu LoCo Docs ToDo List

  • Joey - Idea From LoudMouthMan: How to use the Fridge and other sources to release press releases? Free Advertising. Greater penetration if news requires translation into local language.

    • Joey- We need to create this in the FAQs with a link to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge. What's missing is not how to submit. What's missing is the reason why you as a LoCo would want to use the fridge and what it can do for you. (e.g. setup meetings, local press releases, etc.)

  • Joey - Need to create docs on how to secure corporate sponsorship and then make use of the sponsors. This should go in LoCoTeamKnowledgeBase under "Running a Team". Not all sponsorships deal with money so it's not appropriate in LoCoTeamDealingWithMoney

  • Joey - How to localize material? How to pair with LanguageTeamCoordination and/or CountryTeams? This item is not a doc so much as a method with two specs associated with it. This is good meeting discussion material but probably should be lead by the community manager.

  • Joey - Running a non-English Ubuntu LoCo website - why, how, what to ensure you do, translation of Ubuntu material, etc. Probably should be added to LoCoCreatingWebsite

  • effie-jayx - Interacting with other LoCo Teams. This section could point ideas on making sure teams share their experience and their efforts when advocating ubuntu. Ideas on sharing news and announcement duties for common interest information. Sharing meeting for ideas, etc. This info should complemental to LoCoWorkingWithOtherGroups.


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