Work is ongoing on the LoCo Team Portal. Discussed at original at UDS Mountain View called LoCo Directory. It's going to solve a lot of today's problems and make collaboration much much easier.


Get Started

  1. bzr branch lp:loco-team-portal

  2. cd loco-team-portal; less INSTALL

    • Note: If you are doing development on 12.04 you will need to replace python2.6 references to python2.7 in the Makefile

  3. Review our release process.

  4. General development tips and tricks.

Bug Importance

  • Critical: Security or major feature not working

  • High: Other functionality failure or new implementation deemed necessary

  • Medium: Sub-optimal functionality bug or usability improvements

  • Low: Trivial problems, such as typo's, poor wording or layout optimizations

  • Wishlist: New features or functionality that is desirable but not necessary

Current Roadmap

Precise Blueprint

Work Items (as of 11/16/2011)

  • [nigelbabu] Investigate OpenStreetMap for all of Ubuntu community as well as LTP: TODO

  • [cprofitt] Contact Richard Weait of Open Street Map about integrating with loco.directory: DONE
  • [cprofitt] contact bdmurray about map script that puts flags on map: DONE
  • [txwikinger] Investigate OpenStreetMap for all of Ubuntu community as well as LTP: TODO

  • [czajkowski] Open a dialog with OSM higher-ups: TODO
  • [loco-directory-dev] Create style guide and code cleanup for compliance: TODO
  • [loco-directory-dev] List of teams grouped by language in addition to continent: TODO
  • [loco-directory-dev] photos on the LoCo Team Portal frontpage or some page: TODO

  • [loco-directory-dev] Read-write API for LD: TODO
  • [loco-directory-dev] Add AskUbuntu badges next to user names in LTP (talk to marcoceppi): TODO

  • [daker] Open up the user profiles for users to edit and publish the information: TODO
  • [loco-directory-dev] Announce the LoCo Team Portal updates on twitter/facebook: TODO

  • [mhall119] Use formatted text in agenda descriptions: TODO
  • [mhall119] Investigate and choose reStructuredText, Creole, or Django templates for dynamic pages (markdown is preferred): TODO
  • [loco-directory-dev] Change the twitter stream to be live updates: TODO
  • [loco-directory-dev] Mootbot to interface with LD: TODO
  • [chrisjohnston] Discuss with design team about improving front page of LTP: TODO
  • [chrisjohnston] Make the map dismissable (or maybe just smaller?)( This is waiting on someone to do the code the replacement stuff): TODO
  • [nigelbabu] Wiki page for new developers that describes the project and steps for getting started: TODO
  • [mhall119] Polish bootstrapping process: TODO
  • [mhall119] With czajkowski, get with IS about getting the emailing functionality working: INPROGRESS
  • [chrisjohnston] Add event recaps: INPROGRESS
  • [loco-directory-dev] Add event image URL: TODO
  • [loco-directory-dev] Replace event id in URL with datetime stamp + name slug: TODO
  • [loco-directory-dev] Create a flag for LC members to mark a team as a language team: TODO
  • [loco-directory-dev] Code out a separate area on the teams page for language teams: TODO
  • [loco-directory-dev] Remove physical events from language teams: TODO
  • [loco-directory-dev] Add the ability for a language team to be a part of a physical event: TODO

Previous Releases

0.1 release

In its 0.1 release we plan to replace the "big list of loco teams" and make administration of that list a lot easier.

Working features

  • Log in via Launchpad OpenID.
  • Overview of teams
  • Detailed view of team data.
  • Click Update button, will check if you're admin of that team.
  • admin overview.


Branch: https://code.launchpad.net/loco-directory/trunk

  1. (./) make ./loco_directory/teams/forms.py work (used within ./loco_directory/templates/teams/team_update.html). It currently explodes when you try to change data. (Efrain)

  2. (./) Ask teams to join ~locoteams (Nick and Efrain)

  3. (./) Add functionality for ~loco-council change of loco contacts, etc. (Daniel)

  4. (./) Add functionality to pull team information to Launchpad. (Daniel)

  5. Make sure that all approved teams end up in ~approved-locoteams (Nick and Efrain)
  6. (./) New view "upcoming re-approvals". (Daniel)

  7. (./) Take care of translations. (Daniel)

  8. (./) Code cleanup and general beautification. (all)

  9. (./) Import Launchpad team owner and team admins (Daniel)

  10. (./) Really let lpupdate script update information (Daniel)


  1. Offer STATEful file. (Daniel)

0.2 release

TODO 0.2

Branch: https://code.launchpad.net/loco-directory/trunk Events blueprint https://blueprints.launchpad.net/loco-directory/+spec/loco-directory-event-registration

  1. Add Venues from within the TeamEvent form.

  2. Offer previous venues in the TeamEvent form.

  3. Arrange so Only Horsemen can add Global Events?
  4. Arrange so only Admins can add Team Events?
  5. On Team Details offer, last 5 events organized by the team
  6. On Event Details page, offer 5 random registered attendees (link to launchpad page) as teaser, full list available at a click distance.
  7. On Events main page offer the last 5 registered by the LoCo team Community

  8. On Event Details page, offer last 5 post in microblogging services (identi.ca, twitter)
  9. On Event Details page, pull 5 random pictures from a web album in picasa, flickr etc.


  1. Sexy Map. (Ubuntu-Drupal, Chris)

Branch: lp:ubuntu-drupal-locomap
Branch: lp:~christophe.sauthier/loco-directory/0.2-map


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