A New Hope

I remember vaguely the first time I made contact with Free Software. One of my friends was studying Physics, and he worked with computers that seemed to be part of a Stanley Kubrik film. He knew a OS that could be installed in any PC. I was shocked, I just kew of one OS, and did not believe it coud be another one. I recall installing things in text mode, trying to bring up a graphical interface and hoping everything worked properly. I just don't know why, but I sometimes remember a red hat when I think about it. It was sometime between '98 or '99. And after that, a black hole of about six years. And I bought a magazine that was giving Ubuntu 5.10 for free. I started trying some distros like Suse, Mandriva, Fedora, Knoppix. Since then I always used a dual boot-up, and most of the time Ubuntu was conquering its half part of the territory. Until last spring, that I erased the dual-boot and installed Ubuntu 8.04... and everything worked finely.

The Ubuntu Community

The inflection point took place on April '09. One of my colleagues from univesity was offering a phone interview at one radio show. DavidPlanella explained that he was going to start to work for Canonical. Also GiorgioGrappa, one the most known members of the CatalanTeam, talked about the next Jaunty Jackalope Release Party in Terrassa. So, that really shocked me. And I thought: "What the hell are you doing? You are aware of free software since long ago, and what have you done to improve it? Nothing at all. You have to do something else. Anything that, although being tiny and unnoticeable, is really in your hands". And that's how I got started in the Ubuntu Community.

Little tiny milestones accomplished

With the Catalan Loco Team

With Ubuntu Catalan Translators

My next steps

  • Find new places to make introductory speeches to FLOSS, create install parties when and where there's an opportunity, cooperate with the CatalanTeam, keep on translating common packages into catalan so that non-technical users find Ubuntu a friendly OS...

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