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Daily News Log

January 29th 2020

December 18th 2017

  • We could always do more testing of Budgie and MATE. As far as unity is concerned I have been told I have done enough.


December 6th 2017

  • I have been hard at work trying to build an infrastructure for a team to maintain the Ubuntu Unity Experience. So far , so good. There are not many bugs to report and the U+1 team is doing just a fine job without me temporarily. I am currently trying to build a patchwork wiki on the CommunityHub and do I'll drop in from time to time.

Thanks all! Keep up the good work.

November 6th 2017

  • As I understand it , the jury is still out on whether wayland will be default for 18.04 so I can't crystal ball this one (and I don't think any one else can either). It's a tough call. But it's looking real good so far. (I am writing this blog from a gnome3-wayland session 18.04 upgrade. There is a really intense effort to try and get unity7 as an official flavor. There is lots of support from a lot of Canonical devs and there are some excellent advisors on the unity7 maintainers team.

    Looks as if I will be on as team captain for another 2 cycles. I plan to keep on testing gnome3+wayland and the other flavors as best as I can while I attempt to spearhead an incentive to welcome a new member into the ubuntu family.... Ubuntu-Unity!! Smile :)

October 23rd 2017

  • 17.10 was released with not too much fan fare. There was a lot of breakage near the end of the cycle. At the forums it was suggested that I start a blog about a unity-session official distro but I was just mentioning that is passing as open discussion. Well of course it would be kewl to have a distinct unity ISO but that was not my intention. I was trying to inspire Canonical to take up that possibility. Either way it did not go over well but we can still test unity-session at UDV as long as it stays topical.

18.04 will not have default wayland but use xorg and have wayland as an option. I don't know the name of the cycle yet but it was committed that as soon as it comes out I will get the nod and post it at UDV.

Thanks for all your fantastic testing!



September 25th 2017

  • Not many showstopper bugs to report. Some activity on gdm3 thought to be causing most of the problems. The all gnome desktop default experience is beginning to look more and more like a unity-jet spin which is just fine by me. It has gnome's sharpness around the edges while instilling some of the ideas from the unity development stack. It is not as forensic looking as it first started out and is beginning to show some ambiance and awesome attitude that Ubuntu is so well known for distributing in it's operating systems.

September 4th 2017

  • The 17.10 distro is rolling quite well. There are many major problems with wayland but gnome-shell has intergrated a lot of new ideas including a dock side panel. So apps that cannot be run under wayland can be run in gnome-shell on xorg.


August 10th 2017

  • Hi all. I have been on vacation for 10 days and accidently got locked out of my e-mail account and so I have not been able to catch any updates from Will Cooke on the unity7 maintainers team. I am just getting back now and haven't been current on whats is going on with testing 17.10. Hope that will all change soon when I get home Smile :)

Regards.. Ventrical

July 27th 2017

  • Hi all, Here is an update about unity7 and current 17.10 cycle.

July 25th 2017

  • There are problems with running .Deb apps in GNOME. This of course is being worked on. There is interest in Xubuntu DE as it presents a more stable 'rolling-release' type DE even though it too is going through many changes. Unity7 is running smoothly (if not seamlessly) alongside a GNOME default install. This could be a good sign that unity7 may be in the universe during the 18.04 testing cycle. If so, then unity7 will be a viable alternative until 2024. There are problems with running unity7 alongside a xubuntu install ie; log off option will not work atm.

July 23 2017

  • Have been remiss in blog posting due to work related injury. Much better now. Thanks for your patience.

June 23 2017

Hi all,

  • I had contacted Mark Shuttleworth and Will Cooke to attempt to ascertain the duties and responsibilities of being a maintainer of Unity7 during the 17.10 - 18.04 cycle. It could very well be that Unity7 will be shelved and removed all-together if it interferes with GNOME. I had sent out a group letter to the team requesting assistance and trying to recruit anyone who want to become a community maintainer of U7. So far not much interest.
  • In the meantime we should still test unity7 (which is now unity-session) alongside fresh installs of 17.10 daily .iso of artful-desktop.


June 13th 2017

  • Hi Team, I have been working hard at working hard:) I had hurt my ribs about 4 weeks ago making modifications to Roland mi-200 v-mixer audio system and sprained something. Learned Monday (June12th) that I had two broken ribs. (so I have been working with 2 broken ribs!!) Ouch!!

