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May I say you hello, I am Sai Mawn Kham. I am Buddhist, Original Buddhist. I am Shan race in Myanmar (Burma). I am not only a teacher but also an author. I love to teach about IT and write about IT in my native language, Shan. Our Shan people was lack of improve in Education. I am trying to be a good Teacher, best distributor of Education for my people around The Shan State in Myanmar. So I find the ways to help my people in a couple of years. Especially I want to share about IT to my Shan people a lot and a lot. Coz all we are live in IT environment, IT age. We can't stand without Computer Technology. We needs it indeed. Coz the kinds of Buddha I met kokoye2007 in May but I have known him online long time ago. However, I have just met him face to face in May, 2011. The place, where we met was the border of Myanmar in Muse, Shan State. In November, 2011 he advised me to establish Ubuntu Shan LoCo Team as they have Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo team. Tail that time I don't know well what is Ubuntu? Why should we try?. After that he explained me all the purpose and activities that they are made. So then I found the way to carry my people to the best way we should walk with. Since then I founded Ubuntu Shan LoCo Team . With the born of Ubuntu Shan LoCo Team I travelled all around The Shan State in Myanmar. I have done many of Ubuntu Hours, Introduction with Ubuntu and other activities for Ubuntu communities. And I wrote "The Perfect Desktop - Ubuntu 12.04" && "Ubuntu Beginner Guide" in my native language, Shan. I have to build Shan Localisation Team to localised Ubuntu in my native language, Shan. Its a great dream not only for me but also for my people. So that I planned to share and distribute more about Ubuntu to my people.

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Online Activities

My activit├ęs photo with Ubuntu Shan LoCo Team

Localization in Launchpad

Screen Shoot of Localized by Me

Ubuntu Guide and Manual written by Me

Ubuntu Ubuntu Beginner's Guide in Shan Language

Ubuntu The Perfect Desktop - Ubuntu 12.04 in Shan Language

Year 2013


5th & 6th January, 2013

Contributor with Ubuntu Myanmar and Shan LoCo Team at BarCamp Lashio


5th & 6th January, 2013

Contributor with Ubuntu Myanmar and Shan LoCo Team at BarCamp Lashio


10th January, 2013

Ubuntu Class in SIIT Mobile Education trip at Mong Nai - Shan State, Myanmar


17th January, 2013

Ubuntu Class in SIIT Mobile Education trip at Mauk Mai - Shan State, Myanmar


24th January, 2013

Ubuntu Class in SIIT Mobile Education trip at Lang Kur - Shan State, Myanmar


1st February , 2013

Ubuntu Class in SIIT Mobile Education trip at Mong Pan - Shan State, Myanmar


23rd February , 2013

Ubuntu Class in SIIT Mobile Education trip at Tachileik - Shan State, Myanmar


4th March , 2013

Ubuntu Class in SIIT Mobile Education trip at KeyinTong - Shan State, Myanmar


15th March , 2013

Ubuntu Class in SIIT Mobile Education trip at KarLi - Shan State, Myanmar


26th March , 2013

Ubuntu Touch at Taunggyi - Shan State, Myanmar


4th May , 2013

Mandalay Ubuntu Intermediate Class

Year 2012


20th March, 2012

Lashio Ubuntu Hour (3rd UH) Organised by Ubuntu Shan LoCo Team


20th August, 2012

Mandalay Ubuntu Hour Organised by Ubuntu Shan LoCo Team at SIIT Head office


24th August, 2012

Ubuntu Hour Lashio KMD Computer Center and Lashio Computer University (UCSL)

Year 2011


18th November, 2011

I founded Ubuntu Shan LoCo Team


22nd November, 2011

Ubuntu Hour in Namkham - Shan State, Myanmar, 1st Ubuntu Hour in Shan State


20th December, 2011

Ubuntu Hour in TangYan - Shan State, Myanmar, 2nd Ubuntu Hour in Shan State

Regular Class for Ubuntu

I planned to open regular class for ubuntu at SIIT, Shan Institute of Information Technology in Mandalay, Myanmar. We founded SIIT at November 2010 and it is the first and the large Computer Association for Shan people who live in around the world. If my plan is ok I will extend that regular class to all regional branch of SIIT.

