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Hello! It's me, Ethan Kurt, I am the Core Member of Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team. I'm Buddhist and proud to be Buddhism.
I live in Yangon Myanmar (Previously called Rangoon, Burma).
I Love Ubuntu and Traveling with My Team Our Team
for sharing the knowledge of Ubuntu. I've done participating in Barcamp Yangon, Barcamp Mandalay, Barcamp Pathein, Barcamp Loikaw and Barcamp Lashio to share the Ubuntu Customization DVDs, How to Ubuntu and Ubuntu Localization.
I like to travel around the Myanmar and doing localization. I hate to contribute by being working in front of the computer because I am sure that is not effective localization. In our country, most of people doesn't know what is Ubuntu. They don't even know what is the Linux and how much powerful it is. So, if we do want to localize the Ubuntu in Myanmar, we must go directly to them and share what is Ubuntu, how to use it, which are the advantages of its, how to use it, how much powerful it is and so on. This is the reason why we are travelling around the Myanmar and doing localization.
I am still continue to participating with the Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team as a Core Member for Localization.

I am doing Ubuntu localization because I love Ubuntu.
Because of Ubuntu, I am clear what is the real freedom.
Because of Ubuntu, I love the Open Source.
Because of Ubuntu, I've got totally nice experience which I never had with Windows.
Because of Ubuntu, I know what is team working.
Because of Ubuntu, I definitely understand what is Humanity.
Because of Ubuntu, ... ... ... ... .....
Thank you and Love you Ubuntu ......

Currently, I am working at IT Company as a IT Manager and I am sharing the Ubuntu knowledge to my co-worker and customer whenever I've got a chance. Likewise, I am the Ubuntu instructor and technical supporter of Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC).

I have played around with Linux since 2008. Initially, I was a Fedora user and I changed to Ubuntu on 8.04. Once I changed into Ubuntu user, I will always be the Ubuntu user because Ubuntu is very powerful and more comfortable for me. Currently I have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installed on both of my computers, as well as a couple of virtual computers that are mainly used for networking and programming. I am the power user of Linux Operation System. I am using the Ubuntu for not only Desktop edition but also Server edition. Currently, I am preparing the Getting Start with Ubuntu 12.10 User Guide in Myanmar. I am also trying to develop the Myanmar Keyboard and English to Myanmar - Myanmar to English Dictionary for Ubuntu Touch. I am the Cisco Certified and studying the LPIC and RHCSA. I can contribute the Ubuntu very well and I am not just like the translation guys. Most of the localize Myanmar translators are using the Microsoft Windows (Pirate) and they don't even know how to install the Ubuntu OS. Anytime you can check my activities and compare with the other. I am not doing the localization by sitting in front of the PC without doing any activities and never participating with the team.

In Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team, I, Ethan, is helping out with the Ubuntu Myanmar Facebook group and Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team's Movement. No matter what I am the Ubuntu Member or not, I will continue to localize and contribute the Ubuntu. Most of my time have been passing by contributing the Ubuntu. So, I just want to be acknowledged. Thank you for your consideration and your time spend on me.

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I Love Ubuntu

Smile :) + Big Grin :) = Ubuntu


Ubuntu 2013 Ubuntu

  • IMCS (Computer Training) - Ubuntu Basic Calss A and B

In this event, I am acting as an Ubuntu Instructor with Ko Ko Ye and Chit Ko Ko Win. I have no photo for this event because the training class is not finished yet! I will take a photo with the student as soon as the class has finished. I am really happy to be the instructor of Ubuntu because the students are keen interested in Ubuntu and what we share to them.

  • Ubuntu Introduction at University of Computer Studies, Thaton

I was participating this event with Ko Ko Ye, Chit Ko Ko Win and Hein Htet. In this event, I've gain the energy and I was very happy because the Principle of that University is the very interested in Ubuntu and he is welcoming to make this event. He also requested us to make this Ubuntu event again.

I was just participating for two days (the middle) in this event because I have so many duties and responsibilities for my job. So, you can't find me in that photo which shown on the link because that photo was taking the last day of the training class. Whatever, I've got so much experience in this class. All of the students are passed the CCNA exam and they are very nice to share the knowledge and their absorbing skill is totally nice. We are planing to make the event like this again.

  • Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail Release Party

For this event, I was helping out the customization the DVD to ease of use to Myanmar Ubuntu Users.

Jouni Helminen, Lead Designer of Ubuntu Touch was participating with us to make this event. In this event, so many people was attending the event and most of them are keen interested in Ubuntu Touch. Currently, I am trying to develop the English-Myanmar Dictionary and Myanmar Keyboard for Ubuntu touch. I do hoping that Ubuntu touch will replace the Android and IOS.

This event is like the Introduction the Ubuntu Touch One more special things is that the Shan LoCo Team is participating with us. Actually, whenever we are making the Ubuntu event at Upper Myanmar, shan loco team is helping us out. Thank you Shan LoCo team leader Sai Mawn Kham from here.

I was upset for this event because there is only a few people has participated in this event. There was only a few people because so many Barcamp has came and most of the people are already tired off with those Barcamp and they couldn't participate. I am hoping they will participate in next year.

In this eXpo, we were sharing what is Ubuntu and how useful is it for you life style. Ubuntu was so hot in this eXpo also!!! We all have been busy by explain about the Ubuntu and install the Ubuntu OS for new comer.

Always got the pleasure in every year because of Mandalay people. They are fun, energetic and kind people. I was the Ubuntu Corner helper in this event. In this event, we share a lot of Customize DVD and sticker. The major thing what we share was the Knowledge of Ubuntu.

This is the special year! The most popular topics of Barcamp Yangon 2013 are I LOVE Ubuntu and Myanmar Unicode Problem. We've got the Ubuntu corner at very nice location and you can see in here, we are the most popular counter among in the others. I was acting the Ubuntu Corner helper in this event!!!