News is that gnome-shell is now the default desktop on the artful-desktop .iso so I continue to encourage testers to test the new dailies.


June 2nd 2017

  • Hi all,
    • Just received notice that I had forgot to renew my Ubuntu Membership Sad :( Also over a month since I had made an entry. I have no excuses but I will say that I have been just absolutely busy with a multitude of jobs. One of them being as a migration assistant!! Ubuntu is catching on like wildfire in this part of North America, Windsor Ontario , The Automotive Capital of Canada). More and more , people are calling me requesting installs of Xenial Xerus over there current Windows8/10 installs and dual installs on MacAirs and other Apple hardware plus all my other stuff I do to pay bills and eat:) We have had more than regular amount of rainfall and so that has made the grass airfield I manage very difficult to take care of. (Mark would certainly know what I am talking about. Smile :) ) There were some miss communications with the owner of the airfield and the turf was not being maintained and that left the grass very tough and ropey to cut!! so I have been working my hide off trying to get that set straight. Also called to work a Roland m200i vmixer using an iPad. All this and I am still in the poor house Smile :)

    My work with current migrations has eaten into my testing time but , as usual, I am not very far away from U+1.


April 24th 2017

  • Base files are in and several updates are flowing through. So far it seems to have been one of the smoothest development cycle transitions I have seen. I have personally had problems logging in with wayland on a system upgraded to 17.10 that was originally an ubuntu-desktop install with gnome-shell install from the terminal. Also on ubuntu-gnome installs and upgrades there seems to be a performance issue with wayland.

    Rust: I am a little rusty with my moin-moin code (as I am also at ubuntu-forums with my font violations) Smile :) Thanks for having patience with me.

    Hey, I am only a volunteer! Smile :) I have tried to stream line the wiki so as it will be low maintenance. Most testers recently seem to migrate to QA tracker (which is more controlled and organized) and I have no problem with that.


April 21st 2017

  • Artful Aardvark (17.10) is the name of the new development version which will be a transitional release leading up to the next LTS (18.04) which will feature Gnome3 as the default desktop experience. The toolchain is in and ready to go.

April 7th 2017

  • Unity8 has now been shelved and a new direction is being taken with Gnome3. Unity7 will be supported throughout it's current LTS's and founder Mark Shuttleworth had mentioned to me that there *may* be a unity7 in the universe during the 18.04 cycle or slightly thereafter. So all hope is not lost for unity7 afficianados.
  • Please notice the emphasis on *may* as this decision will ultimately depend upon how the market dictates to the new, leaner , meaner DE. Gnome3 has bugs but with the new resources now available there may be a chance that developers can adopt and infuse some of the core ideas behind unity into alternative shells currently being serviced by ubuntu. Will this lead to a kinder, gentler ubuntu experience? Personally I think there will be a lot of teething pains in the area of preferences but if we can slipstream in a leaner version of unity7 such as like xmonad, razorqt of fmwcrystal then maybe it can be scooched in without gnome3 ever noticing it is there. Sort of like we can bobble wayland and compiz or just straight up run unity7 in a lxc container or snap. Come to think of it I am tempted to try and do that now ... to run a desktop in a container.
    • Regardless of the thousands of possibilities it will be fun! Smile :)

    • Regards..

Mar 20th 2017

  • Although some users are having a limited success with unity8 I am still getting upgrades which deprecate the whole unity8 experience. Unity7 , of course, works just swell as usual. I do not have any PPAs installed and am just running dry systems on hard form factors (that means no virtual boxes). I have put up a small video trying to cheerlead people on. I would hope that the less ubuntu educated would have a working Libertine out of the box by release day as opposed to having to hack away at X but other are reorting they are doing well with xapps in lxd containers. So certainly unity8 at this stage of the game is not for the new ubuntu convert.


Feb 19th 2017

Over a month since my last entry. There have been some problems with unity8 and (as of recent) systemd and userspace bootup times. The bootup times problems seem to have been resolved with an update/upgrade. I must apologize if I have been remiss in my duties as team captain. I have been so busy the past month. I have been doing updates/upgrades of the current development version as frequently as possible. I must admit that the difficulties with testing unity8 have been very frustrating and disappointing and so I am naturally deterred from filing bugs against it.

Today there were several upgrades to mir and libertine packages so perhaps I will check out my unity8 install and see if there have been any fixes.


