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About me

I am a retired soldier and long time Debian user. My first experiences with Debian dates back to 1997, when I decided to switch from Slackware to Debian for the purpose of hosting a Palace Chat server.

During that time frame I was the network administrator for a .mil network in Germany and ran the help desk for a 300 seat network located in 4 separate physical locations.

Ubuntu community involvement

Goals for my involvement in the Ubuntu community

My goals in the Ubuntu Community revolve around helping new users thrive. The transition from Windows to Ubuntu can be bewildering and dumbfounding to many.

By improving the documentation and providing friendly and educational support on the Ubuntu Community Forums (UCF), I hope to make the switch to Ubuntu easier and less stressful for new users.

My current goals are:

  • Become a contributing member of the Documentation Team
    • Become a Ubuntu Documentation Committer
  • Learn about packaging and contribute in some fashion to Masters of the Universe (MOTU) Team
  • Continue to provide friendly and educational support on the UCF
  • Contribute to the current development release of Ubuntu through testing and bug reporting


My contributions by category.

Forum Community

Local Community

  • Having recently moved to Oklahoma, I have joined the Oklahoma Loco and am looking forward to helping spread Ubuntu in southwest Oklahoma.

IRC Channels

  • I participate in IRC regularly on irc.freenode.net as Old_Soldier
    • #ubuntuforums
    • #ubuntuforums-beginners
    • #ubuntuforums-unanswered
    • #ubuntu-doc
    • #ubuntu-bugs
    • #ubuntu-us-ok

Launchpad Involvement

Ubuntu Documentation

Ubuntu Development

Wiki Pages


  • I am glad to have had the honor of working with Charles Davis in the Beginners Team. Charles is always willing to help new and experiences users with any problem they might be experiencing both on the forums and in IRC. He always follows the Code of Conduct, and he has my full support for Ubuntu membership. Keep up the good work Charles. Nathan Handler

  • I've known Charles for a long time, ever since he joined the Beginners Team, I feel he's done a terrific job in helping new users, and giving some good advice (technical or otherwise) when people need it. I support his application 100% - Joe Barker

  • It has been a pleasure to get to know Charles Davis (Old_Soldier) on the Beginners Team. Charles has brings experience and wisdom to the projects he works on and works well as a team member. He is both popular and respected by his peers on the Beginner Team and has become quite active with the Ubuntu Community. He has my full support in his application for membership and I expect nothing but greatness from him. Bodhi_Zazen

  • Working with Chuck on the Ubuntu Forums through Beginners Team has been a pleasure. He has proven himself to be dedicated, sincere, and very professional. He has also made extra effort to expand his reach beyond the forums by helping with Ubuntu Documentation, which has been a great help to the community. I strongly support his application for Ubuntu Membership. Connor Imes

  • Charles is a recent addition to our forum staff, but a long time contributor to the community. He has always been polite, helpful, a team player, and an excellent representative of all we would hope for in a member of our community. Approve him immediately. Matthew Helmke

  • As a member of the Ubuntu Forums Staff, I find Charles to be one of the most level headed and helpful people around. I hope that his application to become an Ubuntu Member is approved as he is a great representative of the community. Shaun Dennie

  • Charles has been a student with the Documentation Team for a couple of months now and his input has been considerable. He has adapted to our workflow quickly and contributed several patches (although committed under my name, his name is in the comments). He is keen and has displayed that he can work within a team while being able to step back when necessery. If membership is something he is interested in then I support him fully. DougieRichardson


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