Exporting POFile attributes


  • Define a statistics interface for POFile


  • No real-time shared stats
    • Due to message sharing, stats (last_updated, last_translator, untranslated, etc...) not updated in real time
    • A week delay for shared translations (see 373269)

    • This is not a blocker for defining the API interface, but this should be clearly stated in the API docs for the exposed methods and attributes.


  • Preliminary merge proposal

  • According to Adi, IRosettaStats is not suitable for API export: the method that returns statistics takes a language as argument.

    • Proposal: IPOTemplate to not implement IRosettaStats and remove the language parameter from all IRosettaStats methods.

    • Question: is something that should be solved before continuing with the API work?

  • Created a new ITranslationStatistics interface to move things forward and not to block on IRosettaStats changes.

    • Question: LP devs, happy with this approach?

  • Exposed attributes
    • translation_message_changed_count

    • translation_message_new_count

      • "changed count", "new count" on an Ubuntu POFile:
        • will work pretty much how they did
        • difference: they will compare current messages in Ubuntu with shared messages upstream
      • "changed count", "new count" on a project POFile:
        • can be counted comparing them to Ubuntu
      • Is this a blocker for defining the interface at this point?
      • If so, should we postpone this work, and until when?
    • translation_message_translated_count

      • length - translated does not always equal untranslated.
      • We should count translation credits and outer automatic translations as "translated messages"
    • translation_message_total_count

    • translation_message_unreviewed_count

      • These seem to be safe to export like this



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