Ubuntu browser start page translations

This page describes the way we handle translations for the Ubuntu browser start page.


  • Translators:

  • Maintainers:

    • Translations are automatically committed daily on the translations branch (lp:ubuntu-start-page/trunk-l10n)

    • In order to create the translated HTML pages from the sources, you'll have to:
      1. bzr merge lp:ubuntu-start-page/trunk-l10n

      2. WORK IN PROGRESS: ./build/

      3. WORK IN PROGRESS: You might need to rename the Turkish and Polish translations' extensions to .tu and .po respectively. Otherwise the server thinks they are troff and perl files and will not serve them properly.

      4. Upload the translated files to the server



You can browse the source code for the development focus branch or get a copy of the branch using the command:

  • bzr branch lp:ubuntu-start-page

If you see any bugs and you'd like to contribute fixing them, please create your own branch from trunk.


Any bugs related to the Ubuntu browser start page are tracked in Lauchpad.

Feel free to report any problems you might find.

Community testing

Current, unreleased translations are available for testing here. If you want to request an update for your language, please do so on the translators mailing list


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