Language Pack Update Request

Translations for supported Ubuntu releases are updated periodically through language pack packages. The updates are scheduled in a calendar and are released only after previous testing.

The schedules for the currently supported releases are the following:

This page documents a procedure for the Ubuntu translation community to request individual language pack updates for a particular language outside of this schedule.


The reasons for this need might be diverse:

  • A critical bug has been discovered in a translation
  • A translation team missed the deadline to test translations for a language pack update
  • Translations have been completed for a key application
  • ...

Note: this is a procedure to provide more flexibility in updating translations. Use it when necessary, but please do not abuse it.


The following steps document the procedure to request a language pack update

  1. Notify translation team - Make sure your translation team is aware of the language pack update request

  2. Check latest language pack - Install the language pack from the language packs PPA that contains your translation updates.

  3. File request - File a bug requesting the language pack update. You can use the template below.

  4. Test language pack - After the new language pack has been uploaded to $RELEASE-proposed, test it following the usual procedure and report the feedback in the bug.

  5. Close the request - After the language pack has been uploaded to $RELEASE-updates please mark the bug as Fix Released.


You can use this message as a template for the text to include in the bug to fill for the request. Change the $TEXT parts according to the information according to your request.

Description: Please update $LANGUAGE translations in $UBUNTU_RELEASE

I'd like to request a language pack update for $LANGUAGE in $UBUNTU_RELEASE.

The reason for this request is the following:

(brief explanation of why you are requesting the update)

Thank you.


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