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Thursday, December 6th 2012, 16:00 UTC

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Ubuntu MOTU Meeting, 7th of September 2005

Present at the meeting were: DanielHolbach, OliverGrawert, StephanHermann, BarrydeFreese, AndrewMitchell, StefanPotyra, LoicPefferkorn SebastianDröge


  1. Status of Transitions
  2. Malone bug policies
    • We discussed MOTU/Bugs/MaloneUsage

    • In summary - when working on a bug, universe bugs are assigned to 'MOTU', bug status is set to 'Accepted', with a comment.
    • The other main issue is handling of bugs in 'main'
      • < ogra> so until malone is for main too, i'd propose to close them with a predefined note

      • The submitter will be notified by this close notice to submit their bug in bugzilla if it still exists
      • We plan to discuss this issue on the ubuntu-devel mailing list
  3. Malone Bug Love Day
    • This is going to be a day (or 48 hours, as usual) in #ubuntu-bugs, where we make a concerted effort to help users file bugs, and to close bugs that are on Malone.
    • The Bug Love Day is scheduled on Saturday 17th September, for all timezones.
    • We will announce this on the mailing lists & call for people to help out where they can.

  4. Rotating of time for meeting
    • Meeting times will alternate between Wednesday 22:00 UTC & Thursday 12:00 UTC

  5. Next meeting is 22nd September, 12:00 UTC

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