In this event, we introduce the Ubuntu, what is launchpad, what is single-sign-on, how to sign the COC and how to make the bug report.

In this event, I was the Ubuntu Corner Helper and Photographer for event record. I LOVE Ubuntu was the hot topic in that Barcamp also.

Ubuntu 2012 Ubuntu

In this event, so many people has attended and we were share our knowledge very well. I was participating as the instructor and photographer for event record.

We are just introducing the New Feature of 12.10 and install for him who want to install

In this event, we are introducing the 12.04 and sharing the customize DVDs, ISO. We are also making the Bootable thumb drive for them.

In this event, we've just share about our Ubuntu knowledge each other. The funny thing is that we were karaoke at night in this event. I was so happy in this event.

We introduce the Ubuntu, sharing the customize DVDs and ebooks. This is the remembrance trip because it was my very first time to get the Lashio (Northern Shan State)

This event is like the above event. In this event, we introduce the Ubuntu, sharing the customize DVDs and ebooks. I am so excited when I know that they are interested in Ubuntu {OK}

Our main focus for this event is introduced the new feature of Ubuntu 12.04 and sharing our customization DVDs which are stamped in Singapore and have very nice quality. We still sharing those DVDs. In this event, Mandalay Ubuntu LoCo Team was participated with us.

This event is very remembrance event. We can so-called Ubuntu Intermediate Event because we made this event start from 10:00 to 19:30. So crowded people and there was no space even for stand. Very nice event ever! Like the Barcamp. Me, Ko Ko Ye, Chit Ko Ko Win, Hein Htet and other members had participated.

I was not in the event photo because I took that photo for recorded. Whatever, very nice event. In this event, we introduce the android TV also.

This barcamp made 3 days and I've got a lot experience in that barcamp. I was be an Ubuntu Counter helper in this event.

In this event, so many people has participated and we were sharing the knowledge of Ubuntu each other. We made it two days and this global jam was the remembrance event ever! Shan LoCo Team's Leader was also participated in this event. We made it together and we were using Ubuntu together.

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Who is Core Member of Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team. Likewise, administrator of Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team and supporting the Ubuntu LoCo Teams' Facebook groups and LoCo Teams' movement.

Who is advocate Open-Source and Ubuntu whenever possible. For ease of use, I publish the customize DVD to whom who need it and I publish the Ubuntu Live CDs and ISOs as much as I can. I am also doing the favour for who doesn't know the Ubuntu and hasn't discovered Ubuntu by giving the Ubuntu Live CDs.

We Support
(OK) Barcamp Yangon
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LoCo Event

Event Physical and Web Chat

Where and When Barcamp at daily most popular topic is "I Love U Ubuntu " and "Work with U Ubuntu "

you can find our Event Photos at here

University Computer Student [City]

  • (./) UCSM - M = Mandalay 1 and 2
    (./) UCSL - L = Lashio UCSL and GTU
    (./) UCSM - M = Monywar GTU

Ubuntu Introducing and Install Fest have done!

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you can find me there.

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We can't success without this person

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Life Goals

I want to study more in programming, bug fixing and applying patches. I hope to be an Ubuntu developer also.

I have been using Linux since 2007~8, as well as I have a big knowledge in Linux.

I am an active member and Leader of my native loco team (Ubuntu-mm) and Ubuntu-Shan team.

Future Goal

Studying Python well.

Become an Ubuntu member.

Develop some Python applications.

Help my team become an re-approved LoCo team and approve Shan LoCo Team.

Because I am proud of Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team and Burmese, Shan Translation Team

Share to our community Fix bugs and apply patches.

Become an Ubuntu developer.

Become a MOTU.

Become Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team with Ubuntu Member / Ubuntu Developer.


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Ko Ethan is a very active Core Member from Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team .He is the best in Networking and has alot of knowledge about Linux ,Ubuntu and other computer technology .He share everything he knows to us ,let us know what he found update techs , and explain to us .So he is the best in sharing technology and that's why essential for our Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team .I support him to become a Ubuntu Member ,globally .
Htut Myat

Ko Ethan, the smartest man in LoCo Team who is Love to sharing, fixing bugs, testing every new version. He's moving around with LoCo Team for distribution and knowledge sharing of Ubuntu.Oh! i forgot he is also a lecture.I support him to be a membership of Ubuntu.
Saw Khaing

Ko Ethan,this guy is network, mobile network and digital data security professional. also learn ubuntu and sharing in ubuntu myanmar loco team. ubuntu-mm full time volunteer and teacher, where at IT event and Ubuntu Event? he support whenever. we support him to be a ubuntu offical member.
Ko Ko Ye

Ethan was admin in network, mobile network and digital data security professional. Also learn Ubuntu linux networking , java programming ,python and vim after that sharing in Local community. supported in ubuntu-mm full time volunteer and teacher, where at IT events and Ubuntu Events? he support whenever. we go together and contribute Ubuntu .He prepare for LPI exam and I support him to become a Ubuntu offical member.

work more than me in Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team. (y). He has more knowledge in Networking and Server. I support him!

Ethan, he is a smart guy. Work with Ubuntu. He learn Ubuntu and sharing his Knowledge to Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team and Ubuntu Shan LoCo Team. Reason I admire him is when he share his knowledge to his audience, he is ever smile, speak gently with the face of kindness. He is not only contribute with Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team but also with Ubuntu Shan LoCo Team. He came with Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team and share his knowledge in our Shan State. He love our race. We love him too. We can't stand without his help. So I hope to walk with him as an Ubuntu Member officially. I love Ubuntu, He love Ubuntu. So I love him like Ubuntu.
Sai Mawn Kham

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