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UbotuTN is an IRC bot for the Ubuntu Tennessee Team's IRC channel on Freenode. It is developed on top of the rbot, http://ruby-rbot.org/ , irc bot framework.

Currently ubotuTN features:

  • a factoid database that is up to date with the original ubotu. See http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi

  • an Ubuntu bug searching plugin
  • a package searching plugin
  • a Ubuntu Tennessee member lookup plugin
  • many other third-party plugins to rbot

Using Factoids

UbotuTN is a (somewhat) intelligent IRC bot. The idea behind ubotuTN is that it remembers answers to commonly asked questions and that users of #ubuntu-us-tn can easily recall them when needed.

Using ubotuTN is simple. To ask ubotuTN to recall an answer, simply type in #ubuntu-us-tn:


Replace <factoid> with the actual factoid you want to recall. If ubotuTN doesn't currently have the factoid, it will reply by telling you it doesn't know it.

Another way to use ubotuTN is to ask ubotuTN to tell someone else about a factoid. You can accomplish this by typing:

!tell <nick> about <factoid>

Just replace <nick> with the nickname of the person you wish to tell about <factoid>. Replace <factoid> with the factoid you wish to use.

You can also suggest new factoids to ubotuTN:

!keyword set <factoid> is <fact>

or, if an incorrect factoid has been added, make ubotuTN delete it:

!keyword forget <factoid>

Replace <factoid> with the name of the factoid that should be deleted.

If you just want to search the bot or lookup factoids for yourself, you should send the commands to the bot privately:

/msg ubottu <factoid>?

It will then reply to you in a private message. Please use this to keep channel traffic to a minimum.

UbotuTN will also respond in private messages. You don't need to use the '!' in commands sent in private messages. He will also answer when addressed by his nickname in the channel, like this:

ubotuTN, tell binarymutant about java
ubotuTN: tell infocop411 about mp3
ubotuTN tell wrst about ati

If you are looking for a specific factoid but cannot remember which one, you can search the factoid database by factoid name or fact:

!keyword search <string>

You can browse the factoids online at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi

Searching bugs

Using a very complicated regex, UbotuTN understands bugs from Ubuntu. It can reply to text like:

!bug 123
!lp 1337
!launchpad 36789
  • It will reply with a short summary of the bug and its status. If you know of a bugtracker that should be added to its brain, you can poke UbotuTN maintainer in #ubuntu-us-tn.

Searching packages

UbotuTN can search available packages in the Ubuntu repositories.

!package charm
!packages libwww-delicious-ruby karmic
!pkg lxsplit dapper
  • It will reply with a direct url to the available package.

Looking up an Ubuntu Tennessee member

It is possible to lookup an Ubuntu Tennessee member using:

!where galant14b
  • UbotuTN replies any information about the nick supplied by Tennessee Team's member list on the wiki.

It is also possible to search the member list for other information:

!where Knoxville
!where Ubuntu

Important: The !where plugin is case sensitive.

Finding help and other plugins

Feel free to view the in chat help system UbotuTN uses. It is easily accessible at any time by typing:

/msg ubotuTN help
  • You can find many other plugins that ship with rbot by searching through the help files.

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