Following UDS and meeting discussions, during the Karmic cycle we've started using the Ubuntu Translations project as a central place to report and manage translation bugs. This has the benefits of providing:

  • A central location to have an overview and keep track of all Ubuntu/Kubuntu translation bugs
  • A container for Ubuntu bugs which in the past had wrongly been filed against Launchpad Translations
  • The possibility for those interested in contributing to fixing translation-related bugs to subscribe to bug mail and get notified of new bugs


If you want to contribute fixing translation bugs in Ubuntu, or you simply want to be notified about them, you can subscribe to Ubuntu Translations bugmail


The recommended procedure for filing translation bugs related to Ubuntu is the following:

  • CHECKLIST: make sure that the bug falls roughly in one of the following example categories:

    • A string from an application is not available for translation in Launchpad Translations
    • An application from the Ubuntu main repository is not available for translation in Launchpad Translations
    • A translation made in Launchpad Translations is not updated in the Ubuntu language packs
    • A source package has the wrong (or an inconsistent) translation domain
    • You find a duplicate template
    • A template/translation is no longer used in Ubuntu and should be deleted from the distro page in Launchpad Translations
    • Errors in spellcheckers or language support
  • FILING THE BUG: file a bug against the corresponding package. If you don't know the package, you can skip to the next step and someone will try to assign it the right package.

  • OPENING A BUG TASK: open a bug task against the ubuntu-translations project by using the Also affects project link. Here's how you can open a bug task.

    First of all, you'll have to choose the Also affects project link
    Opening the task

    Then you can choose the project you want to open the task against

    Choosing the project

    And finally you can assign the task to the ubuntu-translations project

    Assigning to Ubuntu Translations

  • ADDING A TAG: if appropriate, add a tag to the bug. The most common ones are l10n for issues related to translated strings and i18n for issues related to internationalization infrastructure.


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