Translations Quickstart Guide

Ubuntu is translated by a large community of volunteers that every day contribute to make the Operating System more accessible to millions of users in their own language.

Do you know languages and want to help? Come and join the Ubuntu Translators community, and make it possible to use Ubuntu in your own.

This quick introduction will help you getting started and guide you in your first steps to contributing to Ubuntu Translations in just a few minutes.

What You'll Need

One of the key values in Ubuntu is the low entry barrier for contribution, so that participating in improving Ubuntu can be both easy and fun. Therefore you won't need much to start translating from day one: there is no need to install special tools and no previous technical knowledge is required. You'll be using Launchpad, an easy to use yet powerful online translation tool.

Here are the minimum requirements to start translating Ubuntu:

  • Internet: a device with Internet connection. This can be from home, a cafe, a public access point... - basically anywhere you can connect to the Internet from

  • E-mail: a stable e-mail address that Launchpad can use to contact you

  • Language knowledge: it's important that you know English and the language you are going to translate into. English will always be the source language for translations

  • Spare time: some time to dedicate to the translation of Free Software. You decide how much you want to get involved - from some spare minutes to some hours a week

  • Be collaborative: be keen to work collaboratively and be part of the awesome Ubuntu translation teams!

Next Step

Now that you know all you will need to translate Ubuntu, you can learn the first steps to get started.


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