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  • UDS wrap up and actions (DavidPlanella)

    • Blueprints:
      • Translations Portal Relaunch
      • Localized ISO growth
      • Translations Roundtable (placeholder for recurring actions we do on the cycle)
  • Translation dates (i.e. when to open translations, etc.) (DavidPlanella)

    • Agreed to open translations a week after Alpha 1
    • Andrej points out that translations in Oneiric haven't been copied over correctly (empty translations on Ubuntu-specific packages), so opening translations is depending on that being fixed.
  • Universe translations in Launchpad (AndrejZnidarsic)

    • We should do this in a way that we don't upset upstreams
    • Let's pick up 2 upstreams and contact pitti for the next steps on the technical side
    • David to talk to mrevell and translators regarding priorities of features.
  • Templates priority (AndrejZnidarsic)

    • Set up the priority for about 150 templates already, need to finish off other 50 before opening translations
  • List of annoying translations related launchpad bugs (AndrejZnidarsic)

    • Need better communication with developers in getting fixes applied when patches/branches are present
    • Idea: Review the list of critical bugs on each call?
    • Idea: reach out to the translators mailing list to get more people involved?
  • Exporting translations upstream (AndrejZnidarsic)

    • Regarding exports, it would be a good idea to contact upstreams to get them involved, but only when there is work being started on this from the Launchpad side.
  • How do we want to do our meetings in the future? (DavidPlanella)

    • Postponed to discussion on the mailing list
  • Ubuntu docs translations (DavidPlanella)

    • Postponed, ubuntu-help enabled in Oneiric for now
  • Promoting UTC work (AndrejZnidarsic)

    • Write a blog post about genral things done by UTC group and Ubuntu translators
    • Follow up with more specific posts about various aspects of UTC work
    • Content should be posted on ubuntu translations portal, planet ubuntu in then shared around as much as possible.


  • [dpm] Add an action on the translations roundtable blueprint for kelemengabor to open Oneiric translations: DONE
  • [dpm] Add an action on the translations roundtable blueprint for dpm to set up the translations priorities: DONE
  • [dpm] Set up the priorities for the remaining 50 templates
  • [dpm] Package ubuntu-l10n-tools in a PPA, so that template priorities in Launchpad can be easily set: DONE
  • [andrejz] Pick up two upstreams from the list of proposed Universe upstreams to import into Launchpad Translations: DONE
  • [andrejz] Send an e-mail to pitti and CC the translations coordinators list asking about the next steps to enable translations imports for the two selected upstreams: DONE
  • [dpm] Contact the two upstreams explaining what we want to do
  • [dpm] Talk to mrevell and translators about feature priorities in Launchpad
  • [dpm] Talk to the Launchpad developers about the missing translations in Precise (*): DONE
  • [kelemengabor] Gather some of the most annoying translation bugs so we can examine them at the next meeting.


<jtv> dpm, plan: test the updated scripts today, and if successful, announce partial translations downtime for Monday so we can do a new production run.  After that, opening P translations is your call (depending on the state of the import queue, as usual).


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