Jan 8th 2017

Happy New Year to all!! It has been a while since I have authored a blog entry. In Canada we have have this recurrent 'Polar Vortex' as it is called and it has kept me on my toes! I have been updating my installs of ubuntu 17.04 specifically as an early adopter of unity8 and convergence and have not ventured to test other distributions of ubuntu thus far. Testing unity8 is real edge type testing (with paper cuts included)! You can spend one day setting up unity8 and get containers working just swell and then the next day it can break. There is less breakage if you test unity8 with a 17.04 install iso.


I had two pregnant guppies and I have had to watch them give birth back to back so they would not eat their fry. Job well done. Now I have about 30 little swimmers to take care of :).


3rd December 2016

Currently doing some testing on a program called "mkusb" by Ubuntu Member sudodus. It breaks some of the monotony of trying to figure work arounds for mir/containers and unity8. I had been trying to get other team members pumped up and enthused about Libertine and Unity8 desktop but there is no real patch between mir and xapps that will allow for a working desktop . If the devs can at least fix the USB problem then perhaps people may be more inspired to test unity8 and the likes. Things are quiet for the most part on the development forum. it is sort of like a doldrum ... there is not much wind in the sails so to speak.

2nd December 2016

There continues to be problems with reading USB drives from Libertine containers and unity8 desktop. I filed a bug against unity8 because I am not sure what pile to file the bug against. It certainly limits testing of most other xapps at the moment. I cannot test mkusb because unity8/containers (nautilus/audacity/etcc..) cannot read the format of the USB drive and comes back with errors . I already filed a bug against this and it has been reassigned away from unity8 - but Libertine has been included in a change in the bug definition.

Although unity8+mir+containers has come along way it still creates a lot of downtime, not being able to access USB data to test videos and music files using xapps such as audacity, nautilus and vlc. One has to log off and then install those files through the unity7 back door which is really frustrating. I understand that unity8 is still only technical preview but I encourage to team to keep testing unity8 and containers.

1st December 2016

I have been away from testing for a small spell. I have been very busy with other responsibilities but it appears I may have some time to dedicate to testing Zesty for the next few weeks. I have run into some problems with containers and xapps (.DEBs) in that some work great and others just don't work. I had problems with nVidia like most other with Unity8 desktop. Just my opinion but at times it seems like 'convergence' is more like a departure from trusted infrastructures and flowcharts that binded with certain trusted conventions. Throughout my testing from yakkety up to current testing is seems that the unity desktop is getting leaner and some of the more conventional apps have become bleached and sterile from a GUI perspective.

Of course I am confident that these issues will be adressed (as they always are) and that even though there may be some unpleasant breakage in the future, it will all be for the betterment of the next LTS release.

19th October 2016

Zesty Zapus is the codename of the new development cycle. Unity8 on the yakkety cycle presented a lot of frustrating bugs to where , in effect, a workable unity8 desktop with libertine containers was not a viable option up until near the end of the cycle.

Libertine containers , the flagship app of unity8, is much more stable and presents us with a lot of unique opportunities to run concurrent apps from individual containers so we should continue to test it there, on yakkety and also in new zesty cycle.

Don't forget to have fun! Smile :)

12th August 2016

  • Unity8+Mir+Libertine is progressing very well (along with several bugs) but the bugs do not seem to be major (with the exception of nVidia graphical adapters not working or bouncing the session back to the Unity greeter). There were several problems with HWE Hardware Stack releases for the EOL for Trusty. Many bug fixes made and this testing is still ongoing. Personal:
  • Although snappy development is in full swing I have been spending most of my time testing out libertine containers on unity8 desktop. It is so far a very fun experience and I am confident that there will be a run of fixes during late August/early September to make it a fit alternate desktop for October release day.

Regards, Dale

8th June 2016

  • Unity8 development is full speed ahead. Testing has been slow so far in the forums but the mailing.list shows lots of activity with Mark at the helm, ever tireless with his input and enthusiasms. There has been major changes to wiki editing priviledges because of spammers. It has become very frustrating and many wiki editors who belonged to the ethernet.pad.instance have been excluded out as Canonical IS and other community teams construct a new team to handle this problem. I had offered up U+1 as a staging area to temporarily validate wiki editors that are known to the forums community but I have not yet received a reply from popey. The other method has been through proxy editing with those who do have privilidges to set up editors to become Ubuntu Members but this validation process is causing some division and is taking a tremendous amount of time and resources on a per end_user basis. However, I do recall the vetting process that I had to go through based on my contributions to the forums and so I have to trust the wisdom of the Forum Council as a whole and not interfere with he current template for validation no matter how embarrassing or bruising it may be to seasoned contributors.

