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When: Thursday June 21, 2007 1800UTC

Where: #ubuntu-meeting on the Freenode Network


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Items we will be discussing:





Mozilla Testing Team


This was deferred from the last meeting where gnomefreak & asac were to discuss the 'policies/responsibilities involved in membership'.



I would like a couple of people to add forums to their jobs, I will go through the process im thinking about (this could be the start of a wider testing base).

Posting to Forums, opening bug report on this

Mozilla Team


If possible i would like to either accept or decline the proposed memberships Proposed Members

Cleaned out proposed and inactive members)

Mozilla Team Wiki


We need to Clean up and work on wiki pages. Example: add intro about marking dupes, begginer triaging, ect..

Jen to start beginner page

Plugins/Extension Gutsy Day


We need to test extensions/plugins in archive as well as popular extensions/plugins distributed by third parties (e.g. like allpeers et al.) to get an idea about what works and what doesn't work ... and if we can do something about those that don't work

Deferred until asac talks to Heno

Reviewing Tag/States


Tag/States have been extended. Review Documentation

(The decision field is to be filled during meeting as a note for the actual minutes which will be written at a later date.)

Please feel free to add more items to the agenda for the next meeting. We will discuss them in turn when it arrives.

Member candidates for consideration

Please prepare your wikipage well before the meeting, so we can read it beforehand. Come well prepared, otherwise the meetings will take too much time.


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Wiki Page

Launchpad Profile

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