This page documents a standard process for assessing new contributors to moderated translation teams. It is intended to be used as a guideline and adapted to each team's workflow.

Assessing new members

  • The new member should be subscribed to the team's mailing list
  • The new member must have done a sustained contribution in translation:
    • He/she is familiar with the team's translation guidelines and has provided translation suggestions up to the standards.
    • He/she is familiar with the team's workflow, including
      • Assignment of translations
      • Review process
  • The translations must be done according to the standard defined for the language (i.e. the "neutral" variant should be used instead of dialects).
  • Membership is given for a limited period of time (1 year is recommended), after which the members can renew their membership

Other suggestions

  • New team members might be asked to sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.
  • Sustained contribution can be assessed either by:
    • A given minimum of translations Karma (e.g. 500)
    • A given minimum period of activity (e.g. 1 month)
  • In bigger teams, the new member's application might be subject to vote


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