18th May 2016

  • I have sent out several e-mails to members via launchpad users list option. I am trying to determine how many members are active. There was a spam episode in that users were trying to log on and use the ethernet.instance as a back door to deface and alter wiki help pages. Apparently Canonical IS is working on resolving this problem. Users who are not active or are not contributing are given a 90 day notice, If they wish to stay on longer they can e-mail me and I will gladly increase their access time. As always , to those working diligently behind the scenes, I extend my thanks and kind regards for your efforts. We are currently in yakkety yak cycle 16.10 and Mark Shuttleworth and his team are ambitiously working on making the unity8 desktop a viable reality, hopefully by the end of this cycle with the possibility of a ubuntu_personal.img mini.iso. Lots of heavy lifting ahead.

7th Dec 2015

  • I have been busy as of late .. from one job to the next , one task to the other. Just when I find time to contribute to the wiki I always seem to be called away Sad :( If the wiki is lagging behind a bit it is for the above reasons, However, when I do get time I always find some content to add.

5th Dec 2015

  • All quiet on the development front. The xenial rolling release in working very well, even with proposed repos on.

27th Nov 2015

  • Things are rolling along. It has been a while since last entry. Where have all the bloggers gone ? Smile :) Snappy Personal Image still remains static with no image updates (at least as I can find).

31st October 2015

Thanks to all who replied to the roll call. U+1 is alive and well.

  • We are now into the xenial xerus cycle ( I dare you to say that 5 times real fast ) Smile :)

    This cycle looks to hold promise for breakage , new tools, new desktops (snappy personal) and a few surprises. great ! That's what we testers look forward to.:)

8th October 2015

I was renewed as an Administrator of U+1 testing team by cariboo. Thanks cariboo.

I sent out a test mail to the mailing list. Some people replied back. I apologize if I did not get back to everyone. The basic message I am trying to convey is that the team needs individuals with Moin Moin experience to keep adding links to the Library section and the Instructional Development Section. The idea is to be as current with all the aspects of Ubuntu Development Version testing and keep it updated as fresh as a newly picked bundle of carrots!:) So all are welcome to contribute.

25 Sept 2015

Team Captain dropping in here just to make mention that I am dropping in.:) There has been lots of development with snappy, convergence and other aspects of unity8. I am still trying to recruit others who have a little experience with Moin Moin to help out with the wiki.

8 Sept 2015

I have been busy with real time work throughout the summer and have not had much quality time to spend on the blog or other aspects of this particular wiki although I am actively testing several current wily installs across a variety of form factors. The U+1 wiki has gone through some changes and I feel that we are ready to handle the next cycle of XX (16.04) which will most likely roll into serious convergence and hot development of snappy. All those who contributed to re-structuring the Ubuntu Development Version wiki .. thanks BIG time. I am still hopeful that the KB and library can grow and that others will get involved with some ideas and contributions. Special thanks to grahammechanical, slickymaster, elfy , effenberg and of course Cariboo.

17 August 2015

It has been a while since I have updated the blog. There has not been much to report. There was some discussion on ubuntuforums about snappy development but it went rather silent running. There do not appear to be any super bugs and it has been very quiet. Personally all of my updates on the flavours I test have gone extremely well.

  • Certainly the slow activity is due to the 'dog days of summer' in the North Americas and is bound to pick up soon. The increase in activity may come up like a tsunami so I plan to be ready Smile :)

7 July 2015

Adding some instructional links in Instructional Development section.

6 July 2015

Activity is low in the forums. Mid Summer approaches. Waiting for snappy.

19 June 2015

Very quiet in the forums. End of school in North America. Waiting for some movement on snappy-personal. No real show stoppers in development cycle.

9 June 2015

Began the process of populating the Ubuntu Forums portal with current development links.

2 June 2015

Reading a lot of material about Mir, unity-system-compositor, ubuntu-desktop-next and unity8. In the convention of Mir it appears that the concept is dead, especially with unity8 and desktop-next (although there are daily desktop-next builds being put out.However mir and snappy may be the new news that is comming down the pipe. This is a wait an see situation as we have no working snappy .iso yet.

2 June 2015

A lot of work is being done in the library section of the wiki. It seems that some team members have found a way to keep things current and up-to-date. This is important as there are several hundreds of outdated and unkept wikis on a variety of subjects. Even many wikis have not been kept current. We have to be careful about sending newcomers to deprecated wikis.!

