Ubufox translations

Ubufox is an extension package for Firefox that provides Ubuntu-specific configuration defaults as well as apt support for Firefox plugins and extensions.

As it does not use the Gettext translation format but the Mozilly XPI format instead, it has not been set up for translation in Launchpad, so it is handled differently than Ubuntu translations for other packages.

How to translate Ubufox

Here is how you can submit a translation for Ubufox in your language:

  1. Get the files - Get the translatable files from the locale folder in the main ubufox branch in Launchpad. You can do that in either of the two following ways:

    • Use the following Bazaar command to download the full ubufox tree bzr branch lp:ubufox. The following steps assume you've used this option.

    • Or alternatively use the download link at the far right of the files to download every file individually
  2. Copy the template - Copy all the files under locale/en-US to a folder called locale/ll, where ll is a two-letter or a three-letter (if the two-letter one is not available) ISO 639 code. You can search for the code for your language here. If you don't find your code there, you may want to look at the more comprehensive ISO 639-3 list. You might also need to add a country code in the following format ll-CC, where CC is an ISO 3166 country code.

  3. Add language data - Modify the chrome.manifest file to add a line with the code and location of your translation (direct link). Please keep the list in alphabetical order. Example (where ll is your locale):

    • locale  ubufox  ll      locale/ll/
  4. Translate - Start translating all the files under the locale/ll folder you've just created.

  5. Test - Build and test the translation before submitting it.

    1. Build the translation running the command sh build.sh in the ubufox root source tree, which will produce the ubufox.xpi file.

    2. Copy the ubufox.xpi to a temporary location for testing, e.g. cp ubufox.xpi /tmp

    3. Install the XPI file on your profile by running Firefox with the following command: firefox /tmp/ubufox.xpi

    4. Check that Firefox runs normally and that your translations are shown.
    5. Warning /!\ Once testing has finished, remember to uninstall the temporary ubufox extension by removing it from "Tools > Addons > Extensions"

  6. Submit the translation - Once finished translating, file a bug against ubufox asking for your translation to be included

    • (i) Alternatively, you can submit a merge proposal if you have used Bazaar to commit the translations to your local branch

If you've got any questions or issues in any of these steps, please contact the translations team and we'll be happy to help.


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