To adapt/merge/synchronize a Launchpad translation to be included upstream it is first required to download the translation from Launchpad. In this guide we will refer to the Launchpad exported translation as LAUNCHPAD.po.

It is also required to have the current upstream translation. In this guide we will refer to current upstream translation as UPSTREAM.po.

To adapt the Launchpad translations you will update the LAUNCHPAD.po translation using UPSTREAM.po as template.

Using PoEdit

  • Open LAUNCHPAD.po in PoEdit.

  • From the menu choose: Catalogue -> Update from POT file...

  • From the file open dialog, chose the file filter from GNU Gettext template(*.pot) to All files(*.*)
  • Choose the UPSTREAM.po file and click Open
  • Poedit will inform you about the translations that were synchronized
  • Solve fuzzy or untranslated messages
  • Save the new file. We will call this new file LAUNCHPAD_SYNC.po
  • Open LAUNCHPAD_SYNC.po using a simple text editor and delete any Launchpad, PoEdit or Virtaal headers

Using Virtaal

  • From Virtaal, open the LAUNCHPAD.po and update it using UPSTREAM.po, from File -> Update to Template.

  • The rest is similar with PoEdit procedure.

Using command line


You will need to fix fuzzy messages and complete untranslated messages.


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