29 May 2015

The 'Deployed' subject header in the wiki navbar will be changed to Instructional Development.The current data there is not current and covered in other areas.

29 May 2015

There is a good discussion going on at called Crossroads by zika. He has brought up the topic of how to help newcomers make a transition from one cycle to the next - specifically how to instruct the configuration of the sources.list and directories. A link was pointed to that Cariboo has covered a lot of ground in this area but perhaps there needs to be more visibility and discussion on these items, especially in light of new 'snappy' and convergence.

16 May 2015

Team Reports section has been changed to Ubuntu Forums.

16 May 2015

The library section is looking very good. Thanks grahammechanical and slicky master. (-- dale-f-beaudoin 2015-05-16 11:47:02)

13 May 2015

Elfy gave me some good pointers about links and being more specific at pad.ubuntu. slickmaster has begun adding links to the library. Some topic headers from the NavBar have been removed and other content has been parsed out. (-- dale-f-beaudoin 2015-05-13 17:56:55)

11 May 2015

Effenberg had changed my status from 'approved' to 'administrator'. Thank you effenberg and all. I have been trying to keep the wiki info updated as best as possible. I have also created a devel-testers-wiki as a sort of back up with other instructional development formats to be forthcoming. Ubuntu Development Version is still an active subforum and the team is still functional and input has been great. Things have slowed down during the last cycle of Vivid Vervet but that may have to do with the fact that there was not much breakage with the exception of systemD and the usual nVidia proprietary graphics drivers. Where help is needed is with updating certain parts of *this* wiki and all the different subsets that are outdated. They need updating , parsing , concactating and truncation Smile :)

17 October 2014

A poll held at ubuntuforums was closed and the title of the discussion was changed to U+1 Discussion. U+1 member and founder , effenberg, is assumed U+1 team leader until end of next cycle. Housekeeping of all aspects of the wiki are in progress.

14 October 2014

  • Effenberg, team Captain is back. Tester wiki data was updated to Utopic in May, 2014
  • Updated the tester wiki to current development cycle , Trusty Tahr. (-- dale-f-beaudoin 2014-02-28 00:45:57)

  • Removed sub-topics under 'Install Settings' as all of those topics are discussed in the link provided.-- twocamels 2012-12-20 15:08:50

05 November 2012

  • I have gradually made the transition in the testers-wiki from Quantal Quetzel to Raring Ringtail and have added some minimal content. (-- twocamels 2012-11-05 15:11:27)

15 April 2012

  • Since I got involved in ISO testing I have become confused as to which test cases I should be running against which ISO images. I found it especially confusing due to the number of ISO images available for all flavours of Ubuntu. I decided to produce some kind of breakdown of the test cases. I have not finished but you can get some idea of what I am trying achieve here -- Breakdown of test cases -- grahammechanical 2012-04-15 23:15:07

14 April 2012

  • Iv'e been busy building systems and working in the field. In between I have been trying to test the daily build using zsync <time permitting>. Just noticed how well Precise works with Dell Dimension 3100, a 6 year old PC . Seems like they were made for each other. I haven't put up any context as of late. I'll be around. (-- twocamels 2012-04-15 01:08:06)

  • We had a problem with the Wiki Top NavBar, in which it displayed wrapped text depending on the browser (tested on IE/Firefox/Chromium). I have changed it's code and it looks like it's fixed. -- effenberg0x0 2012-04-14 20:55:14

  • I'm reviewing text formatting, specially CSS text-align:justify in mostly all areas, to give pages a more professional look, despite MoinMoin limitations. -- effenberg0x0 2012-04-14 20:55:14

  • I think we should add the tutorials (2 iso-testing, 1 rc-testing, 1 VirtualBox) to the Wiki or FAQ areas. It looks more like wiki IMO. -- effenberg0x0 2012-04-14 20:55:14

  • Our MeetBot is running in test mode, fully functional, for 48 hours. A couple more days and I'll upload it to a Data Center cloud server. A problem I'm working on is that no bot can readily output MoinMoin syntax. And I know no automated way to convert pure HTM into MoinMoin or to properly embed HTM in a MoinMoin-based page. -- effenberg0x0 2012-04-14 20:55:14.

