Session Notes

= Increasing community contributions in LP Translations development =

 * LP focus is upstream integration
 * Any other feature requests will not be serviced by LP team due to lack of time
 * We want those interested in new features to develop them!
 * Only one contribution from an upstream project maintainer

== Problems ==

 * Community starting from zero
 * Most translators are not technical and can't develop
 * There are some technical translators who could help
 * Some developers complain but don't know they can help
 * Getting LP up and running is not as easy
 * There are people who might be interested in starting to develop, but don't know how to start

== What is there already ==

 * #launchpad-dev on FreeNode, launchpad-dev mailing list on
 * syndicated into

== Actions ==

 * get a list of trivial bugs ( (Danilo)
 * added information to about developing Launchpad itself, can be elaborated
 * get a better reference/sample database (like staging)
 * fix a bug / add a new feature (not something big) and then make a BIG announcement and encourage new developers. Let them know that this can be done ... and it is not that hard
  * UWN, Fridge, Full Circle Magazine, Ubuntu User - David to contact Amber on getting the word out
 * Idea: develop a simple "hello world" app, even a screencast people can start on

 * ACTION: Adi/Danilo to install and then add last-updated column into +templates page
           Do a write up of how it went, and what it involved.


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