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Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team Core Member. Who is advocated by ubuntu-mm team member.

(./) Ubuntu Event/Class Organizer
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(./) Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team Supporter

Who is Core Member of Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team. Likewise, administrator of Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team and supporting the Ubuntu LoCo Teams' Facebook groups and LoCo Teams' movement.

Who is advocate Open-Source and Ubuntu whenever possible. For ease of use, I publish the customize DVD to whom who need it and I publish the Ubuntu Live CDs and ISOs as much as I can. I am also doing the favour for who doesn't know the Ubuntu and hasn't discovered Ubuntu by giving the Ubuntu Live CDs.

We Support
(OK) Barcamp Yangon
(OK) Barcamp Mandalay
(OK) Barcamp Lashio
(OK) Barcamp Loikaw


LoCo Event

Event Physical and Web Chat

Where and When Barcamp at daily most popular topic is "I Love U Ubuntu " and "Work with U Ubuntu "

you can find our Event Photos at here

University Computer Student [City]

  • (./) UCSM - M = Mandalay 1 and 2
    (./) UCSL - L = Lashio UCSL and GTU
    (./) UCSM - M = Monywar GTU

Ubuntu Introducing and Install Fest have done!

Event Photos

you can find me there.

Ubuntu-MM Team Activity Photo


It's example. more interview is can see Press and News Media.

We can't success without this person

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Future Goals

  • To become a good organiser.
  • To become a good leader.
  • To become a good distributor.
  • To become a good teacher.
  • To become a good author

It's for Ubuntu,

It's for Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team.

It's for Ubuntu Shan LoCo Team.

It's for Ubuntu Shan L10n Team.


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.

He is the most active, hardworking and energetic person of Ubuntu Shan LoCo Team. His Shan localization on Ubuntu is one of well known achievements for their race. I do believe he is one of the best person for our community. BTW - He's also a great teacher. Naing Ye Minn

He is our lovely brother who contributes Ubuntu all over Shan State and the most active leader in Shan localization .He represents shan state ICT development in Myanmar .I totally support him to become a Ubuntu Member .Htut Myat

He's a great teacher. He's the most active and hardworking guy in Ubuntu Shan LoCo Team and Shan localization team. He loves to test Ubuntu, teach and share his knowledge for all. When we heard the name, SaiMawnKham, we all know who he is and where he is from. Lu Gyi Min

Shan State represented team leader. Hardworking for shan people. Love sharing knowledge. One of the respected man in my life.Saw Khaing

he's great man for our Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Teams.One of friendly like man. HeinHtet

Great ! Best Contributor in our Country ! Shan LoCo Team Leader ! Big Fan with Him Chit Ko Ko Win

Ko SMK is great. He help his best to my native state. I support him pyaesone

Really really good guy. He is one of Ubuntu Shan LoCo Team Admin and real good in teaching.Also have good attitude for education development for remote area of our country.He is always non profit teacher First I ever known. We were work together for Shan state free education trip and we known each other well.We can rely on him for sure about non profit education system.In my country, we need such a guy for Education Development.I wish I would like to follow his foot step for education development. Keep it Bro , I will follow your way for Education. thohi

who is sai mawn kham? Shan Localization Leader and LoCo Team Founder, when you show Shan State at IT / Barcamp and Ubuntu Event ? you can find Mr.SaiMawnKham in Organizer Team . we can't success ubuntu event without Mr.Sai Mawm Kham. he is teaching, learning, sharing, writing, planing and etc,.. not only Ubuntu Shan LoCo Team Leader. Lead to shan people, shan traditional, shan it & technology improve, we support Sir Sai Mawn Kham. Ko Ko Ye

Bro Sai Maw Kham. He is the one who I admire. He is also the founder and leader of "Shan Ubuntu LoCo Team" I always gaze him when he contribute the Ubuntu in Shan State. He is the man who I wondering what he has done for "Shan" Ubuntu users. He is the best in contribution of Ubuntu in Upper Myanmar. He do should belong to be the Ubuntu Myanmar. Ethan Kurt

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