  • Development of our Team bugtracker tool is now ongoing. It's basically PHP, to render the page, and it invokes Python (LP API) scripts to get LP info into a MySQL DB. I'm starting to feel confident we can have it running (basic features) before QQ Alpha.-- effenberg0x0 2012-04-14 20:55:14

  • It looks like the default practice in Ubuntu is to have concise Team Reports presented to the CC regularly, which follow some rules. I'm thinking we should use this blog area to keep track of our activities, etc, and create summarized reports in the Team Reports area. So, to adhere to this standard, I might move most of that content to here and create the summarized reports there.-- effenberg0x0 2012-04-14 20:58:17

10 April 2012

  • I have removed the content of the "Activities" area, so it will be ready for Graham's tracker when it becomes ready. Everything there was outdated so it's better to remove anyway.-- effenberg0x0 2012-04-10 18:23:02

  • I feel like it's important to explore this "Blog" area more. See some tests I did at I think I'm gonna implement that system here, to make it easier for people to post without having to know anything about the MoinMoin syntax.-- effenberg0x0 2012-04-10 18:23:02

  • I'm also thinking about the "Blueprints" area of the team page on LP. It a professional way to track ideas (like our "Brainstorming" area), have members accept/refuse/prioritize/start them as projects, delegate and keep track, etc. If people see they can suggest stuff and have the group make them real collectively, it might ignite an increase in participation. Let me know what you guys think about it when we talk. -- effenberg0x0 2012-04-10 18:23:02

8th April 2012

  • I have posted an article in my blog. It pretty much defines the current state of affairs in the U+1 Team. I suggest U+1 members to read it.-- effenberg0x0 2012-04-08 20:28:26

4th April 2012

  • From Ventrical @grahmmechanical. Hey .. is that table ever neat man. ! Great job Grahm. I like the colour scheme and the whole layout. Very professional and easy on the eyes.(-- twocamels 2012-04-06 11:41:34)

  • From grahammechanical I have been trying to produce an Activities Planner. You can see my work here: Activities Planner. I hope it will be a place we can go to find out what testing needs to be done and when. Just to show that ventrical is not the only one who can add a smiley (OK) Regards - grahammechanical.

29th March 2012

  • From Ventrical @grahmmechanical- yes.. your right.. Top down , bottom up Smile :) The sprint was (in my opinion) very successful, but, for the most part I could see the chaos and fragmentation of how the q&a process works. I also noticed a lot of dead or 403 wiki links to nowhere. (sorry ... I did not document them.) The jumping around ... link after link , loop after loop, the redundancy is very inefficient and the duplicaton is not necessary - but there it was. And the testing process itself contained a lot of downtime, downtime in the sense that it took a lot of time to wait to test from one process to another.Personally I don't have the speed to download that fast and the usage charges in Canada are just awful but all in all it was a great experience and great to work with a smart group of people.

28th March 2012

Hi all, ventrical here. Just dropping in to say I got a few things started in the topics menus. The wiki-testers site is beginning to shape up. I also see that Effenberg is still formulating template designs and editing in other content matter that concerns the administrative and goal aspects of the wiki. Great stuff Effenberg!!. If anyone sees something I wrote that needs editing or grammar - go ahead and work on it ! I got a lot of great ideas and intend to spend more time here but I often get called away on service calls - but I'll be around as much as I can.

Have a great day and drop in and leave a note! ps .. I know this may not be the right tree to put this in .. but just for now .. perhaps I'll put in a 'log-chat section.

Looks like Effenberg has given us a lot of space to brainstorm in Smile :)

Regards, Ventrical

27th March 2012

As a casual tester I tried to use this ISO testing "sprint" to become a casual, but serious tester. I am not sure that I succeeded. But I learnt a lot which I will reflect upon so that I can bring my experiences into the wiki as helpful information.

Regards, grahammechanical

P.S. @ventrical: we are writing this news blog upside down, don't you think? New posts should push the older posts downwards. Yes?

24th March 2012

It's been a few days since I have made an entry in the "daily "news log Smile :) anyways.. things are really shaping up. I've been busy (as most of you are). Effenberg has made a new ISO Testing Q&A section which is really great.

  • I'm pooped. I put up some info about hardware. Effenberg did a great job with his tutorial on ISO testing.I've been go , go .. going !! I know the rest of ya have been too. This morning ISO was just rocking right out of the gate ! It worked just beautiful .. faster on the CD than it is on the hdd. Smile :) weird.. I know.

Regards, Ventrical

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